The Best Aluminum Fencing Options for Dealing with Deer

Do you have a problem with deer in your yard? Consider aluminum fencing to help!

For certain areas of the US, deer are as much of a pest as ants, possums, or racoons. While beautiful to observe in the right setting, when able to infiltrate your garden at any time, they can cause all manner of damage, trampling gardens and flowers as well as helping themselves to crops.

The best, and only truly successful way to prevent this is to install fencing, but with so many different materials and styles available, what’s best? What should you look for?

In this article we’ll be exploring the best fencing options to keep the pesky deer out of your yard.

Why Aluminum?

There are a whole host of different fencing materials available to purchase with just a few clicks online, so what makes aluminum the superior choice? Firstly, aluminum is highly affordable, meaning you can protect your home from deer on a budget.

Secondly, unlike other options such as wood or iron, it’s incredibly low maintenance, meaning you can focus on more enjoyable yard activities.

Thirdly, aluminum fencing is available in a variety of heights, so you can invest in a fence that deer will not be able to leap over.

Aluminum fencing also comes in a wide range of designs and styles to best suit your property, as well as also being lightweight and easy to install. It is long lasting, and better for the environment than other fencing options, as it can be easily recycled and reused time and time again.

What Kind of Fencing Should You be Looking for?

Now that you’ve decided on your material, next you need to know what fencing features you should look for a successful deer deterrent. As a rule of thumb, you should look for the following four factors:

  • A fence that is high
  • A fence that is built with strength in mind
  • A fence that is designed for privacy or that has close together pickets
  • A fence that you like, with a design a style to suit your home and yard.

Height Problem

In general authorities and wildlife agencies recommend that to keep deer out, fences should be between 6-8ft tall.

This can be disappointing news for some owners struggling with a deer problem, as a high fence will spoil views of wildlife and scenery and may even not be permitted by the local council or homeowner’s association.

However, there are effective ways around this problem, allowing you to have aluminum fencing under 6ft that still effectively keeps deer out.

Close Pickets

A 4-5ft aluminum fence with closely spaced pickets can be an ideal option for preventing deer that still allows for views on to the land outside the property. The close pickets make it difficult for a deer to see through, and as they are skittish and nervous creatures, will be unlikely to jump over the fence for fear of what may or may not be lurking on the other side.

Double Fence

If you have a small yard but a reasonable budget, you may wish to try installing a double fence. This deer prevention method involves installing two sets of low fences 3-4ft apart from one another.

This prevents deer because there isn’t enough space for the animals in between the fences, and they aren’t able to jump over both sets in one leap, meaning effectively your yard is an impenetrable fortress to any fawny friend!

Design Solutions


Another option for those with their heart set on a specific aluminum fence design is to arrange their yard in a way which visually deters the deer. A maze of planters, ornaments, and objects near the fence will create a natural deterrent as the deer will not want to investigate your yard as they will not be able to escape your property easily should a predator attack.

This method means you get to spend some time customizing your garden, and will ensure your fence is low enough that you still benefit from gorgeous views and scenery.


If you have a large yard, and only want to keep the deer away from a certain area, such as a vegetable garden, you could consider installing a fence just around that area.

This means the deer can roam freely in your property, and you can enjoy watching them while keeping them away from your precious shrubs or produce. This method is really cost effective too, as you’re likely to only need a handful of panels!

A Deer-Free Property!

By following any of the options above you can ensure your aluminum fencing keeps even the most determined of deer at bay. Best of all, in the process, you get to give your yard or property a face lift, adding some serious curb appeal and reinventing your outdoor spaces.

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