What Businesses Benefit from Commercial Aluminum Fencing?

Does your business need a little extra security, but aesthetics is important for you as well? Aluminum fencing may be the perfect solution. Aluminum is slowly but surely becoming the favorite in both commercial and residential fencing. Its widespread popularity is evident in the number of businesses that are using it to fence off their properties. With the cost of materials for medium-sized projects such as fencing off your property easily escalating into a few thousand dollars when utilizing materials such as wrought iron, businesses benefit from commercial aluminum fencing. Here is why commercial aluminum fencing makes the perfect commercial fence for businesses.

Elegant Look at a Lower Cost

Although aluminum fencing may look like wrought iron fencing and many similar steel models, it is light in weight and requires less in production. Therefore, aluminum fencing comes at a much lower cost for your business than most other decorative fences. Aluminum fencing can also be painted, meaning your fencing can always be kept looking fresh and new with a simple coat of paint. If your business puts a lot of stock in a put-together appearance, aluminum fencing may be for you.

Easy to Install on Most Surfaces

If your business is on a hilly slope or on an uneven surface, you might not be able to use several fencing materials as they are not able to follow a slope. However, with aluminum it is completely possible as our aluminum fences are rackable, meaning they can conform to most hills. If your standalone business isn’t exactly on a flat grade, consider aluminum fending to meet your needs. With rackable fences you can easily follow an uneven environment as they can be adjusted to the shape of the surface and leave no open gaps at the bottom. Keeping the gaps to a minimum is perfect for securing your fence and keeping unwanted intruders off your business premises. Additionally, because aluminum is about a third of the weight of steel, aluminum fencing panels are much easier and way cheaper to transport and install.

Higher Form of Security

With most businesses valuing security as high priority, aluminum is the perfect choice. Though there are many fencing materials that offer durable protection against theft and damage, they might be easily compromised where aluminum will stand strong. Taking chain-link fencing as an example, it can be cut easier by thieves with the right cutting equipment. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, provides more security, as it is not as easy to climb over and harder to cut through. If you have valuable products that you need to keep safe, especially if those products stay outdoors, consider an aluminum fence. Some businesses that sell garden equipment, statuary, and even motor vehicles may benefit from the extra security a fence provides.

Aluminum Does Not Rust

Steel fences are often coated in protective layers of paint or epoxy, but when those eventually wear or scratch off, the fence will begin to rust, as the material it is composed of is prone to corrosion. Aluminum on the other hand is less vulnerable to corrosion and does not rust. The corrosion in steel is due to the fact that steel is a ferrous metal, reacting to moisture more than aluminum does. This also significantly reduces the cost of having to maintain your fence and treating rust. As such, aluminum is one of the easiest types of fencing to maintain. Caring for it only involves clearing away dirt and debris.

Recyclable and Aesthetic

Aluminum can be recycled, as such if your business values eco-friendliness, you might want to look for a fence made from recycled aluminum. Also, this means that if you purchase an aluminum fence, you will be able to recycle the material years down the road. For that aesthetic look to your property aluminum affords you the option of choosing different colors. Whereas many opt for the traditional black fencing, there are quite a variety of colors available, in order for you to have the perfect shade for your commercial property. If you have a business property and want to fence it off cost effectively and in a hassle-free way, then commercial aluminum fencing offers your business many benefits. Contact us for a quote or peruse the information available on our website for advice in choosing the right aluminum fence for your business.
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