Choose the Best Aluminum Fencing Options for You

Aluminum fencing is a tremendous value for you and your home. Did you know that the number one thing you can do to increase the value of your home is to update the curb appeal? And that absolutely includes the fencing. Whether your plan is to enclose a pool for safety, or to encircle your yard in a secure, yet stylish fence, there is a fence that is right for your situation, and we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What Do You Want the Fence For?

There are many reasons to want a fence, but the main two are security and curb appeal. While most fence styles can perform the functions of all three, some are better than others, and some are special made for special circumstances.


When we think about security we are thinking about both keeping people (and animals) out–or keeping people and animals in. There are several things to think about when you’re looking for the most secure fence, such as height, look, ground height, and picket width.

Height is an important thing to consider when getting an aluminum fence for security. If you’re just trying to keep a couple of rambunctious dogs in your backyard, you may not need a tall fence. The same goes for young children–you don’t need an incredibly tall fence to keep toddlers from running out of the yard and into the street. On the other hand, a big dog just might be able to jump a short fence, and once those kids get a little more adventurous, a short fence might be more of a challenge to be overcome than a barrier keeping them in. Likewise, a pool fence might be a short, waist-level fence to keep out neighbor kids, or you may need to upgrade to something taller to make it as secure as possible. Fortunately, most of our fences come in a wide variety of heights: 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”.

You may not think that the look of the fence is important to the security of it, but a fence can send off messages about its protective capabilities with its design as much as it can with its height and ground clearance. Some fences are more imposing than others–not in a scary way (we’re not selling razor wire fences)–but the tops of fences can give a look that says “Don’t try to climb me.” We’ll talk more about the types of fences that give off these looks a little further below, but when you look at the finials that top the fences, they definitely present an image to intruders that says “I don’t want to spike myself on that!” Flat-topped fences, like the Sierra, Outback, or Carolina styles, while the fences such as Appalachian, Manhattan, and Castle can come with Monarch, Victorian, and Imperial finials that each give off such a vibe. They’re dignified and aesthetically pleasing, but also keep away intruders.

Lastly for security, you want to look at ground height, especially if you’re dealing with pets and children. You can have a fence that bottoms out at eight inches above the ground, leaving a space that may be more aesthetically-pleasing but allows an eager dog to squeeze under and roam the neighborhood. Fortunately, most fences have pickets that extend all the way down to the ground level. That may not stop a burrowing canine, but it’ll give your toddler pause. For these we offer the Puppy Fence, which lowers the pickets and keeps them close together at the ground so even a determined puppy can’t squeeze through.

The final security measure are our XP fences, which stand for eXtra Pickets. It is offered in all the standard styles… spear top and flat top as well!  It isn’t available in the more ornate Elegant Arch or Cathedral styles, but pretty much all the other styles have it as an option.  This narrows the distance between each and every picket so that no animals or children are going to be able to squeeze between the bars to either get into or out of your yard.

Curb Appeal

As mentioned above, the greatest thing you can do for your property value in terms of return on investment is to enhance the curb appeal. Any of the fences that we offer do this, and do it in a way that other fences can’t. A brand new vinyl fence looks good, but is easily damaged or water stained. A wooden fence needs constant maintenance. With an aluminum fence, your yard or property looks like you have really invested a lot into it, and you have something to show off. The look of a home surrounded by a stylish aluminum fence is the stuff of magazine showpieces.

What Styles are Available?

We offer ten styles of fence, each one unique and special in its own way… while six have the ability to be puppy or XP, that gives us TWENTY-TWO unique styles!

Floridian Fencing

The Floridian is a common fence type for lining walkways, separating parts of the yard, and keeping the pool off limits. Coming in at either 36” or 48” heights, the Floridian is popular for securing flower beds, hot tubs, and gardens–anywhere you don’t want people just walking through. With a simple classic look, it invokes something you might see on a golf course or a park path.  It’s also Pool Code Compliant in most states at the 48” height.

Sierra Fencing

The Sierra is a full-sized fence that offers clean lines and a distinguished look that would fit in in either the suburbs or a house on the hill. It is topped with two rails, one riding along the cap of the fence and other just below, giving a sophisticated look that can be enhanced even further with the addition of optional ornamental rings between the top two rings.  This is pool code compliant in most states at 54” heights and above.

Outback Fencing

The Outback fencing design is similar to the Sierra, with a bottom horizontal rail, and two upper rails, but every alternate picket doesn’t rise all the way to the upper rail, but ends in an ornamental pressed-point spear top. Looking good on a flat or a slope, the Outback has a sensibility to it that exudes safety and security, but lacks the hazard of a spear top that could hurt an adventurous kid. Overall, the feel of the Outback is one of authority and class, something that would be appropriate for the nicest of homes.

Carolina Fencing

The Carolina Fencing design is similar to both the Sierra and Outback styles. Like the Sierra, it has strong top rails that give a rectangular, firm appearance, but like the Outback, it alternates the height of every other picket. The alternates terminate at the second-to-top rail, giving the Carolina an architectural structure with wider gaps at the top than between the main pickets. The overall design is neoclassical and formal, perfect for both modern or traditional homes.

Appalachian Fencing

The Appalachian fencing design offers a secure, distinguished look that looks both sturdy and secure. Each panel has tall verticals with three rails crossing horizontally. The lowest is just above the ground, providing stability to the well-made aluminum fence. It is topped by two rails, with press point tops rising from each picket. The fence is inviting to guests and friends with its clean, distinguished look, but deters those who would try to climb and enter a backyard or pool area.  These spear-top versions are pool code compliant at 60” heights or taller.

Manhattan Fencing

The Manhattan fencing design is similar to the Appalachian, with a bottom horizontal rail, and two upper rails, but every alternate picket rises to a different height ending with an ornamental pressed point spear top. The look is a more ornamental version of the Appalachian, with a nice architectural detail that sets it apart and gives it a visual interest while still providing security and deterrence of potential fence jumpers. The Manhattan is ideal for a home or pool area in a nice neighborhood where aesthetics and security are prioritized.

Castle Fencing

Castle fencing is a unique style of peaked aluminum fencing consisting of six foot panels with the impression of curve-topped pickets, each can be capped with an optional finial. This gives the yard and house an elegant flair while also providing security to keep unwanted people or animals from climbing. As the name suggests, the style evokes that of medieval architecture, surrounding your home in a fence that appears both triumphant and regal. It is a kingly style, fit for the finest of homes and neighborhoods.

Commercial Fencing

Our commercial fencing comes in five different styles, Floridian, Sierra, Outback, Carolina, Appalachian and Manhattan, and can be customized for the requirements of your apartment complex, office park, golf course, or other property. The aluminum fence both adds security to your business as well as increasing the value of the property.

Elegant Arch Fencing

The two styles of Elegant Arch are the 4 hoop and 5 hoop designs. Both fit into the 6’ wide panel. In the 5 hoop design, there are five arched “hoops” rising from the posts, and beneath each hoop is a pressed-point picket top with a finial available as an option. In the 4 hoop design, the hoops and exposed picket tops alternate position: a hoop (with picket top beneath) then an exposed picket top, then another hoop, and so on.

Therefore, in the 4 hoop design, each panel will have seven picket tops while the 5 hoop design has five picket tops. When it comes to the finial options, there’s more to it than just a picket top. A finial says a lot about the personality of the fence. Whether the Monarch, Fleur-de-lis, or Imperial, each finial will give a flavor to the fence and send a message to all who see it about the value you place on looking good. The Monarch, with its simple regal design is perfect for a traditional, but elegant home. The Fleur-de-lis has the taste of French splendor, both formal and yet not ostentatious. And the Imperial is classic and never goes out of style.

Cathedral Fencing

With a different and unique look from the other more common finial-topped fences, the Cathedral Fence offers exactly what its name suggests: arches, interlocking, that create an elegant interest and draw the eye. A Cathedral Fence can change the whole look of your house and yard, giving it a sophisticated, elegant, European feel. The appearance of these fences suggests the grandness of gothic cathedrals, with their massive archways and incredible architecture. Bring that look home to your castle and surround your home with these fences that will be a conversation starter and a point of pride for the whole neighborhood.

What Sizes Does the Fence Come In?


Each style comes in different heights, but the most common are 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”. That is the height of the top rail; as well as the overall height from picket top to picket or rail bottom.

There are exceptions. The Floridian, for example, is a good walkway fence and is therefore in lower heights, while the Castle arches up and is therefore higher than the 72”.


All residential fence panels come in 6’ widths. Commercial fences can come in 6’ or 8’ widths. (The 8’ panels allow you to dig 20% fewer holes and order 20% fewer posts, which can be both a cost and time savings.)

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