9 Reasons to Invest in an Aluminum Residential Driveway Gate

Residential driveway gates can be a beautiful addition to any home. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider an aluminum gate for your driveway!

If the safety of your home and its contents matters to you?  Do you have a lengthy driveway which could be a point of weakness when it comes to intruders? If either of these are true, then you should consider investing in an aluminum residential driveway gate. A driveway gate can help give you peace of mind and increase the security of your home.

An aluminum fence is cost effective and will also last you a long time! In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at why aluminum is such a great fencing and gate material, and the 10 top reasons why you should consider an aluminum residential driveway gate on your property.

Why Aluminum?

You may be thinking: why aluminum and not steel or wrought iron? Well, there are many reasons that make choosing an aluminum driveway gate a great option. Firstly, aluminum fencing is much more affordable than steel or wrought iron, meaning you have more money to spend on other home projects. Secondly, aluminum comes in a variety of designs and finishes, which means that, while cheaper, it’ll look almost identical to more traditional fencing materials.

Thirdly, aluminum fencing is highly durable and low maintenance. It is rust and corrosion resistant, meaning that with a little cleaning it’ll look as good as new for years to come, and will not reduce the security of your property. Finally, aluminum is much lighter than steel or wrought iron, meaning that it is more cost effective to install. It is also much less likely to prematurely wear out the motor of your gate system, meaning little maintenance costs.

9 Reasons to Buy an Aluminum Residential Driveway Gate

  1. Welcome Visitors Only: A residential driveway gate means that you can control who is allowed to enter your property. This is great for private individuals or those living alone, as it means anyone you don’t recognize is kept at a safe distance. This also means you don’t have to deal with cold callers, canvassers, and salesmen unless you want to!
  2. Security: A long driveway can be perfect for nefarious individuals to hide out in and scope out your property, learning your daily habits or your home’s weak points of entry. A driveway fence keeps these criminals at a safe distance from your property, and works as an overall deterrent to anyone who wants to do you or your home harm.
  3. Privacy: A driveway gate perfectly sections off your property from the rest of the world, reducing unwanted interruptions such as from salespeople and canvassers, as well as giving you the feeling of your own oasis from the rest of the world.
  4. Keep Animals Out: A property with a large amount of land can be very tempting to deer and other animals, which while great to observe, can also cause untold property damage and be a general nuisance. A driveway gate will help keep animals out.
  5. Reduce Insurance Costs: As you’ve increased the security of your property, you may find your home insurance company will offer you reduced rates!
  6. Increase Property Value and ‘Sale ability’: A high-quality driveway fence will likely increase your property value and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. If you’re looking to sell, a beautiful driveway gate will make a great first impression that is likely to stick in the minds of prospective buyers. This will help shorten the wait between listing and sale dramatically.
  7. Style: An impressive driveway gate will add an immediate sense of luxury to your property. It is also a great opportunity to express your unique style and design taste as aluminum fencing and gates comes in a range of styles from modern to classic and traditional. Whatever style you use, friends and family will immediately know they’ve reached your home, and will be excited when those gates swing open!
  8. Convenient: Traditional gate methods are more affordable yes, but who wants to get in and out of their car every time they want to enter their property? Getting soaked in the rain, or having to walk the potentially long pathway to your gate to meet family members just won’t cut it in the modern world. With a modern aluminum driveway gate, you can let in the people you love with remote access at just the click of a button!
  9. Preppers: Across the USA there are thousands of preppers who have preparedness training at the core of all they do. If you’re one such person and you don’t yet have a driveway gate, then can you call yourself a true prepper? Fencing and gates are the first line of defense that should be incorporated in your preparedness plan.

Whatever your lifestyle, belief system, or needs, it’s clear that investing in an aluminum residential driveway gate is a must for your security, safety, and peace of mind.


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