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Need a Vinyl ranch rail fence for your home or property? Our vinyl ranch rail systems are economical, durable and are the perfect fence solution for your project. Vinyl fences can withstand any weather conditions and will last for years to come. All our fences are manufactured in the USA and are probably the best vinyl ranch rail lines on the market. We offer fast and secure shipping to all States. At Aluminum Fences Direct, customer care is a top priority so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the right vinyl ranch fence for your next project.

Our iconic ranch fences come in three heights: the 36” with two rails, the 48” with 3 rails, or the 60” with 4 rails. So whether you’re looking to fence in an animal enclosure or simply line the drive up your ranch house, you can get a fence that will look beautiful and get the job done. It also comes in two widths: 48” or 72”, so you can get just the right appearance you want for your fence.

Vinyl fences are extremely durable, with a lot of flexibility, which makes them a perfect fence style for a ranch, farm, or any house with animals or kids. The fence can bend and flex with the head butts of a bumbling cow, or the side-swipes of a herd of goats, or merely the athletics of an adventurous kid who wants to scale the fence, or swing on the rails. The rails will bend, not break, and they will provide all the needed strength your ranch can throw at them.

Unlike a wood fence, which will need waterproofing treatments and paint or stain, plus yearly upkeep of scraping, sanding, and painting, a vinyl fence is impervious to weather and will never need a paint job. When your wood fence starts to rot and the nails begin to come loose, your vinyl fence will still be standing, with no problems at all.

Maintenance of a vinyl fence is simple. It never rusts, it never rots, it never chips, flakes, peels or splits. All you need to do if it’s dirty with mud or grass clippings is to hose it down with water and it will take care of all the problems. Easy as pie. And the fence has a long lifespan–decades after you install it you’ll still be enjoying it.

With a ranch fence like this you’ll be making memories every day you live on your ranch, as your little ones climb up the rails to pet the horses, or as you hang Christmas lights along the fenceline, or as you herd your animals into a pen made of vinyl fencing. You’ll always be glad you installed a vinyl ranch fence on your property.

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