Bringing Quality and Affordability to Missouri Homeowners and Contractors

Aluminum Fences Direct is here to revolutionize the way you approach fencing projects, offering high-quality aluminum fences at competitive prices for both homeowners and small to mid-sized fencing contractors throughout the state.

Born From a Desire for Fairness:

Our story is rooted in a simple observation: the fencing industry wasn’t a level playing field. Large contractors, with their bulk buying power, could secure significantly lower prices for ornamental and aluminum fences. This left smaller contractors struggling to compete, often forced to either overcharge or forgo projects altogether.

We understand this struggle firsthand. Having owned a small fencing company ourselves, we witnessed the challenges posed by an uneven market. This is precisely why we founded Aluminum Fences Direct – to bridge the gap and empower both homeowners and smaller contractors in Missouri.

Direct Benefits, Exceptional Value:

By leveraging our national reach and substantial volume commitment, we’ve secured aggressive discounts that translate directly to you. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner seeking to enclose your pool or a contractor tackling a comprehensive property fencing project, Aluminum Fences Direct ensures you receive premium aluminum fences at the most competitive prices.

Unwavering Commitment to American Quality:

In a world of shortcuts, Aluminum Fences Direct stands firm in its commitment to American-made quality. Unlike some companies that assemble imported materials and claim to be “US-based,” we proudly represent manufacturers who source their aluminum extrusions and powder coating processes exclusively from within the United States. Our products are meticulously crafted in North Carolina, from the raw materials to the finished product, ensuring exceptional quality and lasting value.

The American Advantage: Beyond Patriotism:

Choosing American-made aluminum fences isn’t just about national pride; it’s about demonstrably superior quality. Our fences are built to withstand the elements, boasting a powder coating that:

  • Resists Fading, Chipping, and Peeling: Unlike imported alternatives, our fences retain their pristine black finish for years to come, free from the common problems of fading, chipping, or peeling.
  • Prioritizes Environmental Responsibility: We understand the importance of safeguarding our planet. That’s why our products are manufactured using an environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating process. This method eliminates the harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) associated with a traditional liquid coating, protecting both your property and the environment.
  • Exceeds Industry Standards: Our powder coating surpasses the stringent performance requirements outlined by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA-2604) for corrosion resistance and colorfastness. This translates to beautiful, low-maintenance fencing that will grace your Missouri property for years to come.

Partnering with Aluminum Fences Direct:

At Aluminum Fences Direct, we go beyond exceptional products. We offer exceptional customer service, providing expert advice and support throughout your project, whether you’re a homeowner tackling a DIY fence installation or a contractor seeking a reliable supplier.

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