Which Latch Will Work Best for Your Fence?

Finding the right fencing is only half the battle — knowing what latch you need for your aluminum fences is essential to your property’s security. Learn more about available fence latches here.
A fence without a gate is just a wall. A gate without a latch is just a hole in your wall. No fence is complete without a gate and fence latch, and if you hope to enjoy added security from your fence, you need some form of lockable fence latch to keep out uninvited guests.
What is the right fence latch for you?

Gravity Latches

Gravity latches are the simplest kind of latch to use. When closed, gravity does all the work for you, pulling the latch down and locking it in place. These do an excellent job of keeping most pets in and other animals out, but they are probably the easiest to get around for people, including young children.
Because of their lack of security, these are typically used with small fences. If you have a backyard garden you want to be fenced in, this may be the type of latch for you. It will keep out the animals that may try to eat your plants, but it will not be too complicated for you to open, even while carrying gardening tools in your arms.

Magnetic Latches

There are a variety of lockable fence latches that fall under the category of Magnetic Latches. In fact, many people even make their own magnetic latches for wooden gates and fences. If you are looking for a stronger lockable fence latch than a simple gravity latch, a magnetic fence latch may be just what you need.
For quality aluminum fencing, be sure to purchase a magnetic latch that is built professionally and is durable. Some lower quality magnetic fence latches have been known to break apart with repeated use. These inferior models have led to safety concerns, especially in places like pools, where magnetic gates help to keep out small children from areas that are too deep for them to swim.
Contact your fence supply experts to be sure you get quality magnetic fence latches to ensure the safety of those in your home or business.

Single-Sided Lockable Latches

The single-sided lockable fence latch is your standard bolt latch. Rather than gravity pulling the latch down to lock in in place, this lock must be slid away from the gate to lock.
Again, these are most practical for use in garden areas or other low-security sites because they can only be locked from one side. Most often, this means that they are bolted from the outside after you are finished in the area.
This lock type will successfully keep out animals and very small children, but any person tall enough to reach the lock will be able to slide it open and enter the perimeter. These locks can also be used in backyards to take outdoor pets for walks and then re-locking the latch when you return.
The downside of this is that your gate will remain open while you are out with your pet, allowing anyone the access inside your fenced area.

Double-Sided Lockable Latches

The double-sided lockable fence latch is the answer to all the practical issues you may find with a single-sided lockable fence latch. Instead of locking only on one side, it can be secured from either the inside or outside.
This can be done in several ways. Either there is a bolt, that may be operated by a key, on either side of the gate, or some utilize a padlock that can be reached from either side.
Regardless of the method, the double-sided lockable fence latch is more practical and more preferred than the single-sided lockable fence latch.

Pull-Up Latches

Pull-up lockable fence latches operate with a knob you lift on top of the fence gate rather than on the side. These have two benefits over gravity locks and single-sided latches that do not lock. The first is that they either operate by gravity or magnetism and are easier to operate. The second benefit is that they are often less evident than side mounted locks which can keep out uninvited guests who just do not know where the latch itself is located.
Especially in aluminum fences, these can be almost camouflaged to the gate itself, requiring the user to know which knob to pull.
As you decide what kind of lockable fence latch to put on your fence gate, take a moment to consider what type of area you are trying to protect.

  • Is your primary purpose keeping certain animals in and others out?
  • Are you protecting an area that could be dangerous to young, unsupervised children?
  • How tall are your fence and gate and how far up can you put the latch and still be within your reach?
  • Do you need something that locks with a key or some form of magnetic lock?

The answers to these questions will help you determine what kind of lockable fence latch you need.
Do not hesitate to contact Aluminum Fences Direct with any questions you may have about lockable fence latches for your property.

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