Why It’s Great to Install Aluminum Fencing in the Spring

Once you’ve decided to install an aluminum fence, your next question might be when to do it. In this article, we discuss why spring is a great time to install your aluminum fence. For many, spring is the best time of year. The weather warms up, allowing you to shake off the cold of winter, and flowers and trees start to bloom, hinting at the summer to come. So why not capitalize on this great feeling, and install your aluminum fencing in spring? In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at why opting to do so is a great choice!

Why Install Fencing?

Before we get into why installing aluminum fencing in spring is great, let’s first take a quick look at why installing aluminum fencing is great in the first place – no matter the season. Aluminum fencing offers a durable, low maintenance, and affordable fencing option. It is lightweight easy to install and kinder to the environment than other fencing options, as it can be recycled time and time again. Adding fencing to your property is also a smart choice in terms of security. It creates a visual deterrent to intruders, and keeps small children and pets safe, while the amazing designs simultaneously give your property maximum curb-appeal.

Why Spring?

Many of us opt to undergo yard projects in the late fall or winter in preparedness for the next summer. While this may be an option that works for some, if you hate the cold you might want to consider spring renovations to your yard instead! Therefore, below we offer some of the top reasons to install aluminum fencing in the springtime.

Better Weather

Winter can be quite a gloomy time, with poor natural lighting, shorter day time hours, and cold weather. While you may think this is a great time to get things done, which we agree is certainly the case for indoor renovations, it is actually far better to hold off on the garden grand plans until the spring time. First of all, aside from the occasional shower, spring weather is usually far more forgiving than that of winter. While aluminum fencing is incredibly quick to install, taking on average between one and two days depending on property size, there is still the chance of being caught out by winter storms, snow, and rain. This can leave you with a grim experience of trying to continue your install through the poor weather, or leave you stuck staring at a half done project while you wait for the weather to clear. In the meantime, your half installed fencing (while inherently hard wearing) could become damaged, or the cement used in your post holes could set poorly, causing troubles down the line. You could also find that your half-finished project stays half-done longer than you anticipate, as when you step away from a project oftentimes you can become unmotivated to continue. We’ve all had those DIY moments, where a job gets started but never finished, so why risk that with not only the outward appearance, but the security of your property? Instead, waiting for spring means you can actually enjoy the installation process. With the radio on and the sun on your back, yard work can actually be pleasant, not to mention you also get the instant satisfaction of being actively able to enjoy your transformed yard once the work is done!

Get Ahead of the Curve

Aluminum fencing installation becomes increasingly popular in the summer months, when property owners what to capitalize on the great weather, and opt to renovate their yard ready for barbecues, pool parties, and simple garden leisure. This can often cause popular designs or parts to sell out quickly, leaving you faced with delays to your project or a summer left with your old, worn out fence, or no fence at all! Therefore, by installing your fence in spring you are ahead of the summer rush, meaning that when others are running around like headless chickens, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard space. Also, in the leaner months, some residential fencing companies may offer enticing deals or discounts on their products, meaning you may snag yourself a bargain too!


Once the weather becomes warmer, your children or pets will often pine to be outside playing and exploring the yard. If this is the case for you, then why risk allowing them outside into a yard which may not be safe, with old fencing with holes that small pets could get through, or no fence at all, allowing your child to wander into potentially dangerous situations? By installing your fence as soon as the weather becomes warm, you can help ensure your property is safe and secure throughout the summer, allowing you, your family, and your four-legged friends to enjoy the outdoors without worry.

So Many More Reasons!

We can think of endless reasons more why spring is a great time to install your own aluminum fencing. From theft prevention to the increase in property value to poolside safety and landscape design, it is clear, whatever your reason, that a springtime installation allows for the best of both worlds. You get to undertake your project in the comfort of clement weather, but still have the whole summer to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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