Best Aluminum Fence to Keep Out Pests

Installing an aluminum fence around the perimeter of your yard has many advantages – they are stylish, they establish property boundaries, they ward off trespassers, they keep pets safely within the yard, and they even keep pests like deer, coyotes, and other unwanted animals at bay. Aluminum fences offered by Aluminum Fences Direct offer a wide variety of aluminum fencing styles that are ideal for keeping pests out of your yard, away from your garden, and out of reach from your pets.

Protecting Your Home

Whenever a “home invasion” is brought up, most people assume that the culprit is another human being. However, home invasions by pests are also a common and unfortunate occurrence. In February of 2022, ‘Hank the Tank’, a 500-pound black bear was reported to have broken into a whopping 28 homes across the Tahoe Keys in seven months. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game actually recommend ‘bear-proofing’ homes, and fences played a large role in that.

In the United States, black bears can be found as far south as central Mexico and as far north as Alaska. Bears are also common in the eastern United States in the Appalachian Mountains, in the Rocky Mountains, and even along the west coast. Depending on your geographic location, keeping bears at bay with an aluminum fence by Aluminum Fences Direct isn’t that far-fetched of an idea.

Protecting Your Pets

Protecting your home from unwanted pest invasions is one thing, but it’s equally important to protect your pets from unwanted predators. Dogs and cats are unfortunately prime targets for predators like bears, coyotes, and even alligators. A study by the National Park Service found that 20% of urban coyotes’ diet is made up of cats.

As coyote populations continue to surge in cities across the United States, coyote attacks on dogs are on the rise in metro areas. In Southern California, the USDA-ADC received nearly 40 complaints of coyotes attacking or killing household pets over just a three-week period. Once confined to mostly the prairies of central North America, coyote populations have expanded to all the lower 48 states in the Unites States.

Alligators, on the other hand, are located mainly in the southeastern states. Much like coyotes, alligator populations are on the rise – which ultimately puts pressure on the food chain. Reports of alligators attacking family pets are similarly on the rise.

Thankfully, aluminum fences will keep these pests at bay. Based on their size, all fence varieties offered by Aluminum Fences Direct will help to minimize attacks on your home from black bear and coyotes. When it comes to alligators, Aluminum Fences Direct also offers our Floridian variety, which is a low-rise fence designed to keep your pool and pets safe from alligator intruders.

Protecting Your Garden

Fruit and vegetable gardens are prized targets for a wide variety of pests. White-tailed deer have a sense of smell stronger than most dogs. They have a horrible reputation for sniffing out gardens and reaping havoc. The prime feeding season for deer is in the early spring, which is inconveniently the same time that gardens experience abundant growth. Late summer and early fall are also prime feeding seasons as deer bulk up for the cold winters ahead.

Gardeners that live in deer country are well-aware of “deerscaping,” which is the process implementing protective measures to gardens to prevent damage before it begins. Deerscaping tips frequently mention the use of aluminum fences as a way to deter these unwanted foragers. A study by the University of Vermont revealed that deer can jump vertically 8 feet high. They suggested that an effective deer fence should be at least 6 feet high to accommodate.

Aluminum Fences Direct offers a wide variety of aluminum fences with a maximum height of 72 inches. To deter unwanted pests like deer from your gardens, the Appalachian, Carolina, Commercial, Floridian, Manhattan, Outback, and Sierra varieties would all be effective choices.

Protection From Other Pests

There are a wide variety of other pests that can find their way onto your property and do damage. Rabbits, foxes, rodents, and many other smaller animals have a bad habit of causing damage to landscaping. They similarly have been found to gnaw on household items and even waterlines. In some cases, smaller pests like these have can even make a home out of your attic, basement, and crawl spaces.

Keeping these smaller pests out of the yard and your home is much more challenging since they can easily squeeze through most aluminum fence varieties. Thankfully, Aluminum Fences Direct offers several fence varieties with 3” spacing. Our eXtra Picket (XP) fencing options not only keep small dogs and children in the yard, they also keep many small pests out of the yard. XP fencing is available in the Sierra variety, the Appalachian, and the Carolina.

In addition, Aluminum Fences Direct offers puppy style fencing in the Sierra, Carolina, and Appalachian varieties. Puppy fencing offers extra pickets on the lowest 16” of the fence. Not only is it great for keeping puppies and small dogs within your yard, but it is great for keeping those small pests out of your yard as well.


Aluminum fences serve a wide variety of useful purposes. Specifically, aluminum fences offered by Aluminum Fences Direct are great at keeping unwanted pests out of your house and away from your yard. Pests such as bear and coyotes can be easily kept at bay with all varieties of fences offered by Aluminum Fences Direct. Deer can be kept at bay from your gardens with any of the seven 72-inch varieties. When it comes to smaller animals, the eXtra Picket (XP) and Puppy Fence options will do the job.

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