Pool Fence: More & More Benefits of setup your fence

Have you been considering installing a pool fence? Here are some benefits to adding this important safety feature to your home.

Adding a pool to your property is a great way to not only add value but also create a fun feature for your family to use during the summer. Your kids, other family members, and friends will benefit greatly from your new pool. Whether the pool is above ground or below, it is sure to add fun and excitement to you and your family’s lives.

With the installation of a brand-new pool, comes the responsibility of keeping your family and others safe. The CPSC reported that each year between 2014 and 2016 there were 5,900 pool and/or spa related emergency nonfatal injuries of children ages 15 and younger.

It was also reported that each year between 2012 and 2014, there were 356 reported pool and/or spa fatal drownings of children ages 15 and younger. Both of these figures are shocking, but most of the time, tragedies like these can be prevented.

The main way you can help to prevent these numbers is by installing a pool fence. This important safety feature can give you peace of mind while adding to the safety of your home.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a pool fence, which include and even go beyond the safety of your family.

1. Creating a Safe Environment

Pool fences will create a barrier around the pool that will help prevent children and pets from wandering into the pool. It is important to know that the pool fence does not replace the duty of adults to watch their children and the children of others who are over to use the pool.

Most times, children are not paying attention to their surroundings, so it is the responsibility of the parents to watch out for them so the unthinkable does not happen. Installing a pool fence gives adults an extra moment to prevent children or pets from getting around or over the pool fencing.

There are pool fence  codes that state the requirements for any pool fence. The pool fence should be a minimum of 4 feet in height, although it is suggested that the pool fencing be at least 5 feet in height.

Another important requirement for a pool fence is that it should be a 2-inch measurement from the bottom pool fence rail to the ground. This way, no child or pet can get under the pool fence. With these requirements in place, you will be able to maintain a safe environment for anyone around the pool with your pool fence.

2. Follow the Law and Reduce Liability

There are federal and state laws in place in regard to pool fences. It is up to you to make sure you follow these laws. You will be able to discuss your pool fencing with the contractor who is installing the pool.

They will be able to provide you with information on different options for pool fencing. There is also plenty of information online to help you decide which of the pool fencing options will be best to choose from for your pool fence.

If you choose to not install a pool fence, then be aware that you will be liable if there is any incident that occurs in or around your pool. Even if an uninvited person falls into your pool and is injured or killed, you can still be held liable. Without a pool fence, there is a greater risk for injury for anyone who is around the pool.

This risk, of course, is greatest for young children. It is also great enough that pool fences and/or alarms are often a requirement for any family who hopes to foster or adopt children into their home.

3. Installing a Pool Fence on your own

There are many different types of pool fencing materials and pool fencing styles available to you. You likely took design and aesthetics into account when choosing your pool; accordingly, you can also do the same when you are installing the pool fence.

One option you have is to work with a pool fencing expert. They can help you develop the pool fence to flow with the design of your entire backyard pool area.

A second option is to have a DIY pool fence. Pool fencing can be purchased on its own, and you can make a family event of the pool fence installation process. There are many types of pool fences that are relatively easy to install; just keep the pool fence guidelines and regulations in mind.


Having pool fences installed around your pool, whether it’s above-ground or below-ground, not only adds to the safety of your yard, but can also increase your property value should you ever choose to sell.

There are plenty of attractive pool fencing options to choose from, so you can find a pool fence that look and fits with your home while helping keep your family and friends safe.

Do You Need to Have a Pool Fence around an Above Ground Pool?

Fences for Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool can be an excellent choice if you’re planning to have a pool in your home. In comparison to in ground pools, above ground pools offer some benefits to the homeowner – they are easier and faster to install and cost much less, to name just a few. However, homeowners are often faced with the perplexing question: “do you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool”. The fact is that there are legal regulations in place for this type of pool fence. As such, it is something worth looking into in detail.

The Law on Pool Fences

Before you construct an above ground pool, or any pool for that matter, you must check up on the local laws and regulations on having the pool fence. Not all counties and regions require a pool fence. In other cases, the law might require you to put up a pool fence in order to protect people from accidentally slipping into the pool and drowning. While the chances of that happening in above ground pools are slim in contrast to in ground pools, you may still be legally obliged to get a pool fence and it’s much safer. So if you’re wondering whether you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool, the answer would be a resounding yes in most cases! In certain areas however, these types of pools are exempted from the rule provided certain conditions are met.

Why Choose Above Ground Pools?

There are quite a few reasons why above ground pools are better than their in-ground counterparts. Here are some of them:

  • Cost: The biggest benefit to having an above ground pool is the lower cost. For in-ground pools, you need to spend money on the excavation of the property. It is also difficult to get the required permission to do so. Additionally, the plumbing for these pools tends to cost more than the aboveground variety of pools.
  • Features: Despite the difference in the elevation of the pools, you can still have the same features. You can have features such as water fountains, Jacuzzi, diving boards and more in an aboveground pool easily.
  • Installation: Installing an aboveground pool is much easier than an in ground pool as mentioned above. After all, there is no excavation required. In many cases, an aboveground pool can be installed in just a couple of days. The same cannot be said about in ground pools.
  • Semi-Permanent: One of the best things about an above ground pool is that it can be dismantled as easily as it can be installed. You can easily move it to a different location in your property if you so choose.

Above Ground Pool Fencing Considerations

So without any further ado, let’s examine some of the basic considerations when building a fence around an above ground pool.


Pools are a great addition to any property and offer a great recreational activity on hot summer days for the young and old alike. However, safety is a top consideration when you’re building a fence around the above ground pool. Although the probability of someone falling and drowning in an above ground pool is less as compared to an inground pool, it’s not unheard of. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Especially if you have children or pets, installing a fence around your pool would relieve you of the stress of the impending danger and the burden of constantly having to watch over them. It’d be easier to relax and enjoy the benefits of the pool once you’re assured you have taken the necessary precautions and have nothing to worry about. 

For homeowners without children or pets, it’s still a good idea to have a fence around the pool, as no one is immune to accidents. Furthermore, many people host pool parties and under the influence of alcohol, it’s easy for anyone to lose their balance and trip, which may even prove to be life threatening. So do you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool? Yes. Absolutely.

Go ahead and build that much-needed fence around your pool, regardless of how unnecessary you might think it is.

Enclose Completely

Many DIY fences for above ground pools are available these days. These are quite easy to install but it helps to ensure that the entire pool is completely enclosed, with no gaps or tiny spaces big enough to allow a child or pet to sneak through. However, don’t forget to leave adequate space for a gate so you can get in and out!

Check and Double Check?

After installing the above ground pool fence, the last step is to check for any problems like gaps in between the fencing or loose parts. It’d be best to ensure there are no tiny or hidden gaps for children, pets, or even small animals like squirrels or possums to squeeze through.

Facts about Fencing for Above the Ground Pool Fences

While pool fencing an above the ground pool, there are a few things to consider:

  • Preparation: Before installing a pool fence, you should talk with the local building authorities and find out if there are any pool fencing building codes that you need to follow. Get permission from the insurance company to ensure that your pool fences meet their rules.
  • Materials: There are a few options when it comes to the material of the pool fence that you are building. However, vinyl pool fencing and aluminum pool fencing are the most common choices. They are unlikely to catch rust or rot despite their proximity to water around the pool area as these are resistant to damage from moisture.

A pool fence around an above ground pool can enhance its overall safety by a considerable margin. However, you must ensure that it has been installed by a reputed contractor for the best results. Chosen and installed correctly, a pool fence can last for a long time.

Are you ready for that fence around your pool? Aluminum Fences Direct offers a variety of aluminum pool fences. For more detailed installation instructions, be sure to check out our resources page. Contact us today to get started with installing that much needed fence around your pool!