Black Aluminum Fences vs Wrought Iron

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to erect a fence around their home and property, but why would you want to install a black aluminum fence? The truth is that there are many reasons why a black aluminum fence is the perfect fence for you, your house and your family. Let’s look at several.

#1. Black Aluminum Fences Have Great Curb Appeal

Let’s just come right out and say it: black aluminum fences look great. A properly installed aluminum fence will really set off your house, giving it instant curb appeal and making it the talk of the neighborhood–and making everyone on the street jealous and wanting to install their own black aluminum fence.

The sleek lines of the black aluminum fence come more than a dozen designs, from the stoic and sturdy Floridian to the finial-topped and architectural Castle Fence, to the regal nature of the Cathedral Fence, there is a fence to match the style of your home, your landscaping, your neighborhood, and your lifestyle.

A good black aluminum fence will look great winter, spring, summer, and fall (we’ll talk about maintenance in a minute) and you will never have to worry about the summer heat baking it too much or the winter snows bending it or corroding it. A black aluminum fence is a great-looking piece to add to your yard. And you know what that translates into? We’re going to talk about it next: value.

#2. Black Aluminum Fences Increase the Value of Your Home

A black aluminum fence increases the value of your home. Studies have been done that show that if you’re trying to sell a home and have a limited budget, the money that could be spent on renovating a bathroom or kitchen will actually bring you a higher selling price for your home if you spend it on the landscaping. Yes, improving the landscaping of your home–that curb appeal–will do more to sell your home than new carpet or windows.

The reasons for this are simple: when potential buyers come into contact with your home, you have three chances to impress them: when they see the online listing, the moment they step out of their car, and the moment they walk in the front door. Realtors say that many homebuyers will make a purchasing decision–or at least have their purchasing decision swayed–within the first fifteen seconds of looking at a home. It kind of makes you want to spend more time on your yard and a little less on making sure that stain on the bedroom carpet is gone.

But more than curb appeal, one thing that adds value to your home is the protection that you get from a black aluminum fence’s security. Whether it’s surrounding a pool and keeping out wandering children, or whether its surrounding your backyard and keeping out burglars, a black aluminum fence is an investment in safety and that adds value. We’ll talk more about security next.

#3. Black Aluminum Fences Increase the Security of Your Property

An aluminum fence increases the security of your property, and not only because it may have spikes on top that keep teenagers from trying to hop over it. The very presence of a tall black aluminum fence gives the feeling of security and privacy, negating burglars and vandals who may have had their eye on it–now they won’t even bother with your house but go elsewhere for their criminal behavior.

And it goes for more than people: there may be animals that you don’t want wandering into your yard. There are many people who purchase and install black aluminum fences because they have gardens that they take great care of and are always fighting off the deer from eating the vegetables.

And, of course, most municipalities and HOAs have rules about putting fences around your pool to make sure that there could never be the potential for an accidental drowning. Stop that terrible tragedy before it ever has the chance to happen by installing an aluminum pool fence and making sure that your yard is completely under your control.

#4. Black Aluminum Fences Are Easy to Maintain

One of the greatest things about black aluminum fences is that they are really a miracle to maintain. Let’s begin with the biggest thing: aluminum doesn’t rust. It cannot rust. It can get dinged and chipped and the coating scratched away with a wire brush, but the chemical properties of aluminum are such that it literally can never rust. That’s something that can’t be said about a steel fence.

And what about painting? An aluminum fence will never need a new paint job. That hypothetical we mentioned above with the wire brush? That’s seriously what it would take to remove the powder coating from a black aluminum fence, and the job wouldn’t be easy even then. Compare that to a wooden fence, and the weather alone–seasons changing, rain, snow, cold, hot–will make the paint begin to chip and flake away and you’ll be out in the yard sanding and scraping that wood fence at least every other year if not every single year so it can get a coat of paint. Not so with a black aluminum.

And will it discolor in the sun? Vinyl might yellow in the heat, but a black aluminum fence will never discolor, never fade, never need to be refinished.

The truth about the maintenance of a black aluminum fence is that all you’re going to need to do is they may need to be hosed down after you trim the lawn and grass clippings accumulate on the pickets. Seriously, that’s all the maintenance an aluminum fence is ever going to need.

#5. Black Aluminum Fences Are Simple to Install

Black aluminum fences are simple to install when you get them from Aluminum Fences Direct, and that’s because we do all the hard stuff for you. You make some measurements in your yard, you deliver those measurements to our skilled team of designers, let them know what particular style and ornamentation you want on our aluminum fence, and they’ll take it from there delivering you a complete list of all the parts and pieces that you’re going to need.

From there, we offer comprehensive installation guides to make sure that the installation is a breeze. As long as you can dig a post hole and run a tape measure, you can install an aluminum fence around your yard. And yes, that includes if you have slopes and curves and bends–we’ve seen it all before and we know how to handle it, and our directions will guide you step-by-step.

And, of course, if you want to put in an aluminum fence and don’t want to install it yourself, buying through Aluminum Fences Direct and then hiring a local contractor to do the install is still cheaper than paying a fencing company to raise a fence in your yard. Which brings us to price:

#6. Black Aluminum Fences Are The Most Economical Option

A black aluminum fence is going to be your most economical choice, both in the short term and in the long term.

In the short term, installing an aluminum fence in your yard is going to save you money because Aluminum Fences Direct sells directly to the consumer at wholesale prices, and you can’t beat that. Aluminum fencing is also a much cheaper option than steel fencing, which is the most common comparison as they often look the same to the casual viewer. Add into that the amount of money that you save by installing the fence yourself–we’re talking in the $4,000-$10,000 range in savings–and installing an aluminum fence yourself is definitely cheaper than the alternatives.

And in the long term, an aluminum fence is the most economical option as well: it lasts longer than wood (and, once you pay for aluminum you don’t have to pay for upkeep which you can’t say about wood). It also lasts longer than vinyl. It doesn’t corrode or rust like steel. All around, if it comes down to price for you, then installing a black aluminum fence is the way to go.


From start to finish, a black aluminum fence is going to be the best fence that you can install on your property. It makes your property look good and it protects your property, and both of those things mean that the value of your home goes up. It’s easy to maintain, it withstands the weather, and you can’t beat the price. All in all, an aluminum fence is a winner.

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