Where to Use Single vs. Double Fence Gates

There are so many gates to choose from, deciding which one you need can be overwhelming. This guide can help you determine whether you need a single or double swinging fence gate.
Now that you have your new fence picked out, it is time to look at gate options. When choosing a gate, you may start to feel overwhelmed by all that different options and styles that are available.
You also have to consider how wide of an opening you have for the gate. This will be one of the main determiners of whether or not you use a single gate or a double gate. There are other things that you have to factor in when making this ultimate decision, such as the width or the area and if there is a slope.
This guide will discuss these things so you can make an educated decision when you decide which type of gate is best for your needs.

Pool Gates

When trying to decide what type of gate you will use for the pool, your number one thought should be safety. The entry way into the pool is going to be on the smaller side because you want to try to prevent unnecessary tragedies.
For a pool gate you would want to use a single gate that is about the same height as the fence.
Check your local pool fencing regulations to ensure that your single gate will allow for safe entry and exit while locking properly. It will also allow for the adults to monitor who is entering the pool area because it is a more controlled entry.


You may have walkways in a couple different areas on your property. The first walkway may be one on the side of your driveway that leads up to your front door. Having a gate at this walkway generally means you have a fence that surrounds all of your property, or at least the front yard For this side walkway, it is suggested to use a single gate.
Having a fence around your entire property means that you like to have a high level of security, so it would make sense to keep the entry to this walkway as secure as possible. This security will be achieved with a single gate.
All gates come with some type of locking mechanism, so that is where you will be able to choose a lock for the gate that will allow you to control who comes in and who does not.
A second type of walkway that you may have on your property is a walkway into your backyard. If you have a fence that connects to the side of your house, you will need a way to enter into the backyard from the front of the house or if you are working from the garage.
For this walkway, you can use either a single or a double gate. This all depends on how much space you have between the side of your house and the fence. If you have a country home, then you probably have a lot of space and have room to place a double gate.
It would be easier to fit equipment through, like a cars or a riding lawn mower. If your house is more suburban, then you probably have less space and a single gate will work just fine.


Gates for your residential driveway are almost always double swing gates, though an automatic sliding gate is also an option. This all depends on how long the driveway is and how far up on the driveway the gate is.
If you have a long driveway, then the gate is usually placed so a car can sit in the driveway while it opens. This is the best way to position a driveway gate, as it would not be safe to have a car out in the incoming traffic while it is waiting for the gates to open.
You may also want to include a smaller single gate next to the larger one, for easier access for those who may be walking up.

Building on a Slope

When you have property that is on a slight slope, it is a little more difficult to choose a type of gate. The first thing you need to remember is that even on a slope, the gate has to be perfectly upright. The best way to ensure this is by measuring the area when you want to put the gate and using a leveler.
Once you know exactly where to put it, how wide the opening you want to have will determine if you put a single or double gate. However, in these situations it is important to know which way the gate will open. Having the gate swing away from the grade will prevent the gate from getting stopped or snagged by the slope.
Overall, choosing if you will have a single or double gate is completely up to you and the space you have to work with. Ensuring that you have the proper style of gate installed will ultimately end in beauty and safety.
When you have a gate that fits and is appropriate, it will add value to your home, while being functional and bringing you security and peace of mind.

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