How Much Does an Aluminum Fence Affect the Value of a Property?

Adding an Aluminum fence to your home is a way to increase your privacy, stop animals and intruders from getting into your yard and it helps in keeping the pets and children in. Nonetheless, you should know that a fence can also improve the resale value of your property.

Fencing factors that affect the marketability of your home

Aluminum Fence Position

An attractive and well-built fence can improve the appearance of your yard and also your house. For instance, a fence in the front yard might negatively affect the appeal of the home but a fence backyard might increase the property value. In case you feel that your home’s backyard is less than perfect, you can install a privacy fence which will create a better view of the prospective buyers.

Monetary Value vs. Utility Value

Even though a fence might have financial significance for your house when you install it, it might not be the same for all buyers.  You might like your privacy. In such a case, fencing will be the most appropriate option. However, there are some people who like open to have space around their yard.  But again, people with pets or small children might be reluctant to buy a house which doesn’t have a fence.  As a matter of fact, they are often willing to pay a premium for the houses that already have a fence installed. For the buyers, this will cut down on the time they won’t have a fence and they might feel that it will cost them more to buy the fence later on.

Aluminum Fencing Materials

The materials which are used for making the fence might have a significant effect on the property resale value. Vinyl and aluminum fences can generate a good return on investment when you sell the house.  This is mainly because a solid fence is aesthetically pleasing than the ones which are composed of other materials.

Aluminum Fence Proper Installation

Make sure that you install the fence in a professional manner. This can have a great impact on the home value.  When you install fences properly, they can withstand any weather conditions for several years. Aluminum fence can increase the value of property even without the additional investment of hiring someone to install the fences for you. You can easily buy your fences online and follow our diy fence installation guide to do the installation at minimum cost.

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

Irrespective of how well a fence has been built, they still require regular maintenance. For example, Vinyl fences can increase the value of your home, however, you will have to clean it from time to time to maintain its structural integrity.  With proper care, you can prevent the fence from being damaged by any external factors.

Other things to consider

Trends in the Neighborhood

As far as the connection of a new fence and property value is concerned, it might not be good to be the only homeowner with fence in the neighborhood. A majority of the homeowners would like their houses to fit with the other houses in the area.  A fencing home with an unfenced neighborhood might draw unwanted attention. Prior to installing a fence, you should consider the aesthetics and trends of the neighborhood.

The Home-Style

There is nothing worse than having a fence which doesn’t match your home-style. A minimalistic and modern house can look out of place with a picket fence.  Keep in mind that installing the appropriate Aluminum fence will augment the curb appeal and also the resale value of your home.
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