Top 4 Aluminum Fence Styles for 2022

Styles come and go, and when we see new houses being built it’s often tempting to follow the trends of the new construction and pursue the top aluminum fence styles of 2022. And if you’re in the position to do that–if you’re building a new house or putting in new landscaping, now might be the perfect time to jump on the latest and greatest aluminum fencing styles. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But fences–especially aluminum fences–are built to last the test of time. The best aluminum fences, such as the ones made by Aluminum Fences Direct, will likely last your entire life, and maybe even the life of your home. So while it’s tempting to jump on the newest trend in fencing, be well aware of the fact that when you buy an aluminum fence, that aluminum fence style needs to last beyond the fickleness of constantly-changing styles.

But Does The Lifespan of a Fence Mean You Can’t Be In Style?

On the contrary! The beauty of an aluminum fence is that there are many styles and so many of them will remain in style for generations. This isn’t a matter of getting avocado-colored kitchen appliances that you’re going to regret in a year. This is a matter of creating a piece of landscape art that is both stylish and attractive in the here and now, but will also be stylish and attractive fifty years from now.

And the truth is, that’s how fences operate. Look at wrought-iron fences that surround houses built at the turn of the century–the turn of the LAST century. Some of the styles of those fences are what we seek to emulate in our fences right now. We want a connection to the past. We want to recreate iconic looks. We want our fences to be just as beautiful in the long term as they are in the short term.

All of that said, there are trends in the aluminum fences market.

What Are the 4 Aluminum Fence Styles of 2022?

#1. Clean Lines Are a Sure Winner

The first rule when it comes to styles of aluminum fencing for 2022 is that clean lines are definitely in. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fence with embellishments—we’ll talk about that below. But it means that people who are putting in new fences this year are looking for fences that don’t go out of their way to be overly ornate, to have curves and filigree. In 2022, people are choosing for their aluminum fencing styles the straight lines that make up the essence and fundamentals of an aluminum fence. This is all about getting back to basics.

Some of our aluminum fence styles that are particularly hot right now with new construction and new fence installation are the more simple and modern designs. While the thought may initially go to the Floridian fence, which is the most basic of fence designs, with a bottom and top rail and nothing fancy, the modern styles can also include fences that take that basic look and add a stylish flair or two. The Appalachian fence is a perfect example of an aluminum fence style of 2022 that takes the clean look of the Floridian, adds a second lower top rail, and extends the pickets up above. The look of the Appalachian fence is still very straight and sleek, but it has a little more architectural detail than the Floridian.

#2. Lower-Height Fences Are In

But speaking of the Floridian, one aluminum fence style that is definitely in right now is the low fence. For a long time aluminum fences were thought of as something that needed to box in a yard–and in the case of a backyard, you still may very well want a tall fence to serve as a security fence against both intruders and animals–but along the front of your house, low fences that come up to a little above the waist and serve as perfect handrails are definitely an in-style aluminum fence of 2022.

But this isn’t restricted to the Floridian fence (though those have traditionally been the favorite for lining paths and walkways). There are many styles of aluminum fence that come in lower heights. The overall point of this style is to not block off the house as somewhere no one wants to enter, but to make it inviting and welcoming, while still maintaining a barrier for pets and children.

#3. Spiked Pickets Are Making a Splash

As we mentioned with the Appalachian style fence, spiked pickets can still be sleek and modern, but also something to aspire to. And at Aluminum Fences Direct we have a lot of fences with the right kind of spiked pickets to get you into this aluminum fences trend. The Manhattan Fence is similar to the Appalachian but with the height of the pickets alternating, and the Carolina and Outback aluminum fences take this trend, combine it with the sleek styling of our first point, and put the spiked pickets safely below the top rail. This creates a look that is evocative of old fashioned picket fences, but maintains the straight top line that is so in right now.

#4. Embellishments Are Popular–But Only If They’re Sophisticated

Embellishments are a popular aluminum fence style right now, but don’t go overboard. Fences today reflect the style of the home and most homes–even very nice homes–are not overly ornamented. The embellishments that can be added to fences can really make a fence pop, but perhaps it is time to look more at geometric shapes, like the stylish rings that can be added to the Sierra Fence, and less at the curly cue designs that remind of an older era.

All of that said, if you’re building a particularly high-class home with all the flair and ornamentation, then you should absolutely be looking into aluminum fencing styles like the Cathedral Aluminum Fence and the Elegant Arch. There’s a time and a place for every aluminum fence style, and ornamental aluminum fence styles still have their role to play in architectural design.


Aluminum fence styles for 2022 are leaning more toward the sleek and the modern–but only in some situations. The truth is that the style of home you’re building should dictate the aluminum fencing style you’re using. The best aluminum fences will be the ones that most effectively match the decor of the fence to the decor of the home.

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