Sierra Fencing vs Floridian Fencing: What’s the Difference?

Sierra Fencing and Floridian Fencing are similar in a lot of ways and can be used in some of the same applications, but they also have many distinct differences. A Sierra aluminum fence is a very different fence from a Floridian aluminum fence. First we’re going to talk about their similarities, and then we’ll talk about what makes the two fence styles so different from each other.

How Are Sierra Fences and Floridian Fences similar?

Both Floridian and Sierra aluminum fences use strong powder-coated aluminum, which means that both of these fences will be strong barriers, require little maintenance, and look great.

The strength is important because both the Sierra Fence and the Floridian Fence are used in making sure that your property is secure. These fences are meant to keep your yard private and safe, and that’s something that a strong aluminum fence provides.

The strength is also important when it comes to wear and tear–a soccer ball that is kicked at an aluminum fence will not damage it, though the same cannot necessarily be said of a wood fence or a vinyl fence. Also, should someone hoist themselves up and over the fence (your teenagers, for instance) the fence will strongly stand firm in its position.

Sierra and Floridian fences are also great for kids, as the distance between pickets (3-13/16”) is too small for a baby to crawl through, making these fences not only good for keeping people from going over them but they’re good for keeping children from going through them. (This is all the more important on something like the Sierra fence if it is used as a pool fence, or the Floridian fence used to block off a water feature or line a path.

And finally, the strength of the Sierra and Floridian fences is important in that neither of them will need any substantial maintenance. There’s never a need to repaint an aluminum fence, they don’t rust (the chemistry of aluminum means that it absolutely cannot rust). They stand up to the hot sun and the cold winter, and they never require more maintenance than possibly hosing them down after a muddy rainstorm, or to wash away lawn clippings.

How Are Sierra Fences and Floridian Fences Different?

Different Styles

On a very basic level, the Floridian Fence and the Sierra Fence look different. A Floridian Fence is one of the least ornamented fences that we sell, making it a great look that fits into virtually any design scheme. It doesn’t draw attention to itself–it merely has a rail at the top and a rail at at the bottom, and pickets in-between. Like the Sierra Fence, the Floridian comes in 6’ wide sections.

The Sierra, on the other hand, gives you more design options. The Sierra Fence, in its most basic form is a fence with a top rail, and then a secondary rail 6” below the top. This gives it some interesting architectural detail (and more room to play with extras, which we’ll explain further down). The bottom rail of the fence can be all the way down at ground level, or it can be 5” above the ground, with the pickets extending through the bottom rail and reaching to the ground.

Overall, this gives the two top rails can be decked out in a variety of architectural flairs. One of the most common is the Sierra with Optional Rings–circular aluminum rings that fill the space between the pickets and top two rails and gives a rather generic-looking fence a sudden pop of character and design. Another popular addition to the Sierra is the Small Scrolls which is a pair of curling aluminum brackets placed on every picket. Suddenly your standard Sierra Fence looks exotic and expensive (though we know the truth–that aluminum fences from Aluminum Fences Direct cost a fraction of what you’d spend to pay a fence installer to install your fence.)

Different Heights

Another big difference between the Sierra fence and the Floridian fence is that the Floridian is a low fence–it only comes in heights of 36” or 48”. This makes it an ideal fence for things like fencing off gardens, around pools, lining paths, and keeping people off the grass.

The Sierra Fence, on the other hand, comes in 36”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72” heights. So, the Sierra fence can be used in all of the same applications where you would use a Floridian–to mark a path, around a pool, the enclose a garden, etc, or it could be the tall six foot fence that keeps your property free from burglars who would try to scale and jump over the fence in the night. It is a good-looking landscape fence, but also a great security fence.


There’s a lot to the Sierra Fences and Floridian Fences that are very similar. They are both very strong, as are all of Aluminum Fences Direct’s fences, and they can withstand the weather, impacts, and climbers–all without ever needing maintenance like painting, sanding or scraping.

And they can be used in similar circumstances as a good do-it-all low fence.

But the big differences between Sierra Fences and Floridian Fences comes in the ornamentation that is available–the Sierra Fences offer much more custom options to make them look anything but generic–and the height difference is a big change as the Sierra Fence can either match the low profile of the Floridian, or go up to twice its height at a full six feet.

Whichever fence you choose from Aluminum Fences Direct, you will know that you will be getting the best aluminum fencing available at a terrific price.

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