Benefits of Having a Double Gate Aluminum Fence

What Use Cases Are There For a Double Gate Fence?

From a strictly practical sense, double-gate fences are most commonly used when you need a wider entrance to your yard. This is most common in driveways, where a single-gate would need to be very big, or where an automatic, mechanized gate may be used, but the standard option for a driveway is the double gate. It is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to secure.

Likewise, if you live in an area where you are using large equipment, such as riding lawnmowers or small tractors, you may want a double gate to be used as a backyard gate, a gate that can connect your fenced-in yard to a larger portion of your property. Double gate fences offer wide openings while maintaining the security of a standard fence, and can give you peace of mind when you have a large double-gated backyard entrance to your property.

Double gated fences are also very secure, as they’re made from the same strong, resilient aluminum that makes up the rest of the fence surrounding your yard. Depending on the fence you choose, the top of the gate may be peaked with finials which will deter trespassers from attempting to cross the gate and enter the property, and the sturdy construction prevents vandals from pushing their way through a properly-locked with a sealed double gated fence.

From a welcoming standpoint, a double gated fence is a fine way to open your yard to welcome neighbors and friends. Opening a gate wide and allowing party guests and family to come and go is more inviting than a simple single gate, which is narrower and will usually come with an automatic spring loaded hinges. Not needing to prop your fence open, but simply allowing it as a passage into the block party barbeque is a great way to tell people that you’re friendly and that you welcome visitors to your home.

How Can a Double Gate Fence Add Value to My Property?

The best way to add value to your property, if we’re speaking purely on Return on Investment, is to invest in your yard. Curb appeal is everything when evaluating a home, and especially selling it. Having a beautiful aluminum fence surrounding your yard–and then having a wide-open grand double gated entrance, whether it be at your driveway or your front walk, is a stunning way to showcase your home–it is your castle, after all.

A properly fenced yard, done in classy aluminum fencing in any style–Floridian, Sierra, Outback, Carolina, Appalachian, Manhattan, Puppy, XP, Castle, Elegant Arch, or Cathedral–makes a dignified statement about your home. It is not cheap chain-link, maintenance-heavy wood, or vinyl: it’s aluminum and ornate, and it exudes charm and an architectural detail that catches the eye of passersby and encourages them to get a closer look and admire your entire estate. Whether you’re encompassing the front yard of a condo, the perimeter of a suburban home, or the full extent of an expensive estate, an aluminum fence gives off a look of confidence, charm, and security that other fences lack.

There is something regal that comes from a double gate driveway that you don’t get from a single-gate. The double gates have an arched architectural flair that transforms a standard driveway into a sophisticated and enchanting entrance. It sets your home apart from the other houses on the street. These fences arch up and above the surrounding fence, giving a regal feel to an otherwise plain road. It truly feels like an entrance out of a movie.

And when it comes to security, there’s nothing that can beat an aluminum double gate. They are strong and sturdy, topped with finials that will deter even the most determined trespasser, and they protect your home from intruders, both human and animal. There’s no putting a price on the security you feel knowing that you have an extra added protection surrounding your house and keeping the unwanted away from you and your family. Even if it didn’t raise your property value, even if it didn’t increase curb appeal, even if it didn’t make a statement about who you are, it gives you piece of mind that you’re safe–and there’s nothing better than that.

Why Choose Aluminum Fencing Over Vinyl Fencing?

Aluminum fencing looks better than vinyl, plain and simple. Oh sure, there are vinyl fences that fit in with a certain style of house, and they’re not an ugly fence, but an aluminum fence just looks more secure, more stately, more expensive (though the prices are truly comparable).

Aluminum fencing is also more resilient than vinyl. A strong windstorm can damage a vinyl fence, tearing it down or punching holes in it. A rambunctious teen can try climbing over a vinyl fence only to find it crumple down around him–when he wouldn’t even try to climb an aluminum (and if he did, he’d meet the pointy end of a finial, and not be able to damage the strong aluminum).

Vinyl also discolors in the sun and heat, and can gather hard water stains from repeated hits from sprinklers, but aluminum fences are maintenance free. The powder coating is tough and resilient and doesn’t take damage from weather–no rust, wind damage, sun damage, or staining. Vinyl can’t say that. Even a new vinyl fence will need washing after a storm that kicks up mud in the flower beds, and you have to go spray it down with a hose, but you’ll never find those kinds of problems with an aluminum fence. It looks clean from day one and stays clean throughout its life.

And that’s why we give a lifetime warranty to our aluminum fences. We are confident in the strength, resilience, and long-term survival of our product and we’re willing to back it up with the promise of our good name. They will be free from defects in workmanship and the coating will not crack, chip or peel for as long as you own the home.

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