How High can I Build a Fence on my Property?

The standard heights for a front yard fence are between 3 to 4 feet (36 to 48 inch) and between 6 to 8 feet (72 – 96 inch) for a backyard fence.  Before making a decision on how high to make your fence, you can consider the following parameters. The first thing to think about is the purpose of building the fence in the first place.  The most common uses for a fence and the equivalent suggested heights are outlined below:

Privacy and Protection Fences

If your primary purpose is privacy and protection then you might want to make the fence tall enough to block intruders and also keep other people from looking into your property or house. Privacy fences, like Manhattan or sierra fences are usually between 60 to 72 inches.

Decorative Pool & Aluminum Fences

If you want to build a fence for improving the looks of your property or for decorative purposes then height should not be a concern. A 36-inch Floridian fence, is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Pool Fences Protection

With pool fencing, you do have some flexibility with the height, but you have to comply with the local laws and regulations.

Dog Protection

 If you have a dog and want to contain them or if you want to protect your property from outside dogs then the height of your fence should be at least 48 inches. We say at least because it depends on the size of dogs. Large dogs may require a 72-inch fence. See also: How to choose the best fence for your dog.

Can you build a fence that is taller than the suggested guidelines?

Yes, it is possible if you take special permission from your City council. Examples of valid reasons where you can get an exception and build taller fences are if you are leaving in a noisy neighborhood or close to a gas station.

I’m confused, can you help?

Definitely, give us a call (888-830-2219) and we’ll explain more if needed. Another reason why we walk every order through to completion as opposed to ordering from an online shopping cart.
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