eXtra Picket (XP) Fencing

eXtra Picket (XP) fencing is strong enough to keep that rambunctious little pup in the yard even when you’re not around, with essentially no maintenance to keep that fence performing its best year after year.

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About eXtra Picket (XP) Fencing

Animals should be able to enjoy the sun and the fresh air when the weather is nice. There’s nothing that makes them happier than spending time outdoors, soaking it all in and relaxing in their territory for an afternoon. The obvious challenge with that, however, is security. Without the proper measures taken, you have to make sure someone is out there watching your pet every second he or she is in the yard. Otherwise, you’re simply inviting other problems and risks.

Our eXtra Picket (XP) fences have pickets tightly packed together all the way up the full height of the fence. This prevents small animals such as dogs from escaping through openings other fences may have, making XP fencing a smart investment for pet owners. Take a look at the sizes and gate options and find the best choice for your home. All of our residential styles are available in 6′ widths with a variety of heights.

At Aluminum Fences Direct, we offer a number of styles of XP aluminum fence panels, such as the Sierra XP, the Appalachian XP, and the Carolina XP. It is offered in all the standard styles… spear top and flat top as well! This narrows the distance between each and every picket so that no animals or children are going to be able to squeeze between the bars to either get into or out of your yard. Some aluminum fences only have the pickets close together at dog height. We call these low-picket extras “puppy panels” and they’re ideal for a small dog who is a little too curious and wants to get out of the yard.

Are you ready to protect your pet by installing a fence? Aluminum Fences Direct offers a wide variety of options including puppy picket fences and aluminum pet fences. Get a quote today!

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eXtra Picket (XP) Fencing Prices

Pricing below is for Black, Bronze or White, with Black shipping in 2-3 weeks and Bronze & White shipping in 3 weeks.


eXtra Picket (XP) Fencing Specs


6063-T5 Aluminum


5/8″ sq. x .050″ walls


1″ sq. x .055″ wall

Powder Coating

PPG TGIC Polyester Powder Coating


Hardened 410 Stainless Steel with Cr6 Plating & Colored heads

All Sections are offered Pre-assembled or Un-assembled.

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