Your Aluminum Fence Arrives Ready to Install

We are your leading wholesale provider of aluminum fences. We provide fences of other materials as well. Our aluminum fencing is designed for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowners and small fence contractors alike.  Your fence will come directly from the manufacturer to the location of your choice, whether it’s your home, office, or job site.

If you order an Aluminum Fence, keep in mind that we’ll provide you with a DIY Fence Installation Guide to help you get the job done. High quality fencing doesn’t need to be overly complicated or elaborate. The instructions are simple enough to construct the fence, regardless of skill level or experience. 

These fences add protection to their surroundings and they also add value to your property! Aluminum Fence pricing starts as low as $46 per panel. Price will differ depending on the material. We’re confident our wholesale fences can save you thousands. Be sure to look at our rewards program rewards program to help you save even more!

Don’t have time to wait for our detailed price quote? 

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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Aluminum Fence

Home aluminum fence or pool fences are the perfect addition to any property. Whether you are looking to add security for your home or pool, improve their physical appeal or let your pet roam the backyard without running away, pool fences and home aluminum fencing are wonderful options.  There is no price tag on peace of mind and having a good fence in or around your yard is a great way to make that happen. 

Not only are pool fencing and home aluminum fences stylish, but they also increase your property value. An aluminum fence or a pool fence provides a terrific ROI, and our customers can save even more money with do-it-yourself installation. Our aluminum fencing and pool fencing are easy to install and can be done in a weekend, so you don’t have to worry about paying a contractor for overpriced materials or labor.  You know exactly what you’re getting with our aluminum fencing, when you’re getting it, and how to get it installed and protecting your property.  It’s a nice thing to not have to worry about any guesswork, particularly when it comes to the bottom line.

Unlike other fencing materials, aluminum fencing does not rust or rot. Our aluminum fences are built to withstand any elements! Install your residential, commercial or industrial pool fences now and don’t worry about cleaning, preservative treatments, termite protection or other maintenance needs that other fences require.  You simply install your aluminum fence, let it stand and stop worrying about it for years at a time.

The styles that you’ll see here are 6′ wide residential grade sections, but we also have commercial and industrial grades available as well! Our traditional residential aluminum fencing sections have the ability to adjust (rack) up a slope, 19 inches for every 6 foot wide panel or up to 28 inches with our free double punched option.  We understand that every fencing environment is going to be a bit different.  Some homes and businesses are on hilly lots, others will need fencing around concrete and still others are going to be built on top of soil.  We make sure our aluminum fencing is such that you won’t have to worry about where it’s going – just follow our instructions and you’ll be all set in no time, protecting what’s yours in a stylish manner.

All orders are customized to your specific requirements with our more popular aluminum fence styles available to ship in 5 business days*.  We’ll be happy to walk you through that process as well, so that your measurements are accurate and you won’t have to worry about making something fit.

* Includes the residential grade Floridian, Manhattan, Appalachian, Outback & Sierra styles.

Huge Product Variety

Our vinyl fences and aluminum fence panels come in a variety of styles including Cathedral and Elegant Arch. These are two ornamental styles that other companies just can’t offer. Customers can also choose from various colors, gates and accessories. We do this to best suit your specific landscaping needs, all coming standard with a lifetime warranty!
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Easy Installation

All of our fencing panels are already assembled which makes for an easy installation at an affordable price. Our website provides detailed resources, instructions and articles to assist you.People like aluminum fences for a number of reasons. They are durable, easy to install, maintenance free and an affordable fencing solution for every property.
Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Either fill out the Order Form and fax it in or send us an email with it attached and we’ll start the order process by contacting you via email with a confirmation quotation… OR send us a drawing of where the fence is going on your property via our Layout Form with dimensions of each straight run, and we’ll send you a complete material list and price quotation.

What is the importance of sending a layout form?

The importance is that every fence and every backyard is unique. The Layout Form allows us to provide an accurate quote that lists all the material along with any freight charges if your order does not qualify for Free Freight. Orders that do not qualify for free freight are based on weight and shipping zip code, not total price.

How far do you deliver to?

We’ll send our aluminum fences anywhere in the continental United States, but for logistical reasons, states west of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois may have higher shipping costs. We’ll include these costs with your free estimate.

Are sections & gates assembled?

All sections & gates are shipped assembled. Certain styles require finials and/or loops to be installed in the field.

Aluminum Fences Direct is a wholesale aluminum fence distributor designed to meet the needs of both the homeowner and small to mid-sized fencing contractors. We are the premier direct online aluminum fence supplier that represents US manufacturers based here in the Carolinas. We are an industry leader, and we are committed to customer satisfaction as well as growing market share. Whether you need pool fencing or a new fence for your home or business, we have the quality products you need at the prices you want. To this point, we’ve earned our growth by way of providing top-quality aluminum fencing to our customers, and they have enjoyed positive experiences with us since we opened our doors.

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