Larry C.

Our neighbors, Christopher and Rachael R. recently installed by themselves, a very nice fence around their backyard. My wife and I were both impressed by their new fence and since we both wanted to replace the existing wood fence around our backyard, we inquired about the specifics (cost, installation, where to order, etc.). To our surprise the Aluminum Fences Direct cost estimate was affordable, and when compared to having the work done locally ($8,000-$10,000) we very soon contacted Aluminum Fences Direct and placed our order. What really cinched our response was our son-in-law Ron volunteered to help in the installation – and – instead of 5-6 weeks for delivery the fence arrived in 3 weeks. We got to work immediately and the total time for installation was about 4 weeks and that was working when Ron was available. And finally, are we pleased with our new fence? You better believe it!

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