How to Install Aluminum Fencing Along Curved Property Lines.

Installing a fence along a curve, whether gentle or sharp, can be intimidating. We have some tips to help make your project go smoothly!

It can be quite tricky to install fencing along property lines that are curved or bent in different ways. Most fencing is meant to be installed in a straight line, so any extreme deviation from this plan can require extra consideration. Thankfully for those with irregular property lines, there are different types of fencing that you can use in order to conform to nearly any line segment.

The most pliable and easily installed fencing on the market today is aluminum fencing. Cost cutters have been using aluminum fencing because it is a do it yourself project, saving money on installation costs that you would pay a contractor.

Aluminum fencing also looks sleek and modern without costing you an arm and a leg. There are a number of reasons why you should opt for aluminum fencing on your property, especially if your property lines are crooked.

Why Use Aluminum Fencing?

Sturdy and long-lasting fencing can greatly improve your property value, which is something that many homeowners overlook when considering upgrades to their property. A proper fence will also act as added security for your home and your loved ones.

Aluminum fencing has a number of advantages over similar types of fencing. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of aluminum fencing is the ease of installation. Anyone can easily install aluminum fencing over the course of a weekend if they simply follow the instructions that will be provided by the manufacturer.

Speaking of attractive, the look of aluminum fencing can project an understated yet elegant look for passersby. You can get aluminum fencing in a number of different looks based on your personal taste and the style of your home. You can also rest assured, should you invest in aluminum fencing, that it will not rust over time. Aluminum is almost completely impervious to the elements, no matter what climate you reside in. If you make the investment in this fencing, you likely won’t have to worry about making repairs on it for decades.

Aluminum Fencing for Your Curved Property Lines

Aluminum fencing is the best choice for oddly configured property lines that aren’t just your standard square or rectangular lot.

As long as you measure your fence line and configure where the posts and panels will be laid before you make your purchase, you will have no problem making your fence conform to the property line. It is important to order enough panels, as you will need more coverage when curving the fence than you would when following a straight line. You also must consider whether or not you need racked fencing for your property.

This type of fencing allows for building on hilly terrain, following both inclines and declines and seamlessly contouring to the land on your property.

Aluminum fencing is perfect for both racking and building on curved angles due to its malleability. Although you might think that installing a solid fence along a curved line would be extremely difficult, it actually is pretty easy to accomplish. All you really need to do is angle each section along the curve, judging how many sections and how much room you need to complete the curve.

If the curve is especially sharp, you can always cut a section in the middle, then insert another fence post in between the two sections of the fence panel. This abbreviated “double” panel will add more flexibility when the curves you need to negotiate are tighter than the standard aluminum fence panel that you are provided. If you need to do this, you MUST cut the section that you need to alter. You cannot bend the fence frame to fit it to the curve. This will only damage the fence and make your property look shabby.

There are also more general instructions that you should follow when installing your aluminum fencing that become even more important when you are considering a curved fence installation. First, and most important is making sure that there are no underground sewage lines or other utilities under your designated fence post holes.

This is especially important when you are building a curved fence, as there is a greater chance of a fencepost meeting the curves of the pipes underneath.

Measuring the distance between your fence posts is also very important in order to judge the shape of the curve and determine whether or not you need to cut fence panels into sections for your curve. You will probably need to order more fence panels since your curved fence will be longer than a fence that follows a straight line.

Just a Click

Once you take care of these important preliminary steps, all that you will need to do is choose the style and specifications of your fencing, click the order button, and wait for your fence to arrive! Aluminum fencing is easily customizable in both style and shape, making it a breeze to install while boosting the value of your home at the same time.

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