Why do you need to have a fence around your house?

If you don’t know the answer of this question or you believe that a fence would ruin the look of your house, Aluminum Fences Direct can answer all your questions. Fences in general help house owners in so many ways, from protection of their houses and their families to even preventing pets from running away. Aluminum Fences Direct provides you with 15 different Fence Panel Styles to suit your taste and design, which is argued to have an amazing ROI, so you won’t just improve the look of your house, you will also have a long term investment and save money. Aluminum Fences Direct is also an environment advocate, so we make sure that the materials we use are environmentally friendly. Our fences go through an Electrostatic Powder Coating process, which provides them with a weather resistant coating that does not emit so much VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that damages the atmosphere. Aluminum Fences Direct is not just a fencing business, it is a premier wholesale provider of both aluminum fence and vinyl fencing materials, which means you won’t have to worry about hiring someone else to set it up as they were designed for the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) home owner and it also comes with easy-to-install instructions with every order. We don’t just provide residential grade fences, but we also provide commercial and industrial grades. Our aluminum fences can fit any property or industry and start as low as $39 for our entry level residential fence. Aluminum Fences Direct is also a totally American Company which means that we assemble each part of our fences in the US, which give you high quality and most importantly trust in the product. We call our aluminum fences an investment because we provide our customers with everything that they would need in a fence: the style, quality, ROI, and design. Cheap fences can provide you with maybe two of these things, but after a while, you would find out that you have been scammed as low-quality fences would start to peel off and chip and you would have to pay for maintenance every time. However, Aluminum Fences Direct ensures you from all of this and gives you a lifetime warranty that promises that our fences will not chip, peel, crack or flake. We can’t promise this if you live right on the beach, but in this case, you can check our Vinyl fences. Aluminum Fences Direct looks after its loyal customers too with our rewards program, just for referring a friend or neighbor, you can qualify for a nice gift card in return. Give us a try!   Request a quote here!

What Are Some Other Reasons For a Fence Around the House?

There are lots of reasons that we build fences. From keeping things in to keeping things out, it’s easy to see why you should have a fence around your house. Some like the aesthetic appeal of fences or it’s always been a part of how they see their slice of the American dream: the white picket fence, the yard, the garage, and the house that anchors it all. But whether it’s decorative or for privacy, security or another reason, the value of a fence is undeniable, and a fence can help you enclose your front or back yard — or any other area that needs a defined boundary. For most, a fence represents safety, the definition of a boundary that keeps children, pets and animals from wandering off when you’re hanging out in your yard. If your yard contains dangerous nooks and crannies filled with challenging drop-offs or a body of water, a fence that defines the safe area can prevent accidents and other mishaps from ruining your day. Security is also a big component of why you should have a fence around your house, and a fence definitely helps when it comes to keeping trespassers and strangers from wandering onto your yard. If you’re in a more rural area, a fence is great at keeping wild animals away from your property and family, especially if you have a larger lot that is challenging to monitor on a continuous basis. A fence around your home is also a particularly great way to establish boundaries if you share a property line with a nosey or mischievous neighbor. A fence is an indisputable way to show where your property begins and theirs ends, and putting up a fence can be a good way to reaffirm good neighborly behavior, or at least to encourage it. For others, the right fence provides a level of privacy that you just can’t get with open land. Especially if you like to have family gatherings in the front or back yard or you have a private pool, a fence defines your outdoor space just as the walls of your home defines your indoor space. To increase privacy, you can even plant trees or other shrubbery along the fence line to discourage prying eyes. With all the practical reasons as to why you should have a fence around your house, some just appreciate the visual appeal of a nice fence, which sure beats that old and dilapidated fence any day of the week. Furthermore, a great looking fence can enhance your home’s curb appeal and even add value to the home you own. Whether it’s a traditional white picket fence or a large fence to prevent trespassers and discourage onlookers, a beautiful fence does more than just look pretty, but we can’t fault it for that. If you spend all day pulling weeds because your neighbor won’t do their part, a fence could also save you from years of back-breaking work. While it won’t stop all types of trespassing weeds, the right fence can keep the weeds in your neighbor’s yard from decimating yours, and the privacy it provides is just the icing on the cake. Lastly, a big reason why you should have a fence around your home has to do with minimizing interruptions and distractions. If you’re in a more urban area or your home sits by a busy street, a fence can help reject the annoyance of sights and sounds that take you away from the peace and serenity you expect at home. With rigid, solid structures that minimize the outside world that is able to reach your eyes and ears, it’s never been a better time to augment your home with a fence that allows you to enjoy more of your home.
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