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Animals should be able to enjoy the sun and the fresh air when the weather is nice.  There’s nothing that makes them happier than spending time outdoors, soaking it all in and relaxing in their territory for an afternoon.  The obvious challenge with that, however, is security.  Without the proper measures taken, you have to make sure someone is out there watching your pet every second he or she is in the yard.  Otherwise, you’re simply inviting other problems and risks. 

Our puppy fences feature pickets positioned closely to one another at the bottom of the fence with wider gaps across the middle and top sections. This prevents small animals such as dogs from escaping through openings other fences may have. Our XP fences contain closely aligned pickets without any larger gaps. Each option is a smart investment for pet owners. Take a look at the sizes and gate options and find the best choice for your home.  All of our residential styles are available in 6′ widths with a variety of heights

To be clear, “puppy fence” is an industry term.  This is a style of fence that’s designed to keep most pets from being able to leave the yard, and given the different types of puppy fences described above, all you need to do is choose the one that best fits your current or potentially your future needs.  Not to mention, all of our puppy fences – and all of our aluminum fences in general, for that matter – come with specific instructions designed to help you make the installation process as smooth and as efficient as possible.  We want you to have your new puppy fence up and working for you as quickly as you can get to it.

We should point out that if you don’t see what you have in mind here, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.  We have a long history of working with our customers closely, which means that if you have something specific in mind, you can just contact us and tell us about it.  Chances are we can build what you need if it’s the best solution for your situation.  We’ll spec things out for you, explain the process, the pricing and delivery and you’ll be on your way.  Some things however are not customizable… things like custom fence widths or custom picket spacing or rails that aren’t 1”, 1.25” or 1.5” square or pickets that aren’t 5/8”, ¾” or 1” square.  Give us a call, let’s talk about it!

Finally, when your puppy fence arrives and is successfully installed, that doesn’t mean our working relationship is over.  In fact, it’s just beginning.  If you ever encounter any potential problems with your puppy fence or you have any questions, our team of experienced professionals is here and standing by, ready to take care of whatever happens to be on your mind.  That’s what happens when you trust us with your aluminum fencing needs – we jump into things for the long haul.  Contact us now for the answers you need.

Why Get a Puppy Fence Installed?

A puppy fence is a necessity for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures your pet’s safety by keeping them out of trouble for the most part. When pets are left free, they tend to wander or run loose, which exposes them to different types of dangers on the streets.

A fence protects them by keeping them within the enclosed space and safe from threats. For instance, they’re not getting hit by cars, injured by other animals, or even stolen by strangers. It’s not uncommon to see unsupervised pets get into fights with other animals – no matter how docile or friendly they may be – which increases the risk of them getting injured or even killed. Also, not to forget, the streets are home to not only other pets but also undomesticated and even wild animals – depending on where you live.

So puppy fencing is a great idea if you want to ensure your pet is out of harm’s way. It will also help you rest peacefully in the knowledge that your pet is safe and sound and exactly where they should be. Not to forget, unsupervised pets can also get lost, if they wander too far from the house.

In addition an unsupervised animal may bark at pedestrians or neighbors on the streets. So having a puppy fence is also a great way to be courteous to others. Are you ready to protect your pet by installing a fence? Aluminum Fences Direct offers a wide variety of options including puppy picket fences and aluminum pet fences. Get a quote today!

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Appalachian Puppy

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Pricing below is for Black, Bronze or White, with Black shipping in 7-8 weeks and Bronze & White shipping in 8-10 weeks.

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