Aluminum vs. Wooden Fencing

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when you’re purchasing a fence is what material best fits your needs. Here, we discuss two of the most common options: wood and aluminum fences. When you’re deciding which type of fencing will work best for your property, two of the most common choices you will encounter are aluminum and wood. Each one has its pros and cons, and which one will work best for you will depend heavily on where you will be installing the fence and what purposes you want the fence to serve. Read on for more information on aluminum and wooden fencing so you can make the best choice for your property.

All About Appearance

One of the first things people consider when thinking about a new fence is how it will look. After all, you want the fence to accentuate your property and add to its market value, not detract from it. Curb appeal is important, especially when you’re investing money in what will hopefully be a long-lasting feature. When considering how wooden fencing will look, it is important to remember that even when you’re using all one type of wood, because it is a natural product, it will vary from picket to picket and panel to panel in appearance, even if only slightly. This can be fixed to a certain extent with paint, but in many cases the irregularities can be seen through paint. Some people like this more “rustic” appearance, but it can bother those who prefer uniformity. On the flip side, aluminum will have a uniform look from picket to picket and panel to panel. If uniformity is important to you, aluminum fencing may be the way to go for you. This is also beneficial if you ever need to replace a panel — you can always count on the uniform size and shape to be simple to replace. These fences are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to fit the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Maintenance Matters

Another factor to keep in mind when you’re deciding on which fencing material is best for you is the maintenance you can expect from each one. Aluminum is one of the most low-maintenance fencing options available. Cleaning the fence is simple, as it generally only needs a spray with the hose to be looking sparkling clean. It rarely needs repainting, and when it does, you can usually do touch-ups on scratched parts instead of having to repaint the entire fence. Wooden fences are quite a bit more maintenance intensive. For a wooden fence, the maintenance starts pretty much right off the bat; most wooden fences are installed unfinished, and must be sealed, stained, or painted within a month of installation to help prevent long-term damage. The wooden fence will also likely need to be refinished every couple of years. You also need to be aware from the outset that it’s not a matter of if your wooden fence will warp, it’s a matter of when. Because wood is susceptible to the elements, even when it is protected with a sealant, boards will eventually warp or rot and need to be replaced. It is important to regularly check on the integrity of your wooden fence to ensure your property’s security.

Usage Options

The last thing to consider when comparing fencing options is what purpose you want the fence to serve. If privacy is your main goal, wood may be a good option, as panels can be made to be solid, blocking out any prying eyes in the neighborhood. However, for most other uses, aluminum is generally considered to be superior. While both aluminum and wood can help provide a measure of security to your property, aluminum is longer-lasting, meaning you don’t have to worry about weakened boards providing an easy entry point after they warp, rot, or wear after years in the sun and rain. Aluminum fencing is also ideal for keeping children and pets away from pools or in a yard. Unlike wooden fences, aluminum fencing also gives you the option for motorized gates, which can add to your property’s security and curb appeal. The durability of aluminum fencing makes it the best choice for most security concerns, with the fact that it is available in a wide range of designs, heights, and colors being an aesthetic bonus. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re deciding what type of fence to install on your property. From appearance to security, you need to make sure that the fence you choose can meet all of your needs. Aluminum fencing is a durable, versatile, and attractive product that makes it ideal for most fencing projects. Whether you’re going to install the fence yourself or hire professionals, consider how an aluminum fence can improve your commercial or residential property.
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