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Aluminum Fence Panel Styles

Finding the right aluminum fencing for your residential or commercial space involves a lot of visualization.  You may have an idea of what you want your aluminum fence to look like, but you may not be familiar with the names of the different styles within the industry.

Click on the picture of your preferred style of fence below to see a wider range of fence options, heights and pricing. All aluminum fence panels are available in black, bronze or white. Gold color can be applied to finials and other accessories for an additional charge.

Fence Spacing

All of our residential styles are available in 6′ widths with a variety of heights. We also have 8′ wide commercial aluminum fence with 3/4″ pickets and spacing of 3 11/16″.  The 8′ wide panels allow you to dig 20% fewer holes and order 20% fewer posts. 

That can make a huge difference both in terms of your cost of materials and in the amount of labor required to properly install your aluminum fencing. 

ALSO, now offering…  3″ SPACING between pickets on selected styles upon request.  There are quite a few Homeowners Associations throughout the country that are now requiring this 3″ spacing.  We’re happy to be able to offer this solution too!  The bottom line when you work with Aluminum Fences Direct is that we can and will put together the aluminum fencing that you want and need.  If you want something that you don’t see here, don’t assume that it’s simply not available, as that may not be the case.  Please call or email for specifics and pricing, and we’ll put something together that fits your needs exactly if we’re able.

Aluminum Fence Panels in a Variety of Styles

With a variety of aluminum fence panels to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect style for your needs. Take a look at our collection including Floridian, Elegant Arch, the Carolina and Sierra styles as well as vinyl and more. We also offer commercial fences perfect for businesses and office complexes. Our puppy fences are perfect for homeowners who want to let their dogs roam the yard. Be sure to check out our pool fences and gates!

We’ve built and shipped thousands of aluminum fences to customers over the years, and we’ll do what it takes to earn your business and your trust.  Give us a call or feel free to search online for whatever you need, and we look forward to helping you solve your aluminum fencing needs.

Be sure to check out our rewards program to find out how you can save money!

We make it a point to build as many long-term relationships with our customers as we can, as we feel that that best serves everyone who needs aluminum fencing.  Even though our products come with a lifetime guarantee, thereby removing the possibility that you’ll need to replace this fence, people do move locations and aluminum fencing needs arise again.  That’s why our rewards program is so helpful for so many people – the more people your refer, the more you ultimately save.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how all of this works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the actual fence?

Except where it is noted, the fence height is the actual length of the pickets. The post usually extends an inch or so above the pickets.

Can fence follow a downhill slope?

Most of our standard aluminum fencing sections can follow the contour of the ground. This is called either raking or racking. The fences drop about 19″ over the 6′ length of a section. If a greater slope is needed, sections can be specially fabricated as “double-punched sections” allowing up to 29” of slope over a 6’ span for no additional charge. Not all styles can be raked so stepping is required. See diagram of Rake & Step.

What size gate opening do I need for my gates?

Our swing gates are sold by their opening size, so a 48” gate fits into a 48” opening between posts. The gates will hang flush with the face of the hinge post and latch onto the face of the opposite post.  Usually an extra 1/4″ added between posts is a good idea… making it 48 1/4″ opening for a 4′ wide gate.