How Many Gates Should My Aluminum Fence Have?

When installing a brand-new aluminum fence, homeowners are often stuck on the question of how many gates they should have. The answer isn’t as black and white as it seems – the number of gates that your aluminum fence should have varies depending on your own wants and needs. Residential owners should consider gates as access points for cars, lawnmowers, and leisure. Commercial owners should consider gates as access points for their customers, employees, and freight.

Residential Gates

When choosing how many gates you should have for your aluminum fence at a residential property, there are a few access points to bear in mind:

Gates for Cars

Many homeowners use gates to establish their property line, to add an element of privacy, and to improve their property’s security. Some residential owners choose to install a gate across their driveway for an additional layer of security. However, there are a few key things you should consider when you’re thinking about installing gate access into your driveway.

For one, opening and closing a gate to your home can be cumbersome depending on how often you leave the home. If you work in an office Monday through Friday or have a family with driving aged teenagers, then Aluminum Fences Direct offers self-closing hinges that would fit your lifestyle much better 

If a self-closing gate doesn’t appeal to you, then Aluminum Fences Direct offers non-self-closing gates as well. This option is well-suited for retired couples who don’t have routine weekday priorities. It’s also a great option for storing boats and campers. 

The average driveway width in the United States is between 10’ and 12’. The width of your gates will depend on your wants, needs, and the space available. Aluminum Fences Direct offers double drive gates and estate double wing gates in their Floridian, Sierra, Outback, Manhattan, and Appalachian varieties. Each gate variety is offered in 8’, 10’ 12’, 14’, and 16’ wide options. 

Gates for Lawn Care

Installing aluminum fences can add a layer of complexity to your lawn care routine. Carefully considering the positioning of your gate will help make your life a whole lot easier. It’s recommended that you install a gate that provides your lawnmower with access to the outside of the fence. This is particularly handy if the gate doesn’t extend to the edge of your property.

Another tip is to have your gate installed near your storage shed or garage. That way, you won’t mess up those perfect lines in your yard when returning to the storage shed.

More importantly though, you really want to consider the width of your gate. Aluminum Fences Direct offers single residential gates in 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’ wide options. Self-propelled lawnmowers have a cutting deck width of about 22”, so even the smallest 3’ gate wouldn’t pose any problems.

Riding lawnmowers have substantially wider cutting decks to make mowing a large yard easier. These mower decks range from 42” all the way up to 72”. A 72” mower deck will likely require a double gate, but a 42” mower deck will make the 4’ and 6’ wide gates without a problem.

If you have a landscaper, then you’ll want to inquire about how wide their mower decks are. In most cases, landscaping companies have large mower decks to make their work as efficient as possible. If you have a landscaper, then it would be wise to place the gate in an area that is easily accessible for them from the street.

Gates for Leisure

There are some situations where you’ll want an additional single gate to access leisure areas. Perhaps there is a wooded area in the backyard that you like to hunt in. Perhaps there is a nearby stream out back that you like to visit. Perhaps there is a walking path adjacent to your property where you like to take your dog for walks. In these situations, it would be wise to install an extra single gate so that you don’t have to inconvenience yourself by walking all the way around.

Commercial Gates

When choosing how many gates you should have for your aluminum fence at a commercial property, there are a few access points to consider:

Gates for Customers

A business can’t operate without its customers – and we all know that customer satisfaction is one of the most influential factors in a successful business. A commercial gate by Aluminum Fences Direct isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but is also dependable and easy to operate.

With commercial fencing, it’s important to consider where the customer traffic is coming from. If coming by foot, then a single gate will often do. If coming by vehicle, then a self-closing gates are a must. You can add an added layer of security with gate codes or key cards that allow customers in while keeping pesky trespassers out. 

Gates for Employees

Employee lots are often separated from the customer lot. These gated areas are typically also storage areas for expensive equipment, company cars, and other materials. A gate for your employees will help secure your business from unwanted passersby and thieves. 

In addition, gates can also symbolize “do not enter” areas for guests. If your gate is at a country club, for example, then you’ll want a clearly marked gate that (1) is easily accessible for your staff and (2) also signals guests to stay away.

Gates for Freight

A commercial facility like a warehouse poses similar problems – the need to keep everyday pedestrians or even thieves away from precious cargo. There’s also a safety element in loading and unloading areas. Forklifts, semi-trucks, and other heavy machinery are circling the yard throughout the day. It’s imperative to keep pedestrians at bay with a commercial gate. 


Whether at a residential or commercial property, it’s important to closely consider the number of gates that you want to have installed. Even more importantly, it’s important to consider their size and location. For residential properties, consider access points for leisurely activities, lawn care activities, and car access. For commercial properties, consider access points for customers, employees, and freight.

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