Common Questions Answered About Aluminum Fencing

If you’ve ever explored a website thoroughly, you’ve likely come across a dedicated section at the end known as “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs). These queries arise from the common concerns of potential customers, showcasing their keen interest in a product and their desire to make informed decisions. After all, no one wants to see their hard-earned money go to waste.

FAQs serve as a valuable resource, offering insights into the services, features, costs, and other crucial details about a product. In this context, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions about Aluminum Fencing to provide you with the answers you seek:

1. Are Aluminum Fences Direct fences easy to maintain?

Absolutely. Aluminum Fences Direct are crafted from high-strength Aluminum Fences Direct Alloy, ensuring impressive durability and resistance to rust. The double-hardness and thickness of our coat finishing make the fence fade- and scratch-resistant, requiring only a simple spray from a garden hose for maintenance.

2. What colors are available at Aluminum Fences Direct?

Aluminum Fences Direct offers a variety of colors to suit your preferences. Our available colors include:

Black: Black is a classic and popular color, with 85% of all aluminum fences falling within this option. It provides a historic wrought iron look without the associated costs, bulk, and maintenance issues.

White: White is a suitable choice if you have light colors around your home, as it blends well with the background and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

Bronze: For those seeking a historic look with added ornamentation, bronze or gold accents are available to clearly define the property line.

3. Which Aluminum Fences Direct fences are safe for pool boundaries?

All Aluminum Fences Direct fencing complies with necessary BOCA pool safety codes, enhancing both safety and property aesthetics. Pool fence sections come pre-assembled with various height options, which can be further customized to meet specific preferences and local codes.

4. Will Aluminum Fences Direct be safe for my dog while keeping other animals out?

To ensure pet safety, Aluminum Fences Direct recommends adding short, closely spaced pickets at the bottom of any fence style, providing a visually pleasing ‘puppy protection’ feature.

5. Can Aluminum Fences Direct’s fencing be attached to structures like columns, pillars, or buildings?

Yes, the fence panel can be linked to an end post close to the structure or directly attached to the structure using rail ends, available in adjustable, standard, and horizontally/vertically adjustable designs.

6. Can Aluminum Fences Direct be installed on hills or severely uneven properties?

Certainly. Basic Aluminum Fences Direct fences can rack up to six-teen inches per 6′ wide section, with Rackable and Heavy Rackable alternatives are available for more challenging terrain without additional costs.

7. Can Aluminum Fences Direct fences be adjusted in conformity with a slope?

Yes, panels on both sides of the post can be adjusted at different points, allowing for placement at varying heights. Aluminum Fences Direct provides attachment accessories for easy stepping of fence sections.

8. Can Aluminum Fences Direct get installed in a curved or rounded alignment or sharp angles?

Indeed. Aluminum Fences Direct can adjust fence panels up to twenty degrees, creating rounded effects or sharp angles using horizontal and vertical adjustable rail ends.

9. How do Aluminum Fences Direct’s fence panels attach to posts?

There are three methods: Punch Post Method, Adjustable Wall Mounts, and standard, square Wall Mounts.

10. Can Aluminum Fences Direct fence be used as railing?

Aluminum Fences Direct does not endorse the use of its fences as railing for safety reasons. Adhering to safety codes is the contractor’s responsibility.

11. What is the duration of getting my Aluminum Fences Direct’s fence or railing?

Orders typically ship within two weeks for fences and three-four weeks for commercial fence, after the transaction is completed, even during peak seasons.

In conclusion, we hope these frequently asked questions have provided comprehensive answers to your queries about Aluminum Fences Direct. For other frequently asked questions, you can view our FAQ page here. Or feel free to get in touch with us directly! We’re always happy to answer any of your questions.

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