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Creating more safety around your pool doesn’t always mean to just add an aluminum fence or a safety fence. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of common sense….

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How Much Does an Aluminum Fence Affect the Value of a Property?

Adding an Aluminum fence to your home is a way to increase your privacy, stop animals and intruders from getting into your yard and it helps in keeping the pets and children in. Nonetheless, you should know that a fence can also improve the resale value of your property.

Fencing factors that affect the marketability of your home

Aluminum Fence Position

An attractive and well-built fence can improve the appearance of your yard and also your house. For instance, a fence in the front yard might negatively affect the appeal of the home but a fence backyard might increase the property value. In case you feel that your home’s backyard is less than perfect, you can install a privacy fence which will create a better view of the prospective buyers.

Monetary Value vs. Utility Value

Even though a fence might have financial significance for your house when you install it, it might not be the same for all buyers.  You might like your privacy. In such a case, fencing will be the most appropriate option. However, there are some people who like open to have space around their yard.  But again, people with pets or small children might be reluctant to buy a house which doesn’t have a fence.  As a matter of fact, they are often willing to pay a premium for the houses that already have a fence installed. For the buyers, this will cut down on the time they won’t have a fence and they might feel that it will cost them more to buy the fence later on.

Aluminum Fencing Materials

The materials which are used for making the fence might have a significant effect on the property resale value. Vinyl and aluminum fences can generate a good return on investment when you sell the house.  This is mainly because a solid fence is aesthetically pleasing than the ones which are composed of other materials.

Aluminum Fence Proper Installation

Make sure that you install the fence in a professional manner. This can have a great impact on the home value.  When you install fences properly, they can withstand any weather conditions for several years. Aluminum fence can increase the value of property even without the additional investment of hiring someone to install the fences for you. You can easily buy your fences online and follow our diy fence installation guide to do the installation at minimum cost.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

Irrespective of how well a fence has been built, they still require regular maintenance. For example, Vinyl fences can increase the value of your home, however, you will have to clean it from time to time to maintain its structural integrity.  With proper care, you can prevent the fence from being damaged by any external factors.

Other things to consider

Trends in the Neighborhood

As far as the connection of a new fence and property value is concerned, it might not be good to be the only homeowner with fence in the neighborhood. A majority of the homeowners would like their houses to fit with the other houses in the area.  A fencing home with an unfenced neighborhood might draw unwanted attention. Prior to installing a fence, you should consider the aesthetics and trends of the neighborhood.

The Home-Style

There is nothing worse than having a fence which doesn’t match your home-style. A minimalistic and modern house can look out of place with a picket fence.  Keep in mind that installing the appropriate Aluminum fence will augment the curb appeal and also the resale value of your home.

How to Choose a Fencing Material?

One thing is certain, when you look for new a fence while shopping online, you have a lot of choices. There are various types of fence materials which you can select for your new house or renovation project. In short, the best material to use for fencing is vinyl and aluminum since they are durable and are available at a cheaper price. But let’s see below why.

What’s the best Fencing solution? – 7 Things to Consider

You might feel lost while choosing between the various fencing materials available. In case you are wondering how to choose the best fencing material for your property, you need to consider several things.

What is Your Objective?

There are many reasons to build a fence. Hence, before you start looking for fences, you need to take into account the primary purpose of the fence. Do you need it to keep the dog in the yard? Would you like to protect your pool? Are you angry that the neighbors ignore the property line? Do you want to increase your privacy? Once you know what you want, you can start browsing through the materials.

Find Your Style

You will find some fencing materials which have drastically different looks. For instance, you can compare iron-fencing and vinyl-fencing. Even though both of these can be beautiful, they are largely divergent.  Aluminum fences offer a timeless and elegant appeal. You need to explore the various styles of fencing materials that will cater to your requirement.

What is the Upfront Cost?

Budget is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. You need to consider the cost of the fencing system.  Moreover, even if you can install the fence all by yourself, you will have to put in time and effort. In case you are unable to afford the fencing materials you like, you should start looking for inexpensive alternatives. Vinyl is a good option. When you have a tight budget, opt for the cheapest material that you come across.

What is the Long-Term Cost?

You should not consider only the initial cost of building a fence. The price tag you will pay at first is not final.  With the course of time, several fence materials present further cost. For instance, you shouldn’t forget to consider the durability of the fence. A fence which doesn’t have the ability to bear damage, wear, and tear in the long run will need replacement and repair.  Both of these can be pretty costly. Moreover, you also have to think about the maintenance cost which goes along with it.

Fence Maintenance

Some fences are self-sufficient and they do not require any help. For instance, vinyl and aluminum doesn’t require any maintenance cost all. You don’t have to worry about sealing, staining, cleaning, or painting.  For other fencing materials, you have to think if you will be able to spend time to care for your fence.  Moreover, you will have to consider how much you will have to spend for maintaining your fence.

Fence Location and Climate

If you have home near wet and humid areas, you should consider vinyl fencing. This is better than wood. This is because wood can be spoilt by water damage.  Again, if you are installing fence near the ocean, you can install power-coated aluminum fence. It won’t corrode or rust. When you know how to select the fencing material, consider factors such as extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, ice, and strong winds.

Consider the Property Resale Value

Before you choose the fence materials and type, you should consider the property as a whole. The fence can affect the property resale value.  If you plan to move someplace else, think how the fence style will affect the resale value of the property. For instance, unattractive fences, cheap fences, and privacy fences can have a negative effect on the home value.

What is the Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Fencing?

This is a question which troubles many people, which is better, aluminum or vinyl? Even though people like both, there are some differences between the two.  Knowing the pros and cons of each will help you decide which material to use for your next fencing project. Before we get into the differences between vinyl and aluminum, you first need to decide what the purpose of the fence is and how much money you would like to spend. Once you know the answers, you can check out the comparison of vinyl and aluminum fencing.

Vinyl VS Aluminum Fencing


In case your aim is to block out your inquisitive and spying neighbors, a busy street, or an unattractive yard next-door then you should opt for vinyl fencing. Structurally, vinyl fence is capable of offering more privacy than aluminum. They are available in different heights.  It has interlocking fasteners which ensures excellent privacy and strong construction. Manufacturers do not usually construct aluminum fences with privacy in mind. Thus, if you are concerned with your privacy and decide to use aluminum, add some landscaping features such has hedges and trees. This will increase the privacy of the yard.


Vinyl might be better than aluminum when it comes to privacy but aluminum is stronger than vinyl.  With moderate resilience and weight, aluminum will stand strong for many years to come. Even though industrial and commercial designs of aluminum fence might offer more strength than the ones which are used for residential purpose, they can also be less stylish.  Whatever style you choose, make sure that you install the fence in a proper manner to get the best result. Nevertheless, you should know that vinyl is no slouch. It is not going to topple if you simply lean over it.  Moreover, it is not going to sway away on a windy day.


Quite unluckily, you will not be able to declare a clear winner in the battle in vinyl and aluminum.  When it comes to the cost, these two cannot outdo each other.  Pricing depends on several factors. This includes the size, manufacturer, and the style of the fence.  Usually, aluminum or vinyl fencing is comparable in regards to price. Even though aluminum is more affordable than vinyl, the difference is not dramatic.


You do not obviously want to spend your weekend repairing, staining, treating, or maintaining the new fence. Luckily, vinyl and aluminum fences hardly require any maintenance. You might also hose your aluminum and vinyl fence off occasionally in order to wash of debris and dirt.  Nonetheless, you shouldn’t expect any vigorous maintenance or buy any costly preservation products. In regards to this score, aluminum and vinyl will make amazing options.


The installation of the fence might affect the durability, your pocketbook, and also your stress level. Both aluminum and vinyl fences can be installed pretty easily.  If you plan on installing the fence all by yourself, you will not have to face much trouble.  The vinyl typically comes un-assembled vs. the pre-assembled aluminum sections.. Even thought the vinyl will snap into place….Hence, you can install this in a snap, vinyl fence usually takes longer to install than aluminum fence.


You might think which is better aluminum or vinyl when it comes to the looks.  These actually depends on each ones preference. You have to take into account the kind of look that you prefer.  Do you want it to look classic or have a specific color? For instance, if you want traditional and timeless wood fencing but fear the maintenance needed then you should opt for vinyl. However, if you want the look of a wrought iron fence with the expense and weight then opt for aluminum. Albeit, both are similar in many ways, they also differ in distinctive ways. Take your time and look through the various options that are available.
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What to Consider Before Buying a Fence Online?

Shopping online has become pretty popular the last decade. This is because people can get the products they want with just one click of the mouse. As a matter of fact, you can also get the materials for your new fencing project over the internet. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home for this. Buying your fence online is a convenient option. However, there are few things that you need to consider.

How to buy a fence online

Know What You Want

In case you have already decided the style and material that you need for your new fence, you will be able to choose it from an online shop pretty easily. Nonetheless, if you haven’t seen the close up of the material that you want and feeling unsure, you might want to see it in person prior to making a decision. Get samples sent to your home and specifications to your email account.

Measure Your Yard

Prior to ordering a fence, you need to make sure that you are ordering the appropriate materials and also the adequate amount of materials. When you’re considering installing a fence at your house, you need to measure the yard perimeter or wherever the fence is going on your yard. Moreover, you will also have to figure out the number of panels that you require for covering up the area…. usually just taking the total linear footage and dividing by 6 or 8…. the length of each section. It is also necessary to consider whether the panel is going to fit without any kind of customization. A majority of the panels are either 6 feet or 8′ long.  So determine that in your calculations. In case you are not sure about the property lines then you have to confirm them first, prior to doing the measurement. In case you do not know how to measure your yard, you need to get in touch with a contractor or your permit office.

Check the reputation of the Retailer and the Delivery Cost

One of the most common reasons people are hesitate in buying online is the reputation of the seller. Before making a purchase, make sure that you check the online retailer and in particular:
  • Check how many years they have been in business
  • Check their online reviews and customer feedback
  • Check their shipping and deliver terms
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau

Choose an Online Retailer with Good Warranty

When you decide to buy fence online and know what you require, you have to confirm the trustworthy of the retailer. A reliable retailer is always going to offer the warranty of the products that they are offering. Generally, there is a bare minimum but keep in mind that the first year is going to be a bit peachy. It is with time that you will begin to notice problems like chipping, peeling, discoloration, and damage from pests.  This is when you will need the warranty. Hence, the warranty should be more than one year. If you choose to buy from Aluminum Fences Direct, we offer lifetime-warranty on our aluminum fences. If you follow these tips, you will be ready to order the fence from an online store.
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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard

Homeowners have several fence options at their disposal when they plan on installing fence. However, there are various other things that you need to consider before you build the fence. For instance, the fence that you choose should cater to the requirements of the home. You need to consider what you need the fence for.

How to select the best fence for your yard?

Here are certain things that you need to take into account when you choose a fence for your yard.

1. Get to Know Your Priorities

The first thing that you need to do when you plan on buying a fence is why you need the fence. It can be used for protecting your pets or for securing your property. Moreover, you can also use it to enhance the privacy of the house. However, if you don’t mind the looks of the fence while still protecting the yard, you can go for a chain link fence. A picket fence with wide picket spacing is another type of fence that you can install as a boundary without blocking the view.

2. Know the Restrictions of the Neighborhood

There are some areas which impose restrictions on the type of fence you can install in your house. A majority of the cities and also homeowners association have certain rules and regulations about the height of the structures. Hence, you need to research about the various codes imposed by the neighborhood. There are some areas which allow privacy fences to be installed in the backyard but not in the front portion of the house. If you build the fence without checking, it might violate the codes then you will be forced to remove it. As a matter of fact, you might even have to pay a fine.

3. Consider the Maintenance It Needs

You have to plan the amount of time that you are going to spend for maintaining the new fence. Wooden fence will need the greatest degree of maintenance because painting and staining is required every few years. Nonetheless, it will also help in improving the value of the house and make the yard more attractive. However, aluminum fences and vinyl fencing will not require much maintenance.  This is the primary reason most people take this to be the best choice for house.

4. Check the Pricing

The price that you are going to spend will depend on the height of the fence, manufacturer of the products, and also the quality of the materials. Make sure that you compare the price that is being offered by the various vendors. Choose the one which offer quality material within the best price. Do not forget to estimate the amount of fencing you require before you fix the budget. Keep in mind that the final price will include also need labor and the materials.

5. Check the Designs

No doubt, a fence will add value to your property.  However, if you choose the right one, it will add convenience and style. You can choose between modern, custom, and traditional fence designs. If you want, you can also mix and match the style for developing the fence for your property. When you are done selecting the fence, you have to look for the right contractor to install the fence. Make sure that you opt for the one who knows that you will be able to get the job done right the very first attempt. Check if the company has all the permits for building the fence.
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How to Best Measure Your Yard for a Fence?

Before you buy a fence, you have to make sure that you have measured the area to install the fence accurately. This is because it is the backbone of the whole project. If you make a mistake in measurement, then the entire project might fail. A measurement mistake might not be easy to fix. As a matter of fact, repairing it might also require a lot of money. Hence, it is necessary to get it right at the first time.

How to measure your yard for a fence?

Here are some tips which will help you to measure the fence in the right manner.

Check You Plat

A plat is actually a plan or map of a land area showing the proposed or the actual features. In case you do not have a plat already, you should get one as soon as you can. This will enable you to confirm the property line. This way you will not build a fence on somebody else’s property. As a matter of fact, you can review the plat taking the help of a neighbor. Make sure that you are on the same page before you start digging. Keep in mind that a mistake at this stage might be pretty dangerous. In case you build on the neighbor’s property accidentally, you might be confronted with a lawsuit. Hence, you should not risk it.

Research on the Restrictions and the Local Zoning Codes

At times, the cities and the neighborhood have strict guidelines when it comes to fencing. Thus, you need to make sure that you have reviewed these codes properly as it might limit the replacement of your fence. Even though these usually occur with the fences that are installed in the front yards, it might also be applicable to the backyard fences. Check the different regulations before you start digging. This way you can be sure that you will not have to rebuild or remove your fence in future.

Account for Obstructions and Slopes

You have to consider if there are any permanent obstructions along the property perimeter. If yes then you will have to work around these while taking the measurements. This will include the pipes and the utility lines that have to be marked prior to the measurement of the fence. Moreover, many fences have contours and slopes which will have an impact on the measurement of the fence and also its installation. For deciding the slope percentage, you need to run a string from the starting of the fence line till its end.  Thereafter, measure the height and the length. Then you have to divide the height by the length and also multiply the result with 100.

Measure Carefully

Before you start measuring, you need to mark the corner post simply by placing the stake at the meeting point of the fence panel feet at a right angle. Thereafter, measure the perimeter of the area that you plan on enclosing making use of the stakes. Keep in mind that the tape measure has to be stretched in the right manner.  This way you can be sure that the slack is not going to affect the measurement. Divide the perimeter of the area into fence length panels that you will be using. Thus, you can figure you the total number of panels that you will be using.  At this period, you might also place stakes on the end posts and the line posts. For doing this, you will have to start at a corner, measure the length of the panel, and ultimately place the stake. Keep in mind that precision is the key.  When you are done measuring, you need to measure again to double-check. You have to take this process seriously. Do not assume that the original measurement is correct.
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How Many Years Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last

Getting a vinyl fence for your property is certainly a good decision on your part. Vinyl fences are highly versatile as they tend to look great on any type of property, lending an elegant touch to it. It explains why they’re seen gracing homes as well as offices, both modern and contemporary. And they provide a number of other benefits like affordability and low maintenance. Plus vinyl is a non-toxic material making it an excellent choice for planet friendly homeowners and homes with children. But what about its durability? How long will vinyl fences last and what is the level of upkeep they require?

In fact, the most important feature of vinyl fences is that they tend to last for a long time, for several years at a stretch, barring any accidents or natural disasters of course. This is worth looking into in detail. Let’s get started!

How Long Will Vinyl Fences Last?

The durability and longevity are some of the most important features of vinyl fences. But exactly how many years does a vinyl fence last? It can last for twenty to thirty years with ease. In fact, most manufacturers do provide lifetime warranties on vinyl fences for this very reason. Even if the fence has been installed in a high-traffic area, it will remain standing year after year. 

So what makes vinyl fences so strong and tough? It’s the composition.


A PVC-type material is used in the construction of a vinyl fence. In addition the use of titanium oxide on the outer part lends it ultraviolet-resistant properties, preventing it from turning yellow under sun exposure and keeping it looking as good as new. The strength of the vinyl fencing too can be attributed to its materials, which make it much sturdier and stronger than wooden fences.

Moisture and Temperature Resistance

Come rain or sunshine, vinyl fences are resistant to different temperatures. Their non-porous surface is resistant to moisture damage, unlike wood. If you’ve had a wooden fence at any point you probably know how easily it can rot, break, and split. 

However that’s not the case with vinyl. Its moisture-proof property protects it from decay, mold, mildew, decomposition, and peeling. Plus it doesn’t blister, split, or crack. And nor does it cause splints like wood fencing, which has to be treated with a sealant. This is all the more relevant if you have children, as touching splintered wood can cause bleeding or injuries. In addition, vinyl fencing doesn’t need sealant application, staining, painting, or any chemical treatment to keep it looking new and preventing it from rotting. Moreover, unlike a wooden fence that tends to contract and expand with a fall and rise in temperature, a vinyl fence doesn’t warp or fade and nor does it stretch or sag, with age or temperature changes.

Resistance to Damage by Pests

Being moisture proof means vinyl fences are durable and easy to maintain even in inclement weather and not prone to fungus. In addition, since these don’t attract pests like termites and other insects, they’re not susceptible to damage from them.

Further Increase the Longevity of your Vinyl Fence with these Maintenance Tips

The non-porous surface of vinyl fencing makes it extremely easy to clean and further increases its life span. Be that as it may, this longevity is only possible if you take reasonably good care of them. Of course, accidental damage will ruin the fence and require replacement but that is to be expected. If you put some effort into their maintenance, you may even find that they outlive the siding of the house, providing great value for decades.

So if you’re wondering “how long will vinyl fences last?” just remember that you can get the most out of your vinyl fence simply by maintaining it properly and we aren’t even talking of high-level or frequent maintenance here. Just a few simple cleaning and maintenance tricks (listed below) should suffice:

Cleaning the Vinyl Fence

Cleaning vinyl fences is extremely easy and requires little effort in most cases. Here are a few steps that you can use.

  • For basic and regular cleaning, water is enough. All you need is a garden hose with enough power to get rid of dirt, chemicals and clippings.
  • If minor stains appear on the fence, you can get rid of them with soap. Make a solution of soap and water. Dip a rag in this solution, wring it, and then use it to clean off the stains.
  • For major stains, you require a stronger solution. There are specific products available in the market. Alternatively, you can make a solution of water and bleach in a 10:1 ratio and use it to clean the stains.

Maintenance Tips

How long will vinyl fences last? They’ll last as long as you care for them! In order to maximize the lifespan of your vinyl fence, here are a few steps that you can follow:

  • Make sure that the hinges of the gate are oiled once every year. Examine the screws and tighten them properly.
  • The gate of the fence should be adjusted at least once every year, preferably during the spring.
  • You should not allow the gate to swing under the effects of wind. In other words, the gate must always be secured when not in use.
  • You should avoid using any weed trimmer near the base of the fence posts.
  • Objects or materials should not be stacked or mounted near the fence as they may damage it if they collapse.
  • Ensure that children are not swinging on the fence gate.

While there’s no specific answer to “how long will a vinyl fence last”, remember that by following these easy tips, you can avoid damaging your fence unnecessarily. It will also help in increasing the lifespan of the vinyl fence. Of course, you should always opt for a good quality vinyl fence if you want it to last for decades.

Aluminum Fences Direct takes great pride in its high-quality fences, available at affordable prices. Our vinyl fences last for decades and are available in a number of styles and colors so you can easily find one that suits your specific requirements and budget. To take the first step towards fencing that will stay as good as new for years, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate quotation.

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Why Should Homeowners Choose Aluminum Driveway Gates?

A residential driveway makes a great idea for various kinds of homes. It is capable of enhancing security by preventing the entry of any vehicle or person without permission. A well-chosen driveway gate can sufficiently enhance the overall curb appeal of the home. Of course, these factors will also have a positive effect on the value of the property when you are planning to sell. If you are planning to install driveway gates, consider choosing aluminum as your material of choice. There are quite a few benefits of doing so.

Aluminum Driveway Gates Benefits

Extremely Low Maintenance One of the best features of aluminum is its durability. Aluminum is immune to rusting and it will not crack or chip, all of which are major issues with iron. It is also a better choice than wood as wood is prone to several issues, especially in damp climates. While aluminum may not have the looks of wood, it makes up for it by lasting for a long time. Aluminum also has a high resistance to corrosion, chemicals and even weather conditions. As a result, it takes considerably less effort and money to maintain an aluminum gate than one made of wood or iron. For regular cleaning, simple water or a soapy solution is enough. When required, you can give it a coat of paint to make it look new. Suitable Weight An aluminum gate will be significantly lighter than iron, making them easier to operate. On the other hand, those gates are still sufficiently durable and strong. As such, the weight of an aluminum gate is quite suitable for daily operation. The lightweight nature of aluminum gates makes it easy to install them and even repair. Ti also prevents the gates from pulling on the hinges, a problem with wrought iron or steel gates. Cost Effective Aluminum as a metal is certainly cheaper than iron or steel. At the same time, aluminum offers several other benefits as shown above and below. As a result, you get to have a beautiful driveway that can last for years with little maintenance. The low maintenance prevents you from spending money. Moreover, the longevity assures that the money invested in the gate was a sensible decision as it would last for years. Good Looks While aluminum may not have the natural beauty of wood, it can still look good. You can easily find various modern styles and designs of aluminum driveway gates to choose from. Additionally, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the color or patterns that you want the gate in. Safety and Security While aluminum may not have the strength of iron, it is still capable of ensuring the security and safety of the residents. In fact, a properly made aluminum driveway gate can prevent most kinds of forced entries. They can certainly deter wild animals and intruders as well. Of course, aluminum will not be affected by fire, dampness and other elements which are known to weaken wood. As a result of these benefits, you should consider getting aluminum gates for your driveway. They might just be what your home needs to look amazing and feel safe.

Do You Need to Have a Pool Fence around an Above Ground Pool?

Fences for Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool can be an excellent choice if you’re planning to have a pool in your home. In comparison to in ground pools, above ground pools offer some benefits to the homeowner – they are easier and faster to install and cost much less, to name just a few. However, homeowners are often faced with the perplexing question: “do you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool”. The fact is that there are legal regulations in place for this type of pool fence. As such, it is something worth looking into in detail.

The Law on Pool Fences

Before you construct an above ground pool, or any pool for that matter, you must check up on the local laws and regulations on having the pool fence. Not all counties and regions require a pool fence. In other cases, the law might require you to put up a pool fence in order to protect people from accidentally slipping into the pool and drowning. While the chances of that happening in above ground pools are slim in contrast to in ground pools, you may still be legally obliged to get a pool fence and it’s much safer. So if you’re wondering whether you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool, the answer would be a resounding yes in most cases! In certain areas however, these types of pools are exempted from the rule provided certain conditions are met.

Why Choose Above Ground Pools?

There are quite a few reasons why above ground pools are better than their in-ground counterparts. Here are some of them:

  • Cost: The biggest benefit to having an above ground pool is the lower cost. For in-ground pools, you need to spend money on the excavation of the property. It is also difficult to get the required permission to do so. Additionally, the plumbing for these pools tends to cost more than the aboveground variety of pools.
  • Features: Despite the difference in the elevation of the pools, you can still have the same features. You can have features such as water fountains, Jacuzzi, diving boards and more in an aboveground pool easily.
  • Installation: Installing an aboveground pool is much easier than an in ground pool as mentioned above. After all, there is no excavation required. In many cases, an aboveground pool can be installed in just a couple of days. The same cannot be said about in ground pools.
  • Semi-Permanent: One of the best things about an above ground pool is that it can be dismantled as easily as it can be installed. You can easily move it to a different location in your property if you so choose.

Above Ground Pool Fencing Considerations

So without any further ado, let’s examine some of the basic considerations when building a fence around an above ground pool.


Pools are a great addition to any property and offer a great recreational activity on hot summer days for the young and old alike. However, safety is a top consideration when you’re building a fence around the above ground pool. Although the probability of someone falling and drowning in an above ground pool is less as compared to an inground pool, it’s not unheard of. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Especially if you have children or pets, installing a fence around your pool would relieve you of the stress of the impending danger and the burden of constantly having to watch over them. It’d be easier to relax and enjoy the benefits of the pool once you’re assured you have taken the necessary precautions and have nothing to worry about. 

For homeowners without children or pets, it’s still a good idea to have a fence around the pool, as no one is immune to accidents. Furthermore, many people host pool parties and under the influence of alcohol, it’s easy for anyone to lose their balance and trip, which may even prove to be life threatening. So do you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool? Yes. Absolutely.

Go ahead and build that much-needed fence around your pool, regardless of how unnecessary you might think it is.

Enclose Completely

Many DIY fences for above ground pools are available these days. These are quite easy to install but it helps to ensure that the entire pool is completely enclosed, with no gaps or tiny spaces big enough to allow a child or pet to sneak through. However, don’t forget to leave adequate space for a gate so you can get in and out!

Check and Double Check?

After installing the above ground pool fence, the last step is to check for any problems like gaps in between the fencing or loose parts. It’d be best to ensure there are no tiny or hidden gaps for children, pets, or even small animals like squirrels or possums to squeeze through.

Facts about Fencing for Above the Ground Pool Fences

While pool fencing an above the ground pool, there are a few things to consider:

  • Preparation: Before installing a pool fence, you should talk with the local building authorities and find out if there are any pool fencing building codes that you need to follow. Get permission from the insurance company to ensure that your pool fences meet their rules.
  • Materials: There are a few options when it comes to the material of the pool fence that you are building. However, vinyl pool fencing and aluminum pool fencing are the most common choices. They are unlikely to catch rust or rot despite their proximity to water around the pool area as these are resistant to damage from moisture.

A pool fence around an above ground pool can enhance its overall safety by a considerable margin. However, you must ensure that it has been installed by a reputed contractor for the best results. Chosen and installed correctly, a pool fence can last for a long time.

Are you ready for that fence around your pool? Aluminum Fences Direct offers a variety of aluminum pool fences. For more detailed installation instructions, be sure to check out our resources page. Contact us today to get started with installing that much needed fence around your pool!