Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Top

Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice

Our vinyl privacy fences with a lattice top are an excellent solution for a number of projects. A well-constructed privacy fence protects your property from intruders and also does not allow others to see into your yard or home. By using vinyl fences, you are certain that the materials can withstand any weather conditions and that they will look good for years to come.

There are many benefits that come to a yard through its fencing, but one of the biggest is property value. There is no better return on investment that you can do to your house than to improve the landscape and curb appeal: if you’re trying to increase the selling price of your house and are choosing between updating your bathroom or updating your fence, the fence definitely has the most ROI. Your yard is the first thing people see when they come to your house, and a gorgeous vinyl fence makes a great first impression.

First, let’s talk about the fence itself: our vinyl privacy fences with lattice are 60” or 72”, giving you plenty of privacy in your yard so that you don’t feel like you’re sharing backyards with all your neighbors. But unlike the standard vinyl privacy fence, which is akin to a wall of vinyl, the lattice work on these fences adds a pop of architectural interest and turns a blank wall into a detailed and beautiful focal point. The lattice can come in two variants, a traditional woven, angular lattice, or a picket-type lattice work. Either way, they break up the bare wall of a privacy fence into a more friendly and stylish fence that still provides privacy while also giving a little design flair.

Why should you pick a vinyl for your privacy fence? Well, let’s look at the other options. Wood is the most common other choice for a privacy fence, and although it looks nice, it is a maintenance nightmare. Every year you have to scrape and sand it, then restain or repaint. Wood weathers easily, and is susceptible to rot, especially in more humid climates. Nails become loose, boards become loose, and they simply do not have a lifespan comparable to a vinyl privacy fence. The second option is a chain link fence with privacy slats woven through the links. This is an outdated look that, while it gives privacy, also still gives the look of a chain link, which some think looks a little cheap and old fashioned. 

Speaking of maintenance, a vinyl fence requires very very little. If it gets dirty from mud or grass clippings, then all it requires is a hose down. And the vinyl is guaranteed to never chip, peel, or flake. You will never need to paint or sand, and it is resilient, durable and flexible, resisting almost all damage from either soccer-playing kids or rowdy animals. Vinyl privacy fencing with lattices are truly beautiful delights that will bring joy to your yard, without a lot of work.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing with Lattice top

Vinyl Privacy Fencing with Lattice Pricing

Vinyl Privacy Fencing with Lattice top

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