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Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Our vinyl privacy fences are a top choice for a number of homeowners. Privacy fences serve a number of purposes. Not only do they make your property more secure but they also increase privacy.

Vinyl fencing has many benefits, but one of the biggest is that it requires very little maintenance. A vinyl fence never needs to be painted or stained like wood, and it can be washed easily and quickly with just a hose. Also, while we’re comparing it to wood, vinyl is up to five times as strong as wood, and it won’t ever need sanding, scraping and repainting. Plus wood rots over time, nails get loose, and a wooden fence needs to be updated every few years to keep it looking good. You don’t have to worry about any of that with a vinyl fence.

Vinyl also won’t weather in the hot sun: it won’t peel, crack or chip. It won’t oxidize or rust like iron and like wood nails. It stands up to the weight and cold of snow as well as the heat.

Unlike aluminum fencing, vinyl is flexible, which makes it an ideal fence for rowdy kids and even horses–something can bump into it and it will flex back into position with no damage. This is why vinyl is found so often on farms.

Vinyl is also a very affordable product, not only in its initial cost but also because you won’t be paying to maintain it. It’s actually more affordable than wood or iron and requires less maintenance than either of those. 

Vinyl fencing is also very easy to install. The panels and posts go together easily with clear instructions and minimal tools. It’s a simple process to put up a fence all on your own, which also makes it super affordable. 

But the great thing about vinyl privacy fencing is the PRIVACY. A panel of vinyl fencing is a complete blank wall blocking off your yard from the neighbors or the street. If you don’t want people looking through a fence, like a wooden picket fence, aluminum fencing, or chain link, vinyl privacy fencing is the way to go. 

Our vinyl privacy fencing comes in two heights: 60” and 72”, and in 6’ wide panels. When it comes to gates, you can get them in 36”, 48” or 60” widths. There are also many options for customizing your vinyl privacy fence, such as the different post caps, such as the standard flat cap, the ball post cap, the Gothic and New England post caps, and the solar cap.

Best Vinyl Privacy Fence

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Best Vinyl Privacy Fence

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