Top Reasons to Have a Pool Fence

Having a pool fence isn’t just a good idea–it’s a must. And we’re not just kidding: in most places, having a fence around your pool is mandated by law. But laws aren’t the only reasons to have a pool fence. Here are our top seven reasons to have a pool fence.

Pool Fences are Safe

Owning a pool is a big responsibility, especially if you have kids and neighbors who come into your yard. Putting a fence around your pool can help you rest easy knowing that your pool is secure and that no one can get in and get into a terrible accident.

Drowning is the third leading cause of injury-related death in the world. The CDC reports that in 2017 more than 3500 Americans died of drowning. You don’t want you or your loved ones to be a statistic! Protecting your pool is a responsible and essential step in making sure that no accidents will befall anyone who comes into your yard.

Pool Fences Are Required

In most counties, there are ordinances requiring pools to be surrounded by fences. While every jurisdiction is different, the onus is upon you to make sure that you know what laws apply to your pool and what you need to do to make sure that you’re abiding by them. Certain laws may have height requirements, or requirements about the spacing of the pickets, or requirements about the lock on the gate. Whatever is the law in your locale, make sure that you follow it and that you won’t end up with a citation. Remember: those laws are there for a reason, and it’s because authorities have seen too many accidents take place around unguarded pools. Make sure to follow the law!

Pool Fences Add Privacy

A different reason you might want a pool is because of the privacy that they offer. You may not want passersby to see you or your family in their swimming suits, whether in the pool or sunbathing beside it. Having a pool party shouldn’t be a public occasion, and you should have some form of privacy for you and your kids.

Pool Fences Save You Money On Insurance

While the law requires some people to have fences, your insurance company wants everyone to have fences around their pools. Your homeowners insurance will either require you to have a fence around your pool, or they will give you a break on your insurance premium if you do have one. They know very well that pools are dangerous, not just for drowning but for slip-and-fall accidents, and they want to minimize risk as much as possible. By putting up a fence around your pool you are mitigating that risk and making your insurance company happy–and that will make your wallet happy.

Pool Fences Make Pool Ownership Easier

There are a lot of things that go into pool ownership that are a hassle, including putting the cover over the pool, or a net, every time you’re done using the pool. The reason for this, of course, is that pools are dangerous and when you put a cover over one it’s much less likely to cause an accident. However, the same result can be achieved by putting a fence around your pool. While a fence won’t keep leaves out of your pool, and a cover will, a fence will help prevent accidents. So maybe you don’t need to lug that heavy and cumbersome pool cover into place, or move that weighty hot tub cover where it goes. Pool fences just make everything easier.

Pool Fences Protect Pets

Finally, pools don’t just protect your friends, family, and kids, they also protect your pets–and any other wildlife that may wander into your yard. A dog may be able to doggy-paddle if it falls in, but may not be able to jump out of the water and onto dry land. And raccoons, opossums, deer, and other wildlife may come to inspect the pool, perhaps looking for a drink, and fall in getting much more than they bargained for. Putting up a fence around your pool is not only good for people; it’s good for animals.

Pool Fences Are Attractive

While having a pool will add value to your home, having a beautiful pool with a neatly enclosed fenced area will add even more value. Every quality fence is beneficial to the curb appeal of your home. Whether you’re inviting over friends for a pool party and want to impress them, or whether you’re looking to sell your home and want it to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers, a nice-looking fence surrounding the pool will always be a plus. Coming in many different styles and designs, including both aluminum and vinyl, a pool fence can be an accent point to your yard layout, not merely a barrier that you must put up with. A good fence will always be a good investment.

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