Driveway Gates: Do You Need One?

If you’re considering getting a driveway gate, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Learn more about them here!

When one pictures a driveway with a fence gate at the end, they usually envision long, winding driveways leading up to a large mansion at the summit of a hill. However, more and more smaller homes are now implementing driveway fence gates in their driveways.

There are undeniable benefits that come with installing a driveway fence gate, and you don’t have to be a wealthy bigwig in order to add them to your home.

Many of the best driveway fence gates are constructed from aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing is affordable and very customizable, as there are many different designs you can choose from. You can simultaneously save money while adding a bit more value to your home. We will go over the benefits of aluminum driveway gates so you can determine whether or not they are right for your property.

Why Install a Driveway Fence Gate?

The benefits of installing a driveway fence gate are numerous, and have a wide range of appeal no matter how large or small your driveway is. For once, it classes up the exterior of your property.

There are many different styles of driveway fencing that you can choose depending on the style of your home and your own personal taste. Whether you go in a more simplistic direction or you invest in a gate that is very ornate in appearance, your home will have an added style that will draw the eyes of passerby.

Another great reason to have a driveway fence gate constructed is for added security. It will keep unwanted intruders from driving their vehicles up your driveway and getting too close to your home. The driveway gate will also be beneficial if you have small children and outdoor pets, ensuring that they do not wander off on their own.

Driveway gates are also almost universally equipped with remote openers, making opening the gate convenient from the comfort of your car or home. This also adds to the security of your home since you can verify the visitors trying to enter your driveway. Due to these benefits, a driveway fence gate will go a long way towards adding value to your home.

Installing a Driveway Fence Gate: What You Should Know

So, you’ve decided to install a driveway fence gate on your property. Great decision! Before you proceed, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you begin to build. For example, some towns have restrictions against gates of a certain height.

You also need to make sure that there is enough room for a car in the space between the street and where your driveway gate will sit. You don’t want cars sitting halfway in the street while they are waiting for the gate to open.

Also, you need to be considerate to your neighbors while thinking about the height and location of the gate. In some circumstances, your driveway gate may interfere with their vision while pulling out of their driveway. It is helpful to consult with your neighbors before setting your driveway gate and ensure that their view of the street won’t be blocked.

Oftentimes these simple precautions are overlooked, causing confusion and frustration after the gate has been built. It is best to avoid these situations before settling on installing your gate, as the overall cost of the project will be multiplied if you are forced to alter or tear down your gate and have a new one built in its place, not to mention all the time that you would have wasted.

Is Installing a Driveway Fence Gate Right for You?

You’ve checked with the neighbors, you’ve made all the proper measurements and plans and called the town to check their fencing restrictions for your home. Under all of the right circumstances, a driveway fence gate will be a great addition to the exterior of your home. It will increase property value, and in choosing an aluminum gate you will rest assured that it will maintain its durability for decades.

Of course, if your driveway ends too close to the road, or if it somehow impedes your neighbor’s street view, a driveway gate is obviously not for you, so you may want to look at other ways to add to your property’s value and security, such as new aluminum fencing.

However, if you have the means and the ability, you certainly should install a driveway fence gate on your property. It will only add value to your home, especially if you choose aluminum gate fencing.

Aluminum fencing will stand the test of time, lasting from the time you install it until the time you decide to sell your home, if that day ever comes. If it does, you can expect to get a bit more back on your home due to the added perk of having an aluminum fence gate in your driveway.


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