Beach House, Farmhouse, and Townhouse Fences

Finding the right fence style for your home can be a challenge. Thankfully, no matter what type of home you live in, there is an aluminum fence that can meet your needs. Our coastal states, both East and West, have an incredible diversity of landscapes – full of beauty, color, and life. There are sandy coves, rolling hills, and steep mountains in most of these regions mixed together with dusty plains and lush forests. They are hot. They are cold. They have prime soil for agriculture and rugged wilderness. Many of these are states where the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” With that much diversity in the land, you can expect a wide variety of styles in the homes of their residents. North Carolina, for instance, is home to Beach houses, Farmhouses, and Townhouses – each with their own unique needs. One need they have in common though is in defining and protecting their property, often done with the installation of fences. What do fences look like for these different locations?

Aluminum Fences for the Beach

Houses on or near the beach have a unique problem when it comes to property protection. Their backyards are open to the entire world. Not many of us can expect someone to sail up to our back door from a foreign country – certainly not without getting through customs and immigration at least. Beaches can be difficult to mark off as separate pieces of property due to the constant erosion they face. While many visitors may have no ill will at all, you may end up with many visitors in your backyard, trying to find a convenient and cheap way to access the beach. Beach Houses need fences. Some beach houses (or hotels and restaurants) go for a rustic look and use wood fences. These can be challenging to maintain and need to be painted or stained regularly and sometimes treated for mold and mildew because of the humid climate. They are at risk to insects who burrow into them, and unless they are quite dense (and much more expensive), they can break easily. Modern looking beach houses go for aluminum or steel fencing. Steel is undoubtedly stronger, but it is also heavier to move if the coast changes – perhaps due to natural erosion or a tropical storm. Your beach side fence may need to be moved in those conditions. Aluminum fences are also slightly less painful if you run into one while chasing a stray volleyball or frisbee. The real strength of aluminum fences is that, unlike carved wood fences, aluminum is formed, which means it can be more easily and inexpensively formed into a variety of styles. They can be safely secured with several different types of latches and locks, with strong gates that you can make tall or short to suit your specific needs. Not only do these fences and gates keep your property safe, it also keeps young children from running into the water unsupervised or falling into beachside swimming pools without parents or guardians.

Aluminum Fences for the Farm

Wood is the traditional material used for farms. There are hundreds of years of history depicting wooden fence rows that surround a well-kept farm. The modern farms of today have tractors that have A/C, sound systems, and satellite positioning. It is a new day, out on the farm. Small family farms cannot turn a profit any longer. More land means more fences and less time to spend mending them. Steel fencing may be necessary for some larger livestock, but up around the farmhouse aluminum fencing does a fantastic job of keeping things looking nice and clean. Even better, you can purchase vinyl fencing that has all the maintenance-free benefits of aluminum fencing but has the outward appearance of wooden picket fences. It gives you the appearance of traditional simplicity with all the conveniences of modern sophistication.

Aluminum Fences for the Townhouse

Those who live in between the ocean and the farm still need to protect their property. Well-lit, fenced-in homes are less likely to be robbed than those without suitably marked boundaries. With aluminum fences, you have the opportunity to attach solar lights, which do not go out even if the power has been cut. The biggest thief-deterrent about aluminum fences is that it forces intruders to come in and out one way. There is no escaping out the back door if you have a locked gate there. It cuts off any possible escape route, which means the neighbors will see them trying to lug your television screen right out the front door. Speaking of intruders, fences give you the opportunity to screen any and all guests. With a locked gate in place, no one can enter your property without your permission. Your family can sleep secure knowing that they are protected from stranger danger. These three styles are just a few examples of the benefits of fences for all styles of homes in all types of locations. There are many more. To improve the safety and attractiveness of your home, contact Aluminum Fences Direct to speak with one of our fence specialists.
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