Do Aluminum Fences Keep Your Home Safe?

There are an estimated 2.5 million home burglaries each year in the United States with over half of those involving home invasions. With violent and non-violent crimes on the rise, homeowners are wondering what they can do to stave off unwanted intruders. A typical home security system involves sensors at doors and windows, doorbell video cameras, motion sensed lights, and perimeter fencing.

Aluminum fences, like those offered by Aluminum Fences Direct, are an aesthetically pleasing way to deter trespassers and intruders off of your property. An aluminum fence establishes a clear boundary that is not to be crossed, it offers privacy, and even curb appeal to potential buyers. Aluminum fences are a great tool to add to your home security arsenal to keep your family safe.

Neighborly Disputes

An invisible line exists on the ground that separates your property from your neighbor’s. This is known as a property line. Unfortunately, property line disputes between neighbors are a common occurrence. Encroachment and trespassing issues by a pesky neighbor are not only bothersome but can also pose legal and safety issues. These encroachment and trespassing claims are so common that there is an entire sub-discipline of lawyers that dedicate their careers to resolving these issues.

Statistics reveal that 62% of nonfatal violent crimes are committed by non-strangers. “Non-stranger” is a classification of a crime victim’s relationship to the offender, whereas; the offender is related to, well-known, or casually acquainted with the victim. This includes friends, family, and even neighbors. With the help of a surveyor, the installation of an aluminum fence offers a clear-cut “do not cross” boundary that can keep a pesky and potentially dangerous neighbor off of your property. 

Security Benefits

Aluminum fences aren’t only designed to keep things in like children and pets but are also designed to keep things out like intruders and wild animals. Property crime and larceny-theft are the two most common crimes committed in suburban areas. An aluminum fence not only sends a strong message of “do not cross”, but is also difficult for intruders to cross over. 

Due to the vertical construction of aluminum fences, it’s more difficult for an intruder to climb an aluminum fence than a horizontally constructed fence. Point top pickets on Aluminum Fences Direct’s Appalachian, Manhattan, and Castle models offer an added level of difficulty for intruders. The point top pickets are difficult to climb over and are more likely to snag and deter unwanted intruders.

Fence height is another common deterrent for home intruders. Aluminum Fences Direct offers a variety of models that reach up to 72”. Paired with vertical pickets, a 72” fence is even more challenging to climb. Intruders are often looking for the “easy targets” and a 72” aluminum fence is certainly no walk in the park. 

Lastly, the sturdy construction materials and high-quality welding of Aluminum Fences Direct prevent intruders from breaking apart the fence to trespass. Unlike a wooden fence that can be easily broken through, aluminum fences can only be crossed from underneath or above.

Other Security Benefits

Unlike home security systems offered through companies like ADT, aluminum fences offer protection for your entire property. Home security systems do a great job of protecting the inside of your home but struggle to adequately protect the entire perimeter of your property. Aluminum fencing protects assets around your property such as storage sheds, lawn care equipment, and even bicycles that may have been accidentally left outside overnight.

Animal Protection

We all know that the definition of “family” extends to pets as well. Stories of family pets being taken away by coyotes, wolves, and bears are all too common. In 2020, the state of Connecticut reported a record-breaking number of black bear break-ins of residential homes. If you live in an area with a high population of bears, coyotes, or other carnivorous predators, then you may want to consider installing an aluminum fence to protect your family and pets.

If you’re a gardener and live in an area with a high population of deer, then an aluminum fence is a great deterrent to keep your garden safe. The eXtra Picket Fence as well as the Puppy Fence are two models that excel at keeping unwanted wildlife away from your garden. 

Cost of Being Burglarized

In 2019, it’s estimated that homeowners suffered a whopping $3 billion in property loss as victims of burglary offenses. In addition to high-value items being stolen, many homeowners report irreplaceable memorabilia and family heirlooms being stolen. A burglary costs a homeowner an average of $2,661. With Aluminum Fences Direct’s Floridian Fencing starting at just $62, aluminum fencing pays for itself in comparison to a burglary. 

When it comes to arson, 2019 statistics reveal that 42.2% of arson offenses include structures such as residential dwellings and storage structures. The average cost of arson to a homeowner is $16,371. The same statistics reveal that 35.2% of arson offenses include fences. Aluminum fences by nature cannot be victims of arson. Unlike their wooden fence counterparts, aluminum fences cannot be set on fire. 


Protecting your home with an aluminum fence by Aluminum Fences Direct is a great way to protect your property, your family, and your pets from intruders. An aluminum fence offers protection to your property line from pesky neighbors, criminals, and even wild animals. The vertical picket construction of aluminum fence is difficult to climb and difficult to vandalize while offering curb appeal for potential buyers. Installing an aluminum fence is a cost-effective way to help your family sleep more soundly at night. 

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