Aluminum Fence Gates

Whether you are installing a pool fence, commercial or residential fencing, most aluminum fences need at least one gate.

Aluminum Fences Direct offers the perfect fence and gate combinations. You can order your aluminum fence gate in various widths so it is proportionate to your fence panels. Other options such as rings, finials and heavy-duty gates are also available. If you do not see the fence style you are looking for, make sure to check out our brochure listed below.

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How to Choose Aluminum Fence Gates

Here are some basic ideas to keep in mind as you start your search for aluminum fence gates.

1. Decide on Match Level

Aluminum fence gates come in all shapes and sizes, and not to mention colors and powder coatings. The first instinct most people encounter when searching for aluminum fence gates is that they want a gate or gates that match perfectly with their existing or soon-to-be-new aluminum fence. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with an exact color match, it’s not a law of nature or the universe. Some very attractive and high quality fences out there offer a bit of contrast between the aluminum fence and the aluminum gate or gates, and that could be something to think about with regards to what you have in mind. Part of this will come down to the aluminum fence panels you use, and what type of metal fence the rest of your fence is. Often, an aluminum fence gate will fit in just as well with an existing steel fence or a wrought iron fence. Whether you choose to match the color of the metal fence gate with the color of the existing fence (which may depend on powder coating) or go for a color which is different and adds a pop of variety to your metal fence, you can make any aluminum fence gate work.

2. Decide on Style

Some types of fences lend themselves specifically to certain styles of aluminum fence gates. After all, you don’t want your finished product to look like something where you added your gate long after your fence was built. However, there are other types of aluminum fences that allow for some flexibility with regards to the aluminum gate or gates you choose, and to some extent that’s going to come down to how you feel about the look. Spacing of the aluminum fence panels and posts is also a factor. There’s no real right or wrong answer outside of your own opinion, but don’t think you’re married to one type of gate for a aluminum fence.

3. Decide on Number of Gates

Moving into more practical matters as they relate to aluminum fence gates in the entire fence system, you will need to decide on how many gates you want. In some setups, it makes sense for a lot of reasons to only have one entry and exit point. In other situations, two or even multiple gates in your fence system may not only make sense but could be necessary. It all depends on what the fence is for, why it’s there and who’s going to be using and benefiting from it.

4. Decide on Access

You need to get at least an idea in your head of how many people are going to need access to the gate and how they’re going to obtain it. Do you need double gates? Driveway gates? Cantilever gate? The last thing you want, if you have a commercial fence, is to stop what you’re doing every time someone wants to enter your property to let them in. If you’re going to have multiple people coming and going for whatever reason, it may affect your decision on what type of aluminum fence gates you consider.

5. Decide on Budget

Finally, although this may be higher on the list for some, you need to have some sort of a budget in mind. Aluminum fence gates are like any other product line in that they can vary pretty widely in terms of cost. Consider what you can afford, what level of investment is wise and then search with those numbers in mind. Also consider that fence systems can be DIY projects, which will save you considerably on the cost. When you work with a group like Aluminum Fences Direct, we’ll help you find something that you’re comfortable with purchasing.

From here, we’ll once again encourage you to take a look at the information below. If you’re in need of additional help, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Aluminum Fence Gates Specs & Pricing

All Gate styles can be your choice of Floridian, Sierra, Outback, Manhattan or Appalachian.

Aluminum Fence Gates
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