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Aluminum Fence Colors

When it comes to choosing an aluminum fence to protect your pool, safeguard your property or for commercial purposes, you have the option to choose the color and finish of your fence. Aluminum Fences Direct offers a selection of aluminum fence colors to select the one that is more suitable for your project.

Black is one of the three color choices available.  The other two are white and bronze. Gold color can be applied to finials and other accessories for an additional charge.

95% of ALL aluminum fences fall within these 3 color options…. with 85% being black and the other 10% being bronze or white.

All three color options have a unique warranty. The semi-gloss powder coating is guaranteed not to chip, peel or flake for as long as you own your home. Click on the images below to see the color in larger view.

Bronze and White are available in the same time frame as Black, but they cost 5% more. Effective on new orders 7/9/2021 and after.

Black Aluminum Fence

Bronze Aluminum Fence

White Aluminum Fence

When you decide on the color, take a look at our wide range of fence accessories to build the perfect fence for your home, pool or business.

Why choose Aluminum Fences Direct?

Though there are a number of Aluminum Fence companies in the US…  Aluminum Fences Direct is known for exceptional quality and low prices.

We offer genuine aluminum bought from US companies in comparison to other firms who buy aluminum from countries such as China or Mexico.

We offer a wide array of designs including our CathedralVinyl FencesPuppy Fence PanelsManhattan and many more.

Our fences are easy to install which saves customers hundreds to a thousand dollars they would normally pay a contractor.

We also offer fence gates and pool fences.

Our Lifetime Warranty

With years of experience selling aluminum fencing to states across the country, we are able to assist customers in choosing the perfect fences and gates for their needs. Our quality products and low prices have made us a preferred choice among fence distributors across the country.

Whether you are a homeowner in need of a fence around your property or you are contractor looking for some fences to install for a customer, you can count on the experts at Aluminum Fences Direct.