Aluminum Fences: How They Hold Up in Different Climates

Aluminum fencing has become a popular choice in residential and commercial properties over the last decade based on the rising awareness of its crucial advantages. Durability, low maintenance, and ability to withstand damage like rust, rot, and peeling are just some of its attributes that find considerable favor among homeowners and business owners. If the idea of spending hours cleaning, painting, and repainting your property fence doesn’t appeal to you, then aluminum fence would be the ideal choice for you too, fitting perfectly with your no-fuss upkeep requirement.

In terms of security and aesthetics too, there’s no doubt that it is one of the best fencing options. But how do aluminum fences hold up in different climates? It scores extremely well yet again on this metric as aluminum is a versatile and sturdy material that can withstand extreme temperatures. Let’s dig deeper into the suitability of this metal fence in regions that experience harsh weather.

Is Aluminum Fence a Good Fit for Extreme Climates?

A fence made of a suitable material provides security for a long time. However, for increased longevity, it must be able to weather any type of climatic condition, be it snow, heavy winds, rain, hail, salt water, freezing rain, humidity, or heat.

In that sense, choosing the right material is critical if you want to enjoy long lasting security and a boundary that elevates the beauty of your property. Some fences, like those made of wood, for instance, look beautiful but can easily rot and fade when they’re exposed to water or humidity. In addition, they require heavy maintenance to keep them looking the way they were when they first arrived at your doorstep. Therefore, it’s important to take into account these considerations when choosing the fencing material in order to benefit from its durability and long lasting value.

Aluminum is a fitting choice if you live in a region that experiences severe climatic conditions. Its numerous advantages include durability, long lasting value, low maintenance, affordability, and most importantly resistance to damage from harsh weather. We list here some of its fine attributes:

Resilient and Long Lasting

Aluminum fence and gates are resilient, which affords them the ability to resist severe weather. They possess a natural ability to withstand a variety of elements that could negatively impact the fence. These include moisture (a common culprit when it comes to fences and furniture), chlorine-treated water, dust, dirt, and rubble. Therefore, aluminum can resist a whole spectrum of damage caused by severe climatic conditions like rusting, rotting, corroding, molding, chipping, peeling, and sagging. For added protection, aluminum panels are finished with a special powder coating or finish that increases their resistance against damage by varied elements.

In addition, an aluminum fence is extremely strong. It’s surprising for many to learn this, but an aluminum boundary is nearly as strong as a steel or a wrought iron fence but without their susceptibility to deterioration due to rusting or chipping or their need for regular maintenance.

In terms of pricing too, aluminum is the clear winner as it’s more affordable than a wrought iron fence (which is the most expensive metal fence). Next let’s examine how aluminum fences hold up in different climates – hot, cold, and wet.

Heavy Snow

For regions that get heavy snow, a metal fence, especially that of aluminum, is an excellent choice. Not only can it withstand the extremely low temperatures, but it can also stand its ground, literally, amidst snow drifts. For better protection against heavy snow fall, consider installing a picket fence so the snow can pass through and not exert much pressure against the boundary marker.

It also helps that aluminum fences can be welded, resulting in more robust joints. Furthermore, they are not vulnerable to damage from contact with water when the snow melts and neither will they expand or contract along with temperature changes from high to low and vice versa.

In fact, even without any anti-corrosive finishes or paint, or even maintenance, aluminum fences fare quite well, as they are not prone to corrosion or rust when they come in contact with water.

However, there’s a possibility of galvanic corrosion when they are in proximity to a salted road.

For this purpose, it’s highly recommended to opt for an aluminum fence that has been treated with an anti-corrosive paint or protective finish, so you can rest assured that the harshest snow or salted water for de-icing won’t harm or damage your sturdy home boundary!

Hot Weather

Aluminum fences are strong and can no doubt stand firm against strong winds and cold climatic conditions. However when it comes to hot weather, an aluminum fence can get too hot on an extremely hot summer afternoon, unlike vinyl fencing that heats up only up to a certain threshold. That said, all you need to do is avoid touching it on excruciatingly hot days!

Hurricanes and Windstorms

We’ve seen how aluminum fences hold up in different climates like extreme heat or cold. But what about hurricanes and windstorms? Truth be told, few fences can handle extremely bad weather such as this but in any case, your safest best would still be an aluminum fence. With its strength and durability, it’s guaranteed to offer the best probability of surviving a storm or hurricane.

We hope our guide has helped you gain a good idea of “how aluminum fences hold up in different climates”. Strength, low maintenance, and durability aside, aluminum fences are an increasingly common sight across the length and breadth of the country, in both residential and commercial properties, as they’re versatile not only in terms of braving different climates but also with regards to presenting the aesthetic effect of your choice.

Be it the classic white picket fence that graces many American homes or the black painted fence that looks as elegant as the traditional wrought iron fence, aluminum fences can deck the boundary of your home just the way you want. Or if you prefer going beyond classic colors like black or white, Aluminum Fences Direct also sells the bronze color option as well.

In addition, thanks to its malleability, aluminum can be shaped into ornamental accessories or designs that easily align with your home style or architecture.

The cherry on top is its easy maintenance – with no effort, property owners can keep it looking as shiny and as good as new. While the residential grade is strong enough for most residential properties, homeowners who’re looking for the strongest grade of aluminum fence can opt for the commercial or industrial options.

Are you ready to mark your property boundary with a metal that is as strong as it is elegant? Learn more about the pricing of our aluminum fences.

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