3 Reasons Why You Might Need a Privacy Fence

Having a privacy fence may be a personal desire, or a professional necessity. Either way, a vinyl privacy fence can help keep prying eyes off your property.

Most people think privacy Aluminum fences are only for the wealthy and those who are up to no good. It feels like if we don’t have anything to hide, we shouldn’t be hiding. Granted, there is half a world of introverts out there who may feel otherwise, but the general sentiment is often that if you have curtains and blinds in your windows, why should you need the additional layer of a privacy fence? Here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

Privacy Aluminum Fences

Celebrity status is a mixed blessing. If you are a public figure, your reality may include dealing with very excited people who want your attention and work (often without pay) every time you step outside your home. That is not a healthy lifestyle, and a privacy fence could buy you some peace of mind.

Wealthy people can have the same struggles, even if they are not in positions that actively seek the limelight. Those who are generous and give to social causes are penalized for their generosity by being solicited more often by individuals and groups wanting their money. Privacy fences can help alleviate some of that attention.

These are the traditional audiences and purposes of privacy fences, but here are two more.


Want to take your business meetings outdoors, or are you entertaining business guests at home? Some business meetings are routine and innocuous. Others involve mergers, large projects, or political ramifications that need to be kept quiet until the official rollout. A privacy fence helps keep the identities of those business partnerships confidential until they are ready to be made public. Even if you have the meeting inside your house, nosy neighbors may see people coming in and out or recognize cars. It is much easier to retain confidentiality when you have a privacy fence.

One particular kind of business thrives on confidentiality: counseling. If your office building has signs that promote your counseling business, but you do not have a privacy fence, anyone watching your property will know who is coming for help because they have problems in their lives, and that information can be used to harm your clients. Counselors can all benefit from privacy fences at their offices and around their homes if they work from home.

Similar to counselors, recovery groups need privacy fences if they want to protect the anonymity of their group members. Without a privacy fence, it is impossible to protect the identities of your members. Also, like counseling agencies, having privacy fences allows you to do more advertising about your location, so people have a much more difficult time spying on your clients without being on-premise themselves.

Aluminum Fences Security

Adult long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and daycares – all places that do long-term care for vulnerable adults and children — ought to consider privacy fences around their property for security purposes. These residents may try to leave and find themselves lost or in danger. They may engage in activities that embarrass themselves or others, often unknowingly. Privacy fences offer them a semblance of dignity that they are often denied elsewhere. Especially for those with problems that cannot be cured, only treated, dignity is one of the greatest gifts we can give, and a privacy fence can protect that gift.

Most of these needs for privacy fences only affect certain types of people. However, there is one need that affects almost everyone. Privacy fences provide additional security during holidays or vacations.

How do they do that? If your privacy fence blocks the view of your garage or driveway, people cannot tell whether you are home or not. Thieves who are looking for houses to rob will have a much harder time determining when you are not at home. Homes that have no cars around them are easy targets for those looking to steal cash, jewelry, electronics, and medicine to sell. If they cannot tell when you are out for the holidays or on vacation, they will be far less likely to attempt to rob your home.

What do you need for a privacy Aluminum fence?

Obviously, a picket fence will not work. Neither will a wrought iron fence. The goal of a privacy fence is to block the view of those outside. To do that, you need fence panels that are set very close together.

You can do this with wood fences, although they require a lot of maintenance. A better solution is vinyl fences. Like vinyl siding on your house, vinyl fences give the attractive appearance of painted wood but are far simpler to keep clean.

They do not withstand force as well as wood fences, but, if well maintained, they will last longer. There is only one downside to vinyl fences: they cost more to purchase. However, with an extended lifetime and easier maintenance, you will make that money back over the years of their use.

Can a vinyl privacy fence help you regain your privacy, protect your client’s confidentiality, or give you the added security against break-ins? Yes, it can do all three.


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