Preparing Your Aluminum Fence for Winter

As the cold weather approaches, it’s a good idea to prepare your property, and fencing, for the stresses of winter weather.


Summer is about enjoying your yard, and fall is about preparing it for the winter months. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your property, highlighting weaknesses in your yard that you were previously aware of. Snow and inclement weather can also take a toll on your yard, leaving you needing to undertake repair work come spring.

However, you can safeguard your aluminum fence against even the harshest of winters with a few easy steps, which can help keep your spring free of annoying repairs. Below we’ve listed our top tips to prepare your aluminum fencing for the winter months.

Aluminum is Already a Great Choice!

You might not have known this when you bought your fence, but you actually made an excellent choice when purchasing your fencing. Aluminum is inherently durable and low maintenance, meaning the fall-time care you’ll need to give it will be minimal! Aluminum is also rust and corrosion resistant, so even settling snow drifts shouldn’t impact its structural integrity.


At the end of the summer season give your fence a good scrub. A little elbow grease and some warm soapy water is usually enough to have your fence looking as good as new. Cleaning your aluminum fence will help prevent any grime from building up and setting hard to your fencing over the long winter months, meaning that come spring your fence  should be easy to neaten up for summer!


As you’re cleaning your aluminum fencing, keep an eye out for any damage or wear which may need repairing. As mentioned, aluminum fencing is very strong, so it is likely you’ll only spot minor dings, but it is still important to resolve these before winter, to prevent the harsh weather from making any small damage a more major concern when spring rolls around.

Post Holes

Check that your post holes are secure in the ground. Given different temperatures throughout the year, and varying weather conditions, the concrete of your post holes can crack, or the concrete itself can become loose in the ground. Check your fencing for wobbles, and fill in fence post holes as needed – this will prevent any damage resulting from over-extension or even from panels toppling over!

Check Gate Latches, Locks, and Hinges

Check your gates’ latches, locks, and hinges for signs of tightness or stiffness, and treat them with the correct lubricant if need be. Doing this before the winter will help ensure that any risk of seizing in cold weather is reduced, meaning you’re not stuck with a sticking or squealing gate through the winter months, and is also just a good maintenance practice to have.

Touch Up the Paintwork

If your aluminum fence is painted you may want to consider touching up the paintwork come fall. Of course, aluminum fencing is durable and doesn’t need regular repainting, but if your fencing is looking a little tired, a lick of fresh paint can be a great choice. A new paint job will also help protect your fence come winter as it gives your fencing an extra barrier against harsh weather.

Clear Away Excess Yard Items

Come fall you should clean your yard. Put away chairs and tables which won’t be used until spring, and tidy away accessories and decor. This will not only ensure the lifespan of your garden items, but will also help look after your fence too! Fall and Winter are the prime time for storms to rip through your yard, and the less items you have out, the less costly damage is likely to be done. Tidying up your yard will also ensure your aluminum fence does get damaged from impacts from yard accessories that have been whipped up in the storm!

Get Cozy!

Just a little bit of work come fall can help ensure your aluminum fencing is kept in prime condition, and ready for the warmer weather. This means that when winter comes around you can snuggle up indoors without any worry!


Aluminum fencing’s durability and corrosion resistance, makes it a great choice for any yard, especially when you want to keep your yearly maintenance to a minimum. If you’ve been considering adding a fence to your yard, before the winter weather sets in is a great time to do so! Reach out today to learn more about how to enhance your yard with aluminum fencing.

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