Advantages of an Aluminum Pool Fence

Getting a pool fence might be something that you’re dragging your feet about: you’ve just put a beautiful pool into your backyard and now there’s the task of putting a fence around it. Will the fence hurt the view? Will the fence ruin the yard? Will the fence get in the way of all the family having a good time at the pool?

The answer is that a fence is one of the best things you can do for your yard and family, and we’re not just talking about safety, but it also adds to property value, enhances the curb appeal of the house, reduces your legal liability, and frankly, if just gives you peace of mind. The question is not why should you get an aluminum fence, but why shouldn’t you? Everything points to getting a fence. Here are just a few of the many, many reasons.

A Pool Fence Increases Safety for Kids and Pets

This is the most obvious reason for getting a fence: safety of your kids and pets. It would be an awful thing to look outside and see the horrible sight of a toddler scrambling for safety–or worse. And this kind of thing happens every year, all across the country, to people who are good and loving parents who would never put their kids in harm’s way. It only takes one slip up, one unlocked door, one trip to the kitchen when you take your eyes off your child, and they could be outside and on their way into the pool.

Pets are no different, and even wildlife can become trapped in pools. Having a fence around a pool is the responsible thing to do to protect the safety of your kids, your neighbors’ kids, the animals around your house, and the animals who may come creeping out of the woods. Owning a pool isn’t fun 100% of the time;  it’s also a responsibility. Make sure that you’re acting with all the responsibility that it requires.

Swimming Pool Fences Reduce Accidents

As above, swimming pool fences reduce accidents, and they even reduce accidents in older children and adults. Walking past a pool you can easily slip and fall in, even if the cover is on, even if it’s not the season for swimming. Did you know that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that drowning is the second leading cause of death of children under 14, and most of those drownings don’t occur in the ocean or rivers or boating accidents–they occur in residential pools. The CDC goes on to report that installing a pool fence reduces the chance of a childhood drowning by 83%. If you have a pool, even if you don’t have kids, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get a security fence.

A Good Investment in Your Property

You may think that you’ve just bought a pool and you don’t want to pay any more for anything else–that pool was expensive enough! But studies show that adding an aluminum fence to your residential pool makes your property value increase. Aluminum fence is good looking fencing, make no mistake, and a good aluminum fence increases the curb appeal of your home, should you ever wish to sell it. Also, if you ever wish to sell, odds are good that the next owners will want a fence of their own, so if you already have one installed and looking good, then it will be that much easier to convince them that the property is ready to buy and move in. They won’t have to install a fence of their own later, and that will make the purchase even more sweet.

Easy to Use

A good aluminum fence is easy to use. There are other types of fences out there, like sliding glass or plexiglass fences, or mesh pool fences. These may look nice, or be cheaper to install, but they’re not as easy to use, as well as easy to secure and lock, as a good solid aluminum fence. A glass or plexiglass fence also requires a lot of maintenance, and a mesh fence can be cumbersome and hard to put into place. A permanent aluminum fence, made from strong metal and with sturdy latches and locks, will make pool ownership a breeze. Not only can you stop toddlers from getting into your pool, but when you decide to go in yourself you’re not struggling with sliding and glitchy latches, or fabric loops. Just a straightforward latch with room for a lock.

Easy to Maintain

An aluminum fence is a great investment for any part of the yard, but also for the pool, because it is so simple to maintain. Aluminum fences don’t rust or weather. They have extremely long lifespans, and to wash them–if a little mud splatters on them–you can just spray them down with the hose. There’s also no corrosion from the chlorine in the pool water, if that happens to get onto the aluminum. It can take a lot of abuse and still maintain its solid coated finish.

Tons of Options to Choose From

Just take a look at our website to see how many options of fences there are to choose from. From the straightforward look of the classic Manhattan and Appalachian fences, with their tall straight pickets and peaked finials, to the Sierra and Carolina look that don’t have spikey tops at all, but straight horizontal rails covering rectangular or round details, to the Cathedral fencing which gives a sort of European look to the yard with its rounded arches. And there are so many more options on top of these–this is only a few. Really, when you’re choosing an aluminum fence for your yard you can choose something to match any architectural style, any landscaping design, any personal taste. The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking an aluminum pool fence style.

Aluminum is Strong and Durable

So you’re worried about safety, but say your kids are a little bit older than toddlers. Can they scale the fence? Can they bend the bars? Can they rock the posts back and forth until the lock and latch come loose? No, because an aluminum fence is made from stronger stuff than that. Look, we’re not saying that the most aggressive teenager with a determination to get into the pool area couldn’t find a way past the fence, but for your average kid who is trying to get into mischief, an aluminum pool fence is going to be plenty strong enough to keep them at bay.

Versatility of Purpose

A pool fence does more than one thing. First, it protects your pool, obviously. Second, as mentioned, it makes your yard look nicer, increases curb appeal, and thus increases the value of your home. But the pool fence doesn’t stop there. Pool fences don’t need to just encompass pools. When installing a pool fence, why not put a fence around the childrens’ play area, so you know they’ll always stay in the yard and not be tempted to run out into the street? Or why not build an aluminum fence in your yard to protect your pets–not just protect them from the pool, but to give them a place to run and play where they can be as safe and as rowdy as they’d like? Aluminum fences don’t need to just surround the perimeter of your yard or the perimeter of your pool; you can use them in all sorts of applications around the property.

Reduce Legal Liability

Look, this is America, and if there’s one thing we know about America is that perfectly innocent people can get dragged into frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, if a neighbor kid comes into your yard and falls into your pool and the worst happens, you could be found partially responsible for the child’s death in a civil lawsuit and be sued in court. Sure, it might not go anywhere, and you might be found not guilty, but you’d have legal bills and court appearances, and, worst of all, you’d know that that child died in your pool. Reduce your legal liability by making sure all the safeguards are in place to keep others out of your pool. Restrict it to only who you want to be in there.

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Peace of Mind

Finally, but perhaps most important, having a pool fence can give you peace of mind. You can send the children out to play in the yard and not have to keep one eye on them while you’re trying to relax or work in the house. You can sleep well at night knowing that no one will be able to accidentally fall into your pool if they happen to be sneaking around your yard in the middle of the night. And you can enjoy your time at the pool, with all your family around you, comforted in the fact that you’re all safe and together and happy.


Really, with all of the reasons listed above, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to get an aluminum fence for your pool. They’re safe and prevent drowning deaths, both of people and animals; they add to the value of your property; they are sturdy, strong, and easy to maintain; and they give you comfort and peace of mind. Getting an aluminum fence for your pool is a must.

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