Aluminum vs. Chain Link Fences

Are you trying to decide which type of fence will best serve your property? Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of aluminum and chain link fencing.

When purchasing fencing for your property, there are a number of different variables to consider. The most important aspect to consider in a new fence is what material it will be made out of. Ideally, you want something that is affordable, yet durable enough to last for decades. Solid fencing can really add value to your property, which will come in handy if you ever plan on selling your house.

The two most popular types of fencing among homeowners and business owners are aluminum fencing and chain link fencing. Both have their own unique benefits, and both can be worthy choices. We will compare aluminum fencing with chain link fencing in order to decide which you should use for your home.

What Are the Differences Between Aluminum and Chain Link?

There are numerous differences between aluminum and chain link fencing. The most apparent difference, and the one we will address first, is the appearance and look of each type of fence.

Simply put, aluminum fencing just looks better than chain link. There really is no comparison in this department. There isn’t anything that’s wrong with how chain link fencing looks, but it’s more of a standard, common type of fence that is prone to rusting over long periods of time.

Aluminum fencing looks very sturdy, modern, and clean, and it does not need a lot of upkeep to maintain that look.

The customization of aluminum fencing only adds to its advantage in this respect. Chain link fencing looks…well…like chain link fencing. We all know what it looks like and we all know hundreds of buildings in our area that use chain link fencing on their property.

That brings us to the next important difference, which is the durability of these fences. Chain link fences can last for a while, but it will always have much more give than aluminum fencing does. Aluminum fencing does not give, and it can withstand just about any type of weather condition Mother Nature has in store.

As mentioned before, chain link fence will eventually rust. That is just the nature of steel when exposed to the elements over time. Aluminum fencing generally features a powder-coated finish that goes a long way in protecting the fence from damage. It will be able to take all of the rain, wind, and snow that a storm can dish out, and still look the same as it did when you first had it installed.

Another perk that a strong fence can bring to your property is added security. In many cases, chain link fencing does the job. However, the holes in the chain link pattern can serve as effective footrests for would-be intruders that make those type of fences easier to scale. Aluminum fences have tall, smooth posts that make them more difficult to climb. They are usually taller than the standard chain link fence as well.

Chain link fencing is certainly the more affordable out of the two. That is one advantage that chain link fence has over the aluminum. If you need a fence for the cheapest price possible, go with the chain link fence.

Before you do, you need to consider that investing in a fence is investing in your home or business. The value of your property will not skyrocket by adding a chain link fence to it. However, if you spend the little bit of extra money to buy something better, you will see the value of your property rise.

Fencing is an integral part of the look of the exterior of your property, and can lead to a positive – or negative – first impression.

The Verdict: Aluminum Wins!

When taking all of these factors into account, it is hard to argue that chain link fence is superior to aluminum. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with chain link fence, and it can be quite effective in many different situations.

There is a reason why chain link fencing is so ubiquitous in our modern landscape. However, for those willing to shell out just a bit more money, aluminum fencing is superior in every respect. It combines functionality and eye-appeal to a property.

Properties with aluminum fencing are more secure and more valuable. Upkeep is limited to washing it between seasons, and it will maintain its stately look. You can even go big and get ornamental fencing that will really catch the eye as people drive and walk past your property.

There is no way to wash away rust on chain link fences, and it will inevitably happen while the aluminum will still look brand new in the same amount of time. Just think of chain link fence as a relic of the past. It served us well in its time, but aluminum fencing is improved fencing in every single aspect.

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