How Tall Does Your Aluminum Fence Need to Be?

Are you considering installing aluminum fencing? In this article, we cover a few things to keep in mind when considering the height of your fence.

One of the best things about aluminum fencing is the almost overwhelming range of stunning designs and styles suited for all manner of purposes, from security, to decoration, to a little bit of both!

But with such a wealth of options at affordable prices, it is easy to get sucked in to style or price over purpose, meaning the fence you end up installing isn’t perfectly suited to your original needs; and with HOA (Homeowner’s Association) regulations and building regulations to consider, it’s essential that you get your choice right first time!

With this in mind, in this article we’ll be looking at how tall your aluminum fencing needs to be for your desired project or personal requirements.


When selecting the right aluminum fencing option for you, it is essential that you keep in mind why you want a fence around your property in the first place.

Do you need extra security? Do you have small children or pets? Do you have a pool? Are you trying to keep out animals? These types of factors will all ultimately impact upon your final choice, and therefore should be kept in mind.


You should also be considering the types of restrictions you might have when installing your fencing. Are you part of a HOA? Do you require planning permission? Are there any laws you need to consider?

Giving the types of restrictions you need to navigate thought will help ensure there’s no nasty surprises a few months down the line that could result in you having to remove your new fencing entirely.

Types of Fencing and Their Considerations

Now that we’ve explored an overview of the considerations you should make when it comes to aluminum fence selection, let’s next look at some of the specifics in regards to height and purpose.

  • Privacy Fencing: Privacy fencing or concealment fencing can be a great option for people with yards which are exposed or can easily be looked in on. They are also great for concealing unsightly but necessary objects, such as garbage cans. Ideally, privacy fencing should be between four and eight feet high, but you should note that most cities have a cap on fence height of around 6ft.
  • Animals: Because it is so durable, aluminum fencing can be a great option for small properties, and can be used to house chickens and goats. Both these types of animals can jump or flutter to around 5 feet, so a fence of 6ft is advised. Chickens are also adept diggers, and to prevent a great escape, you should ensure your fencing is set at least 6 inches into the ground – so make sure the height of your fence accounts for this! For the safety of the animals, pointed pickets and finials should be avoided, so that if your animal makes a daring escape, it isn’t injured in the process.
  • Deer Fencing: Rural properties will often need to consider fencing to keep deer out of their property, particularly if they’re growing produce. Deer can jump very high, and therefore a standard aluminum fence will need to be 8 feet in height to keep them out. However, a 4-6 foot fence can also work effectively with the right countermeasures, such as close pickets which obscure the deer’s view of the property, use of flower pots and ornaments to make jumping difficult, or even double fencing to make jumping into your yard impossible.
  • Dogs: When it comes to preventing your beloved pooch from running rogue, the height or type of aluminum fencing you need really depends on the size and breed of your dog. In general, a 6ft fence will keep out even the most little of canines, but with medium or small dogs and 4-5ft fence should suffice. A puppy fence is usually required for puppies and small dogs like chihuahuas, as its lower section features tight pickets to prevent escape. Like with farm animals, pointed pickets or finials should be avoided for the safety of your pet.
  • Pool Fencing: To prevent accidents, pools are subject to fencing regulations. Pool fencing needs to be at least 4ft high with a locking gate. This helps ensure that children, animals, and even sometimes adults are protected. Each state has its own amendments to these regulations, so it’s always best to check first before purchasing.
  • Children: In general, a simple fence around 3-4ft is perfectly suited to keeping small children safe, and is of particular import if your yard is large with foliage which could obscure your view of your son or daughter. If your child likes to climb, you should select a fence without pointed pickets or finials to prevent accident or injury.

Perfect Fencing, First Time

By considering your needs and restrictions, you can help guarantee that you find your perfect aluminum fencing first time around. This means that once your fencing is installed, you can rest easy knowing that your yard is safe and protected – and stylish too!

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