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Pool Fence Safety

A pool in your backyard is a great feature and allows you to stay cool on those hot, summer days. However, a pool can also be a hazard, especially when it comes to younger children and pets. Accidents happen but there is a way to prevent them. Our aluminum fencing is an easy way to keep your pool and the people you care about safe.

Enclose The Area

When installing your fence from Aluminum Fences Direct, make sure to enclose the entire pool area. Make sure there are no holes or gaps that could lead to a child or pet getting past the fence. Knowing your pool is secure will give you peace of mind all throughout the summer season.

Follow The Installation Instructions

Also, be sure to follow all of our fence installation instructions. Layout your fence so you know where each post is supposed to go, mark their location and leave enough room for a gate. Use a post hole digger and make sure the posts are secure. Concrete is needed to stabilize the posts and then assemble the gates. For more thorough instructions, be sure to check out our resources page where we walk you through the process step by ste

Check Your Fence

Once your fence is put together, it never hurts to check it for any problems. Look for any gaps, loose parts or anything that may be an issue. You also want to double check that there are no places where a child or pet can sneak through.

Affordable Pool Fencing

If you’re ready to install your pool fence, be sure and check out our selections at Aluminum Fences Direct. We offer a variety of aluminum pool fence panels that start at just $41 per panel. We can ship it out in about 4-5 business days, so you can soon start enjoying a safe and fun summer!