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Benefits of Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

When you’re looking to increase the curb appeal of your home or business, ornamental fencing is one of the best things you can do. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ornamental aluminum fencing.

Not all fencing is utilitarian and designed solely to protect your property or business. Some fencing can be used to delineate aspects of your property, add a sense of style, or add serious curb appeal to your property. If any of these options appeal to you and you are looking to breathe new life into your property or business, then you may wish to consider installing ornamental aluminum fencing.

Why Spring for Ornamental Fencing?

#1 Security – While ornamental fencing isn’t primarily designed for high levels of security, it does still offer your property or business increased protection. Even fencing around 3ft high can still increase the security of your home. This is because fencing of any kind gives off the psychological message to hopeful intruders that you care for your property and its safety. This often will cause nefarious individuals to decide your home isn’t worth exploring, as it is likely you’ll have more specified security measures on the property.

#2 Your Space – A fence of any kind will also mark off your property to others. This will prevent members of the public taking shortcuts across your lawn, for example, or dog owners allowing their pets to use your yard as their own public toilet! A fence therefore guarantees that your land is your own, and no one else’s.

#3 Maximum Pay Off with Minimum Maintenance – An ornamental fence can improve the overall appearance of your property tenfold, as well as providing security and marking out your space. To top things off, all these great benefits come with a fencing solution that is also incredibly low maintenance.

Aluminum is naturally rust and corrosion resistant, meaning you won’t need to worry about costly upkeep such as protective coatings or rust prevention. While of course given time, your fencing may show some signs of age, this will typically look natural, with no rust or bubbling or cracking of the surface, meaning it will look the perfect fit for your home. In terms of the upkeep aluminum fencing does require, it is as simple as cleaning it yearly and giving it a general check over for any kind of damage or wear as you do so.

#4 Fabulous and Affordable – Another great thing to note about ornamental aluminum fencing is that your entire property can be transformed for a cost-effective price. Of course, a large-scale fencing project of any kind is an investment, but compared to purchasing wrought iron, which is cumbersome and costly from the outset, or wooden fencing, which tends to have costly upkeep, aluminum fencing is a very affordable option.

#5 A Huge Range of Options – Aluminum ornamental fencing is also available in a huge range of styles designed to perfectly match any type of property. From minimalist and modern styles that are an ideal match for modern homes to more elaborate and traditional styles, ideal for classic, traditional homes, there really is an aluminum fencing option for every kind of homeowner.

#6 Accessories – Aluminum ornamental fencing can have a variety of additional accessories, which can allow you to customize your fencing to perfectly suit the style and appearance of your property. Accessories such as finials, ball caps, and scrolls can all add that extra element to truly make a design statement.

#7 Colors – Aluminum fencing also comes three colors to greatly suit your home. White, bronze, and black options allow you to match the features of your property, making it seem as though the fence has stood since your property was built.

#8 Increase the Value of your Property – A brand new fence can also potentially increase the value of your property. Similar to the way other renovations can increase the appeal and value of your home, brand new, attractive, and well-installed fencing can make your home much more attractive to potential buyers, should you ever look to sell, and can help elevate your neighborhood appeal as well.

#9 Add Serious Curb Appeal – An ornamental fence can also add serious curb appeal to your property or business. This can be particularly important in regards to business owners, as a well-kept exterior makes a great first impression to clients, and may even help to draw new customers in.

What’s Not to Love?

There really is no drawback to installing an ornamental aluminum fence. With multiple color options, additional accessories, and a multitude of designs to choose from to begin with, you’re guaranteed to find a combination that feels made for you.

Aluminum fencing is perfectly low maintenance, and is even incredibly easy to install, meaning minimum disruption to your home or business.

In fact, aluminum fencing is so lightweight and easy to install that it requires barely any equipment or experience to install, and can be erected in a weekend. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, why not look into what type of ornamental aluminum fencing will work best for you?

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Aluminum or Vinyl Fencing for Use on a Cemetery or Family Plot

A grave or family plot can provide an important emotional connection to the past, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Aluminum fencing can help protect a grave and keep it looking beautiful.

Losing a loved one is probably the hardest thing that many of us will have to face in our lives. The loss of someone we love in our lives can be keenly felt, and is why many families feel so connected to loved ones’ graves or family plots. It becomes a place to be close to those that have passed, and many families choose to decorate this plot to suit the loved ones they’ve lost, or to create a space where they can sit and reflect.

Therefore, many families have been choosing to add aluminum or vinyl fencing to their plots, to help create a special space for them to visit. Therefore, in this article we’ll be exploring some of the reasons why families are choosing to do this, and why you might wish to add fencing to your own family plot.

Why Aluminum or Vinyl?

When many of us think of cemetery fencing, we think of traditional wrought iron fencing. However, for many modern families, this fencing option is a thing of the past. Listed below are some of the main reasons why families have chosen vinyl or aluminum fencing for their plots.


Wrought iron is heavy, expensive, and can be costly to install. Sadly, while we all want the best for our loved ones, funeral costs can be a hefty hit to savings, leaving budgets a little strained when it comes to the cemetery plot. Aluminum and vinyl fencing are far more affordable options than wrought iron, without compromising on durability or appearance. It is also much more lightweight and far more easy to install, being able to be installed in a day by you and some helpers. This could even make a good group activity to talk about your departed loved one, and reminisce on some of the great moments of their lives.


Often due to hectic lives, those in charge of maintaining a loved one’s grave site are not able to attend their loved one’s resting place as often as they’d like. Wrought iron is a fencing solution which can require a lot of care. It is vulnerable to rust and deterioration, and can have inherent imperfections in the material which can cause the fencing to deteriorate faster. This can leave a plot sadly looking shabby and unkempt, something their family would never want for their loved one, and repairs and replacements can become expensive.

On the flip side, aluminum fencing is highly rust and corrosion resistant, as is vinyl. Both fencing options are also easy to clean, and are long lasting and require little care, meaning the grave site looks well cared for years down the line.


Fencing offers security to your family plot. Depending on the type of headstone you have, to distracted mourners or visitors your plot can be overlooked, resulting in individuals trampling over the plot, of course unintentionally. This can cause damage and is of course hurtful to you and your family. Therefore, the correct fencing can help mark out your plot and prevent accidental trampling.

Sadly, grave sites are often plagued by vandals seeking to shock or upset innocent members of the public. Having fencing around your plot can also help to prevent this, especially if your fencing of choice features finials.


Many modern families view death as a moment to celebrate life and remember the person as they were. Fencing around a plot helps to customize your loved ones resting place, and can even help to reflect the type of person they were in life. Vinyl and aluminum fencing is great for this, because they come in a wide range of styles and designs.

Aluminum fencing can be minimal, modern, traditional, or highly decorative. This traditional type of fencing can be a great and respectful addition to their resting place.

Vinyl fencing also has a range of traditional and modern styles, but also comes in a huge range of colours. From muted to bright to bold, this type of fencing can be great to reflect the taste of lost loved ones who were younger or who were just big characters! Of course, if your plot is communal you’ll need to make sure you aren’t breaking any overall rules with your style or color choice.

Remembering the Good Times

Either way, whatever you and your family choose, it is important to remember that in times of grief and loss there really is no right or wrong answer. Take your time to heal first, and make the grave site a place that you feel able to be comfortable visiting, as well as to be able to remember the good times you had with your dearly departed loved one. Work together with your family to find the best solution that both fits your budget and honors the memory of those lost.

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What Supplies Do I Need to Install My Aluminum Fence?

If you’re planning to install your own aluminum fence, having the right supplies on hand can make the job go a lot faster. Here’s what we recommend having ready! While installing a fence in your or property may seem daunting, aluminum fencing is actually pretty easy to install, and is one of the main reasons why this type of fencing is so popular. Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum fencing can easy be erected in as little as a weekend, and can completely transform a property or yard space. However, the inherently quick and easy install of aluminum fencing can be completely derailed if you do not have the correct tools and supplies on hand. So, to avoid unnecessary delays, or bogged results, it’s best to double check that you have everything you need before starting your project. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the supplies and tools that you will need to help ensure a successful and swift install of your new aluminum fencing.

What Materials will be Supplied?

This question is highly dependent upon where you order your aluminum fencing from. Many sites sell only the fence panels, with the fence posts bought separately. While any good seller will make this plain to customers, it is always good to read the fine print before making your purchase. The same can also be said for fence caps as well as self-tapping screws.

What Else will I Need?

To help keep this article as simple and easy as aluminum fence installation, we’ve broken down the additional items you need into equipment (such as a trowel or measuring tape), materials (such as concrete and gravel), and tools (such as a hacksaw or drill).

The Equipment

On the whole, aluminum fence installation requires mostly basic equipment, such as those commonly found in a garden or home.
  • Tape Measure – As with any project, measure twice, cut once. A measuring tape will help you accurately measure the positioning of your fence panels.
  • String – String will be used to help delineate the fence line, giving you an indication to the overall layout of your fencing.
  • Marking Spray Paint (Optional) – You may find it handy to use marking spray paint to indicate the locations of your fence posts.
  • A Trowel or Shovel (Optional) – If you chose not to opt for a post hole digger, then you’ll need equipment to dig the holes for your posts.
  • Wheelbarrow or Large Container – You’ll require this to mix up the concrete needed to secure the fence posts.
  • A Spade or Hoe – This is required to mix up the concrete.
  • A Long Level – A long level will help ensure the even insertion of the aluminum fence posts and panels.

The Materials

Installing an aluminum fence requires minimal additional materials, mostly confined to cement/concrete.
  • Cement/Concrete Mix – This is essential to ensuring the longevity of your aluminum fencing, as it will ensure your fence posts are firmly affixed to the ground.
  • Gravel (Optional) – If you’re over-zealous when it comes to digging holes for your fence posts, then you can use bagged gravel to help even up hole sizes.
  • Water – You’ll need this for mixing the cement, and will need buckets on hand if you do not have a garden hose.

The Tools

The beauty of aluminum fencing is that it can be installed with virtually no tools. However, if you are less physically able or wish to install your fencing as quickly as possible, you may find power tools helpful.
  • Post-hole digging tool/Power Auger (Optional) – Ideal for those not wanting to hand dig their post holes, you can find a post-hole tool for a relatively low cost at most hardware stores. Alternatively, you can rent a power auger for an even more simple installation.
  • A Concrete Mixer (Optional) – If mixing your concrete by hand really doesn’t appeal, then you can always rent a concrete mixer.
  • Drill – While many aluminum fence sets will come with pre-drilled holes, you may find you need to adjust these, to best suit the lay of your land.
  • Hacksaw or Power Saw (Optional) – You may need to cut down your fencing or fence posts to suit your yard. Luckily, aluminum can be cut relatively easily by hand using a hacksaw, or by using a power saw.
  • Rubber Mallet (Optional) – While this can be done with your hands, the best way to adjust the setting of your post when it is set in concrete is to tap it with a rubber mallet.


Once you have all of your supplies together it’s time to start installing. Be sure to take your time, and refer to helpful guides where needed. Many guides recommend reserving a weekend for your project, though smaller projects may be able to be accomplished in an afternoon. One thing is certain, though: no matter the scale of your project, the impact your new aluminum fence will have on your property will be massive, gaining you serious curb appeal, and a garden or yard space that is safe, secure, and stylish.

How Much Does an Aluminum Fence Affect the Value of a Property?

Adding an Aluminum fence to your home is a way to increase your privacy, stop animals and intruders from getting into your yard and it helps in keeping the pets and children in. Nonetheless, you should know that a fence can also improve the resale value of your property.

Fencing factors that affect the marketability of your home

Aluminum Fence Position

An attractive and well-built fence can improve the appearance of your yard and also your house. For instance, a fence in the front yard might negatively affect the appeal of the home but a fence backyard might increase the property value. In case you feel that your home’s backyard is less than perfect, you can install a privacy fence which will create a better view of the prospective buyers.

Monetary Value vs. Utility Value

Even though a fence might have financial significance for your house when you install it, it might not be the same for all buyers.  You might like your privacy. In such a case, fencing will be the most appropriate option. However, there are some people who like open to have space around their yard.  But again, people with pets or small children might be reluctant to buy a house which doesn’t have a fence.  As a matter of fact, they are often willing to pay a premium for the houses that already have a fence installed. For the buyers, this will cut down on the time they won’t have a fence and they might feel that it will cost them more to buy the fence later on.

Aluminum Fencing Materials

The materials which are used for making the fence might have a significant effect on the property resale value. Vinyl and aluminum fences can generate a good return on investment when you sell the house.  This is mainly because a solid fence is aesthetically pleasing than the ones which are composed of other materials.

Aluminum Fence Proper Installation

Make sure that you install the fence in a professional manner. This can have a great impact on the home value.  When you install fences properly, they can withstand any weather conditions for several years. Aluminum fence can increase the value of property even without the additional investment of hiring someone to install the fences for you. You can easily buy your fences online and follow our diy fence installation guide to do the installation at minimum cost.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

Irrespective of how well a fence has been built, they still require regular maintenance. For example, Vinyl fences can increase the value of your home, however, you will have to clean it from time to time to maintain its structural integrity.  With proper care, you can prevent the fence from being damaged by any external factors.

Other things to consider

Trends in the Neighborhood

As far as the connection of a new fence and property value is concerned, it might not be good to be the only homeowner with fence in the neighborhood. A majority of the homeowners would like their houses to fit with the other houses in the area.  A fencing home with an unfenced neighborhood might draw unwanted attention. Prior to installing a fence, you should consider the aesthetics and trends of the neighborhood.

The Home-Style

There is nothing worse than having a fence which doesn’t match your home-style. A minimalistic and modern house can look out of place with a picket fence.  Keep in mind that installing the appropriate Aluminum fence will augment the curb appeal and also the resale value of your home.