Aluminum Fencing and Child Safety

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How important is property fencing to child safety? While location matters, almost any property can be made safer for children with the addition of an aluminum fence.

Every parent’s top priority is the safety of their children. When you are expecting a child, something every expectant parent does is go through the home “childproofing” — adding locks to cabinets, covers to outlets, and guards to sharp-cornered furniture. When your child is old enough to play outside, why should the outdoors be any different? Adding a fence to your property can protect your child, both from outside influences and from the dangers that may be caused by their own curiosity.

Security Fences

One of the main reasons people add a fence to their property is security — keeping people who shouldn’t be on your property out. This aspect becomes even more important when you have children who you need to keep safe. A fence provides an additional barrier between your child and any strangers who might have ill intent toward them.

In addition to the fence itself, a common addition to aluminum fencing is an electric gate, often used to secure driveways that would otherwise need an opening. That means that in addition to securing the yard, you can secure the property as a whole and prevent just anyone from driving up.

In addition from protecting your child from those who might have ill intentions, it can also protect them from incidents where innocent people like maintenance or delivery drivers might otherwise drive onto your property too quickly, not knowing they should be looking out for a small child. Both double and single driveway gates are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can create the aesthetic you want while also securing your property.

Keep Them In… or Out

The biggest concern of most parents when it comes to their kids playing in the yard is keeping the kids where they should be. Of course, when your children are young you will likely be outside with them, close at hand in case they start to wander off. However, children can be quick and sneaky, and it’s not unheard of for them to run off in the split second a parent has to turn their back — especially when there is more than one child to keep track of! In those situations, having an extra barrier between your child and the street can be lifesaving, especially if you live on a relatively well-travelled street.

Aluminum fencing is also a great option when it comes to pool fencing. If you have children in the home, it is essential to have a fence around the pool area, preferably with a locking gate. This extra measure of security can help prevent a drowning, not only of children in your home, but neighborhood children and pets as well. Adding a pool fence can in some situations even improve your home insurance rates, as it shows you are taking steps to ensure safety on your property.

Avoid Injuries

A factor that may be less obvious when considering what type of fence to get is injuries that can be caused by the fence itself. While wooden fences are popular, they do require a lot of upkeep, and can themselves pose dangers to children, albeit they are usually relatively minor.

Wooden slats can break, especially after they’ve been exposed to outdoor conditions for a while, creating sharp edges that can cause injury. The wood used for fencing can also be a source for splinters as well. Aluminum fencing poses neither of these dangers, as they will not weather and break easily or produce splinters. Of course, because aluminum fences will not splinter or break, they also require less upkeep — leaving you more time to enjoy your safely fenced-in yard with your children!

Child-Proof Gates

Aluminum fences have several gate options that can make it easy for parents of young children to secure their yard. Not only can you lock your gate against those from the outside who might try to come in, you can also ensure that the gate is secure from tampering by curious children. This is especially important for parents whose children may have a habit of wandering off, whether by choice or because they have occasional issues with sleepwalking. Magnetic latches are also available to help ensure that the gate latches securely, lessening the risk of the gate being inadvertently left open for a child to wander out of.

No matter whether your focus is on keeping others out or keeping your children in, there is no doubt that parents share the same goal: keeping their children safe. Having a secure, easy to maintain fence in place can help you achieve that goal. Check out your aluminum fencing options today to help ensure your children stay safe in your yard.

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