Aluminum Fencing vs Steel Fencing: Which Is Better for You

A great new fence around your property can be as beautiful as it is protective. Not only can it help keep the riff-raff out and children and animals in, but it can also be a striking feature that enhances the look and feel of your home. But if you’re just getting started with the selection process, it’s true that there are a lot of options out there. However, if you want robust fencing that will stand the test of time, wood is hardly the answer. For that, you’ll need something stronger.

Two of the most popular and long-lasting fencing materials are aluminum and steel. But aluminum fencing vs steel fencing isn’t just about the hardness of the material — steel would surely win every time out. In fact, both are excellent fencing materials that can look remarkably similar to each other, making it difficult to see the difference between true value and what could cost you significantly more over time.

Steel vs Aluminum Fence

When it comes to aluminum fencing vs steel fencing, it’s true that from a pure strength standpoint, steel is both stronger and more secure. That’s not to say that an aluminum fence will fall down in the next storm or give you problems years into ownership — it won’t — but it is an undeniable fact that steel is simply stronger than aluminum.

However, that strength comes at a cost, and steel is incredibly heavy as a fencing material, which can make it difficult and expensive to ship, install and work with. If there’s ever a problem with your steel fencing, it may also cause damage to your property if it comes into contact with any landscaping, fixtures or walls.

Like aluminum, steel fencing comes in different designs and types, such as pickets, colourbond and tubular, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. That said, steel fencing does require significantly more maintenance and attention over time as steel can rust, corrode and otherwise fail due to weather, especially if maintenance needs are not addressed.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Fencing

Compared to steel fencing, aluminum fencing provides much of the same security and strength without any need to maintain or give much thought to your aluminum fencing at all. Aluminum is more durable since it literally cannot corrode or rust, even if it’s not treated or painted to keep the elements out. On the other hand, steel needs to be protected to give years or decades of faithful service while aluminum is innately impervious to the worst that Mother Nature can do.

Over time, that can represent significant savings since an aluminum fence never needs to be touched-up or repainted to prevent damage. Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t need some kind of protective coating to hold off corrosion over time, and that makes it much cheaper from both a time and financial commitment over the years.

The best part is that aluminum fencing can be made to look like other types of fencing. If you’ve ever considered the cost of wrought iron vs an aluminum fence, you’ve likely seen how expensive beautiful wrought iron fencing can be. From the considerable maintenance costs to expensive shipping and installation due to their sheer weight, it’s often the case that a wrought iron fence will cost you a small fortune when it’s all said and done.

However, aluminum fencing can give you the very same look and feel as old wrought iron fencing with none of the maintenance or other issues. Painted black, an aluminum fence with finials and other decorative elements can highlight the best of wrought iron fencing with none of the drawbacks. And because aluminum won’t corrode or rust, you won’t have to worry about repainting all those nooks and crannies every season just to prevent your fence from falling apart.

From closely packed pickets to ball caps, finials and arched loops, the decision between aluminum fencing vs steel fencing doesn’t need to be made based on looks or appearance alone. Aluminum fencing can actually look indistinguishable from wrought iron fencing, as well as being cheaper to ship, install and maintain. And if you want to try other looks, there are dozens of aluminum fencing styles ranging from simple to elegant and ornate, as well as everything in between. Even if you need a robust commercial fence, aluminum can fit the bill, too.

Evaluating Steel vs Aluminum Fences

Considering the wide disparity in aluminum vs steel fence costs, aluminum offers incredible value for the price. Not only is it cheaper than a comparable steel fence, but it comes with none of the downsides such as extensive maintenance concerns and a much heavier weight that’s hard to ship and work with. A steel fence is also much more expensive than a comparable aluminum fence while providing no real benefit in security beyond what an aluminum fence provides.

Alternatively, aluminum fencing gives you all the protection of a steel fence without the ownership headache. That means you don’t need to choose between aluminum fencing vs steel fencing because aluminum retains much of the strength and look of traditional steel fencing without the associated installation and maintenance costs.

Indeed, an aluminum fence can be simply cleaned with water and soap, and even if you have it surrounding a pool area or a place where the weather turns frequently, you won’t have to worry about corrosion like you would with steel or another kind of fencing material.

Its light weight is also great for DIY projects since everything comes pre-installed with easy-to-work-with panels that need to just be fastened to each other and into the ground. Compared to traditional wood fencing that needs large, 4-inch holes to secure it, an aluminum fence can easily be installed with smaller, 2-inch holes that require less concrete and work, making the entire installation project that much easier.

Buy Your Next Aluminum Fence Wholesale

To save even more money on a fence around your property, consider buying your next fence from a wholesaler. With more than a dozen styles and looks to better match your tastes and your home, Aluminum Fences Direct works directly with homeowners and small and medium sized contractors as one of the premier aluminum fence distributors in the U.S.

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