Floridian Fencing

Floridian aluminum fencing is a beautiful, clean and classic design that is perfectly suited to lining walks, enclosing yards, and securing pools.

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About Floridian Fencing

The Floridian type of fence panel boasts a neutral design that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your yard, which means it can complement any type of decor. Whether you have a heavily decorated yard or one with few landscape features it can offer the perfect fit. With its clean and classic look, it has become a popular style. As a result it is seen lining yards, pools, and sidewalks. Use the Floridian fence to give your yard a neat and organized look and to prevent the little ones and pets from venturing into forbidden spaces.

Coming in at either 36″ or 48″ heights, the Floridian fence is low and stylish, giving a railing feel to sidewalks and paths, and it keeps the little ones–children or pets–from going where they shouldn’t. As such, it is a very popular pool fence: short enough to not make your yard look like an enclosed prison, but still strong and secure enough to keep a curious toddler or wildlife out of the pool. (The same can be said about gardens, hot tubs, or flower beds–anywhere you don’t want people to accidentally step.)

Evoking the kind of low-rise fence that you’d see along a park path or a golf course walkway, the Floridian fence is popular not because of its flash and features, but because of its subdued efficiency and getting the job done. It’s meant to be stylish, yet unobtrusive. It can highlight a neatly gardened yard, or it can blend into the background and disappear–except when it’s needed to keep people, children and animals safe!

Gates for the Floridian come in four sizes, from 36″ to 72″, and the 6′ fence panels are either 3 or 4 feet tall. The rails are 3 13/16″ apart, making sure that no toddler will squeeze between these sturdy aluminum bars and go where they shouldn’t.

And it’s made from strong and sturdy aluminum, which will never require maintenance, paint or sanding. Our powder coated aluminum won’t rust, and these fences can withstand any kind of weather–unlike vinyl, which can be damaged by wind and hail, or wood, which is susceptible to water, heat and rot. With an aluminum fence, you won’t be spending your summers on your hands and knees painting the fence again–you’ll be playing by the pool or lounging in the sun.

Coming in bronze, white or black, either color looks good in your yard and can fit into any decor. That’s the beauty of the Floridian–with its neutral design it can easily be incorporated into a backyard with few features other than some grass and trees, or it can fit into an ornate yard with flashier styles, trim, and ornamentation. The Floridian Fencing doesn’t detract from a more formal yard, but it adds neatness and organization to a plain yard.

Interested in buying a Floridian fence for your home? Our fence panels are available in a variety of sizes with different styles of gate options. Each gate comes with self-closing hinges and gravity latch. If you want the Floridian style for your pool fence, make sure you order a Magna Latch and keep the latch 54 inches off the ground. You also need to consult your local regulations. All of our residential styles are available in 6′ widths with the Floridian having two heights available. If you have any questions about your aluminum fence, feel free to contact us!

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Floridian Fencing Prices

Pricing below is for Black, Bronze or White, with 4′ fence height in Black shipping in 1-2 weeks and Bronze & White shipping in 2-3 weeks.  To qualify for the 1-2 weeks, gate sizes must be either 4′ or 5′ wide only.


Floridian Fencing Specs


6063-T5 Aluminum


5/8″ sq. x .050″ walls


1″ sq. x .055″ wall

Powder Coating

PPG TGIC Polyester Powder Coating


Hardened 410 Stainless Steel with Cr6 Plating & Colored heads

All Sections are offered Pre-assembled or Un-assembled.

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