I like to take pride in researching all of my purchases in everything I buy. With this thought in mind I came across your company (Aluminum Fences Direct) and reviewed fences available on line. Any number of which more than met my standards of quality for money invested, which can add up very quickly. After picking the fence I was happy with, I went about my normal routine of comparative shopping locally and compared various styles and was very disappointed in quality of the samples observed. One thing that worried me the most was none looked very strong on down loading. I called Aluminum Fences Direct and spoke to Al and was given assurances that their fences were capable of supporting 300lbs.+ between each 6 foot section, which needless to say is very impressive, well I have received the fence and is now installed. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your fence, the quality is of the highest standard, manufacturing, shipping were prompt and kept informed.

PS Several neighbors love the fence and asked for your info,

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