Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Aluminum Fences: What’s the Difference?

With various types of aluminum fencing available, it can be difficult to know which will work best for your project. In this article we break down the difference between residential, commercial, and industrial aluminum fencing. Aluminum offers a hard-wearing, low-maintenance solution to a variety of fencing needs. Great for pools and ponds, vegetable gardens, and family yards as well as properties and businesses, aluminum fencing is a great choice for a variety of needs. While browsing for your fencing, you may have noticed a variety of terms floating about, such as ‘residential’, ‘commercial’, or ‘industrial’, and may have wondered the differences, aside from their intended usages, for homes, businesses, and industrial sites. In this article, we’ll be exploring the differences between these three main fencing categories, and giving a nod to the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Residential Aluminum Fencing

Residential fencing is probably the type of fencing you’ve most explored or considered for your project, and is definitely a great place to start. Typically, this type of fencing is ideal for use in any home/residential setting, and offers durability alongside stylish features and detailing. In terms of curb appeal and style-range, residential fencing usually offers the greatest variety, allowing you to select the fence which suits your needs and personal style. Bear in mind if you live within a Homeowner’s Association, however, as if your fence is viewable from the curb it is likely you’ll need to ask permission first. Residential fencing will often also be tailor-made to different homeowner’s needs, with fencing designed for poolside use, which automatically adhere to the many necessary regulations for BOCA-compliance including the correct locks and picket spacing. There are also residential fencing options available for pet owners, designed to prevent small pets and puppies escaping. Overall, residential fencing is typically more lightweight and decorative. While of course they will most certainly increase the security of your property, and are more than adequate for most homes, when compared to commercial and industrial aluminum fencing, they do offer the least strength and resilience. However, aside from the huge range of choice, one of the largest benefits of this type of fencing is that it can be installed over a weekend by you and your family, with minimal DIY knowledge required.

Commercial Fences

Commercial fences are designed for commercial properties – i.e. retailers, restaurants and businesses. As they are designed to be erected in public areas, they are sturdier, typically taller, and have larger pickets and rails. Unlike residential fencing, for increased strength commercial fencing features eight metal support ribs, commercial-grade fencing also has pickets that are closer together than residential fencing. They are also constructed from a thicker gauge of aluminum, and overall are geared towards their function; keeping trespassers out, over design or style. Therefore, it is typical to have less of a range of design choice. However, some stylistic features such as spears and finials are available, which can also add another layer or security. It is worth noting, however, that as commercial fencing is made from a thicker aluminum, you should expect more heavy lifting during installation! Commercial fencing can also be ideal for those living in high-value homes or in neighborhoods with increased trespassing and burglary rates. This type of fencing in a residential setting will create more of a deterrent, and show those who may offer ill intent that you take your home security seriously. Finally, this fencing option can also be great for poolside security, especially for parents of young children, giving complete peace of mind that their pool is as safe and secure as possible.

Industrial Fencing

Due to its size and weight, while industrial fencing does offer the most secure fencing option, it is usually solely reserved to industrial settings or commercial properties which stock valuable items. Due to the high level of security it offers, industrial fencing is the perfect choice for schools, storage facilities, warehouses, and large estates. Industrial grade fencing really is made for function and not form, and feature the densest number of pickets for added privacy as well as security. Industrial fencing can reach heights of up to 10ft, and can be fitted with spears on top to prevent even the most determined of intruders from climbing over. Like all types of aluminum fencing industrial fencing is highly corrosion resistant, making it a long-standing and long-lasting secure solution for most locations and climates. This is in complete contrast to options such as steel and wrought iron, which can become corroded and develop weak-spots, allowing unwanted individuals relatively easy access!

Finding the Fence for You

When it comes to deciding which type of aluminum fence best meets your needs, you can compare the aesthetics you want with the level of security and privacy that you need. Residential or commercial fencing is more than sufficient to meet most needs, but high-value properties may consider industrial fencing. Regardless, with aluminum fencing on your property, you will enjoy a long-lasting fence that is easy to install and does not rust.
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