Aluminum Fencing for Commercial Properties

One of the main benefits about aluminum fencing is that it has a clean, finished look that makes it attractive not just around yards, but also around businesses, apartment buildings, pools, and many other commercial locations. Aluminum fencing looks good, is strong, requires little maintenance, and is a relatively inexpensive option for a company that is looking to enclose a space, increase curb appeal, and secure a lot. And aside from all of that it raises the value of the property. We offer six styles of aluminum fence, the Carolina, Sierra and Outback Style Commercial Fences, the Floridian Pool Fence, and the Appalachian and Manhattan Commercial Fences.

How Can Aluminum Fencing Add Value to Property?

Aluminum fencing adds value to commercial properties for many reasons. For starters, aluminum fences look good. That’s just a fact. An aluminum fence has the clean, finished appeal that cannot be said about a vinyl or wooden fence. Aluminum increases curb appeal, drawing eyes to a property, and our three different styles of commercial fencing present different looks that each is appealing and attractive. When you think of a commercial property and the prospect of securing it, the first thing that comes to mind is chain link, which may be inexpensive and easy to install, but almost makes a property look worse and cheapened when you put it up. Chain link makes you think of industrial yards and the inner city, whereas aluminum fencing gives an air of architectural significance and sturdy resilience. A pool surrounded by an aluminum fence is a pool that would fit in at a country club, where a pool surrounded by chain link looks like a backyard.
It’s no secret that aluminum fencing is the choice of businesses, because everything about a business’s image contributes to their overall brand. If a business shows a cheap fence it looks cheap; if it shows a damaged fence it looks shoddy; if it shows a discolored or rusted fence it looks old and in need of work. Aluminum fences and their classy, sophisticated look, which is not easily damaged and in no need of maintenance display a look to clients and customers that you are a company committed to excellence and that you care about your appearance.

Increasing curb appeal is also one of the best, if not the best, thing you can invest in to increase the value of your property. It has been estimated that a modification that you make to your exterior can have as much as five times the return on investment for your property as you if you invested in the interior of your commercial property–so the next time you’re wondering if you should redo your landscaping or your cabinetry or carpet, remember that buyers are going to be making their first impressions when they step out of their car in the parking lot. If it doesn’t look good on the outside, you’re fighting an uphill battle when you get them inside.

How Can Aluminum Fencing Keep Property Safe?

One of the biggest benefits of aluminum fencing is that not only does it look strong–and it definitely does, which we’ll talk about below–but it is strong. A broad vinyl fence might be blown down in a windstorm, and a wooden fence will begin to deteriorate after a few years. Nails get loose, boards warp, and vinyl grows soft and slumps in the heat. But an aluminum fence will stand strong in any weather, wind, hail, rain, and heat.

And an aluminum fence can’t just be knocked down by vandals and burglars, whereas wood and vinyl can be broken and abused. Aluminum is strong and doesn’t bend without severe pressure. It relies on metal joiners, not plastic or nails. It is strengthened by its crossbars and cement foundations. It stands up to any damage you can throw at it.

And there is something about an aluminum fence that makes it look strong. Without the price of wrought iron or steel, it can deter burglars just by its sturdy look and appearance. No one will even try to knock down an aluminum fence, because it’s imposing and secure. And if you select a style like the Appalachian Commercial Fencing with its spiky finials, it will look to an uncertain vandal as imposing as barbed wire–no one will dare to try to climb over it and enter your property for fear of hurting themselves. And that’s the best kind of security: the kind that never has to be tested because it looks so impenetrable. You’ll never need to worry about the strength of the aluminum because no one will ever try to scale it.

Why is Aluminum Fencing the Best Choice for a Fence Solution?

Aluminum, as we’ve discussed above, just looks better–both for aesthetics and security. There’s no comparison to vinyl or wood or chain-link. But that’s not the only reason that aluminum fencing is the best solution for commercial fencing. The ultimate reason is that it is affordable, strong, and requires zero maintenance. You won’t have to hire painters every few years to spruce it up and make it look good again. You won’t have to hire workers to scrape rust away. You won’t have to worry about the hard water stains from your sprinklers that can discolor vinyl. Aluminum is sturdy and something that you can be confident in for years, decades, even a lifetime! Yes, our aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty because we are so confident that it will never need to be fixed, touched up, or repaired. There are no defects in our aluminum, and the coating will not crack, chip or peel.

Commercial Fencing Styles

Our commercial fencing comes in six styles, the Carolina, Outback & Sierra Style Commercial Fences, the Floridian Commercial Pool Fence, and the Appalachian & Manhattan Commercial Fences. Each of these fences comes in 6’ or 8’ panel lengths, and range between 36” to 72” in height.

Carolina, Sierra & Carolina Styles

These fencing designs offers a clean, distinguished look that would be appropriate from the suburbs to the house on the hill. Each panel has tall verticals with three rails crossing horizontally. The lowest is just above the ground, providing stability to the well-made aluminum fence. It is topped cleanly by two rails, one riding along the cap of the fence and the other just below, creating an elegant, secure appearance that says that this fence is strong and dignified.

The Sierra can be built with optional rings between the top rails, giving the fence an altogether different look that shows class and sophistication. It gives off a vibe of sturdiness, combined with the ornamental detailing that sets it apart from other fencing styles.

Floridian Pool Fencing

The Floridian Style Fencing looks great around a pool. It’s a basic, clean look that gives security to a pool, keeping children and pets away from danger. The Floridian is a simple but strong fence that will give you peace of mind, whether your property has a pool, or is just looking to line a walkway.

Appalachian & Manhattan Fencing

These fencing designs offer a secure, distinguished look that looks both sturdy and secure. Each panel has tall verticals with three rails crossing horizontally. The lowest is just above the ground, providing stability to the well-made aluminum fence. It is topped by two rails, with press point tops rising from each picket. The fence is inviting to guests and friends with its clean, distinguished look, but deters those who would try to climb and enter a backyard or pool area.

The Appalachian & Manhattan can have their pickets go all the way to the ground, through the bottom rail, or the pickets can terminate at the bottom rail, giving a clean look.

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